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61 Save Me

This is one of my favourite songs and definitely in my top ten. Wish it was a bit higher up really.

This song is really good. It's a shame there aren't many people who like this.

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62 Apologize

Awesome Song! Well Heard it many time and hope it gets more Like and comments from all over the world.. According to me I love it a lot

Great song

53?! No way, this song deserves top 10! I mean the way they harmonize, it's legendary. Lyrics are just blunt out fabulous!

63 Medicine

Medicine is an amazing song. It is extremely catchy and is the kind of song you HAVE to play on full volume. I love it and it should be much further up.

This should be about #3, it's the best track by them that doesn't include Deuce, I absolutely can't get over the beautiful vocals in this song and the lyrics, I could not like this song more,

This song is amazing! It should be higher on the list, awesome beat too

The best song of them all.

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64 Does Everybody In the World Have to Die

Doesn't deserve 60, needs way higher up

Madness song of all time!

My rage song


65 Pray (Put 'em in the Dirt) Pray (Put 'em in the Dirt)

Everything about Pray is perfect--great lyrics, epic beat, PERFECT verses, with J3T and Danny nailing every word! The throwback to Does Everybody in the World Have to Die makes it even more amazing, and it's catchy as hell! Once you know the lyrics it's impossible not to sing along. This one deserves to be higher on this list - kitkat915

Spiritual sequal to Does Everybody in the World Have To Die, Johnny did an amazing job with this, a should be in the top 10.

66 Knife Called Lust

WHAT?!?! Y is this @ the bottom! My favorite, if not #1, it should at least be in top 10 :P

HOW IS THIS SONG 31 IT IS MY NUMBER 1 listen to it please you will love it and it will be NUMBER 1!

The best song. I know all the words. Definitely should be in the top 10

Top 20 at LEAST

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67 Tear It Up

Tear it up is one of my all time favorite and I have had it on repeat for at least a week now. This should be in the top ten, and at least in the top twenty. I actually love all HU songs, with danny or deuce it doesn't matter. This song should be on your list to listen to.

This is a way way way WAY under rated song


68 Renegade

Its one the bests songs of all time

Why is this not number one? Ever since deuce left they got even better

Possibly the hardest song they've ever made ( tendencies next)

68? #68 should be that garbage at the very top like Everywhere I Go

69 Up In Smoke

Great song about funnyman getting high with his mates its very humorous

Yeah awesome song I really love this song n salute to this singer n all the best for your future...


70 Delish V 3 Comments
71 Whatever It Takes


Best song ever
The music the lyrics
Everything is awesome

72 Party by Myself

Very funny song! I really like it!

I different sound then...really any of their other songs, but its one of my favorite's

No! how the hell is it this low? this (along with 'war child', 'everywhere I go' and 'coming in hot') is my RAVE SONG and never fails to pump me up! It upsets me to see it so low, on the last page. since it is SO LOW I will take this perfect moment to I ROLL SO LOW CAN'T KEEP UP WITH ME! :3 #HU4L #undeadarmy #undeaforlife #whathappenswhencharlieandfunnyareleftalone

73 Comin In Hot Alternate Version

This is on of the top 5 HU songs

Catchy lyrics,Hollywood undead,and red necks the only problem is its rank on this list

74 Live Forever

Great song. Should at least be at the top 50s
This song made me like Hollywood undead in the first place. Really, and I repeat: REALLY underared song.

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75 Christmas in Hollywood

This is just the silliest, most ridiculous song. It's a lot like Everywhere I Go and Comin' in Hot in that aspect. The beat is catchy and fun, the chorus is something you can chant when you're alone (I wouldn't recommend in public, but, to each his own I suppose), and the lyrics are plain silly. I like to call this kind of stuff 'Sophisticated Immaturity'

Simply hilarious. Put this higher

It's Christmas in Hollywood santa's back up in the hood

What? This is in top ten!

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76 No Other Place

This isn't my favorite HU song but seriously? As if this in the bottom five. I wouldve thought it would be in top 25 at least

Very slow music!
I don't like this song!

The beat + FM :3 kicks ass

77 Pimpin'

This song is so good, it should be higher up on the list. I like it that it features four rappers in one song.

78 The Kids

HU's very 1st song, & still in my opinion it's their best! Sure it may only be Deuce & J-Dog, but it really shows them connecting & it has that classic HU sound that never gets old!

This song should be number 30 - spodermanfan1000

79 Bitches

Is everyone nuts this is one of there best songs

Great song how is it last

This song has to be higher

1 of my top 10 bitches

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80 Dove and Grenade

Funny Man's part in this song was so awesome. Have you ever had the shiver go down your spine when you listen to an awesome song? Well, this happened with me. Best song.

Amazing song, always pumps me up for something big.

This is the best song of hollywood undead by far! Very underrated HU song... It's sad, really.

Easily my favorite HU crew song

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