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41 One More Bottle

I'd say that this song should be higher. This song is actually pretty funny. Underrated

I also think this is the best song I don't know why they always say mary jane please tell me

This song is HILARIOUS. Why it's so far down on the list I have no idea.

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42 Another Way Out

What? Top 61? Should be at top 10 or somethin'...seriously.

This is an amazing song now thanks to me its number 60 instead of 61

Criminally underrated song, my favourite from notes from the underground, one of there best


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43 The Natives

I love that this song has all the band members sing.

A really underrated song! It has a real blatant meaning that is quite prevalent during the chorus that I can relate to and the tune is awesome, too. This may not be my favourite HU song, but it's definitely in my top 5 now that I gave it a listen. - yugitom

This is awesome guys yo have no style

One of my fave HU songs. Deserves better

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44 Pain

#44? Really? This is better, sound wise and lyrically, than the 43 before it, especially those low quality party songs.

This is my idea of what the top ten should be.
1. Day of the Dead
2. Young
3. Pain
4. City
5. Rain
6. Coming Back Down
7. Hear Me Now
8. We Are
9. Been to Hell
10. Glory

Awesome song, super underrated

This song is so true about life...

This song is the absolute best
duece did awesome

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45 How We Roll

This needs to be so much higher. It not only uses all four rappers and has a great chorus, it's got the perfect mixture of their party songs, and their serious songs

An anthemic track showing off who Hollywood Undead are and how they roll.

Should be higher!

I love how all the members that regulary sings all take part in this song. It's quite powerful and a great song. Also, J-Dog quite delivers in this one.

The best one from the new album together with Day of the Dead!

46 Gravity

A wonderful pop/rock sounding song perfect for clubs.

Goes back to the roots

47 Glory

Completely epic, one of the few songs where they don't autotune Danny's voice. Completely love it!

By far at least top 5

This song is sick

Whaatt? This song is insanely awesome! Why.. Please listen

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48 Bottle and a Gun

This is 1 of my favorite HU songs ever. It's got hilarious lyrics and funny man, deuce, and Charlie scene all have killer performances

Its a great song
Its better than bullet, everywhere I go and young

49 Usual Suspects

This has to be top 5... I can't believe it's not. It's one of their best songs. It's got a great chorus, great strong rapping, and great instrumentation. Love the heavy guitars mixed with dub step.

Catchy chorus, great verses, what surprised me the most was how catchy Funny Man's verse was. - Yoshinaruto

Catchy and amazing verses and good lyrics and motivating and perfect

Awesome song. Must be top 10, if not top 5. The music videos great, by the way(Off topic)

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50 El Urgencia

They're best party song, better than everywhere I go

It's amazing

51 Pigskin

This song is beast. I'm really surprised it's not higher up on the list. Seriously people, what's wrong with you?!?

Hut one hut two hut three go! This song is awesome.

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52 Tendencies

This is sad. Why is this song so low... This isn't even in the top 50, yet Bullet is number 3?... Seriously? This is their best metal oriented song. It has great guitars, great, great vocals, great lyrics.

This is my favourite HU song. Cmoon guys this should be ranked better. This song is just crazy!

53 Ghost V 1 Comment
54 War Child

A perfect song if you are having a rave!

Awesome song and one of the best songs on day of the dead

There best party song

This song Is Beyond awesome! If You haven't listen to it u really have 2

55 I'll Be There

How is this not higher?! I fell in love with this song when I first heard it

I really relate to this song. It really speaks to me

Sequel to bullet, great song.

Such a great song

56 Lump Your Head

This is such an underrated song. The vocals rule, the lyrics have a good meaning (that if you don't shut up in front of the wrong people, you better watch out), the instrumentation is awesome, and it's an overall great song.

Underrated song, should be in top 25, great vocals and humor from funny's back up vocals, just a great song

This is one of my absolute favorites.

I love it

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57 Christmas in Hollywood

This is just the silliest, most ridiculous song. It's a lot like Everywhere I Go and Comin' in Hot in that aspect. The beat is catchy and fun, the chorus is something you can chant when you're alone (I wouldn't recommend in public, but, to each his own I suppose), and the lyrics are plain silly. I like to call this kind of stuff 'Sophisticated Immaturity'

Simply hilarious. Put this higher

It's Christmas in Hollywood santa's back up in the hood

What? This is in top ten!

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58 Save Me

This is one of my favourite songs and definitely in my top ten. Wish it was a bit higher up really.

This song is really good. It's a shame there aren't many people who like this.

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59 Medicine

Medicine is an amazing song. It is extremely catchy and is the kind of song you HAVE to play on full volume. I love it and it should be much further up.

This should be about #3, it's the best track by them that doesn't include Deuce, I absolutely can't get over the beautiful vocals in this song and the lyrics, I could not like this song more,

This song is amazing! It should be higher on the list, awesome beat too

The best song of them all.

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60 Apologize

Awesome Song! Well Heard it many time and hope it gets more Like and comments from all over the world.. According to me I love it a lot

Great song

53?! No way, this song deserves top 10! I mean the way they harmonize, it's legendary. Lyrics are just blunt out fabulous!

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