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61 Up In Smoke Up In Smoke

Great song about funnyman getting high with his mates its very humorous

Yeah awesome song I really love this song n salute to this singer n all the best for your future...


62 Delish V 3 Comments
63 Dark Places

My favourite song on DOTD. The verses are amazing (especially Charlie Scenes) and the the chorus had me hooked the first time that I heard it. It needs to be so much higher on this list.

Charlie Scenes part is amazing

64 Take Me Home V 1 Comment
65 Comin In Hot Alternate Version

This is on of the top 5 HU songs

Catchy lyrics,Hollywood undead,and red necks the only problem is its rank on this list

66 Disease Disease

Probably should be in the top 10, great song

V 1 Comment
67 Party by Myself

Very funny song! I really like it!

I different sound then...really any of their other songs, but its one of my favorite's

No! how the hell is it this low? this (along with 'war child', 'everywhere I go' and 'coming in hot') is my RAVE SONG and never fails to pump me up! It upsets me to see it so low, on the last page. since it is SO LOW I will take this perfect moment to I ROLL SO LOW CAN'T KEEP UP WITH ME! :3 #HU4L #undeadarmy #undeaforlife #whathappenswhencharlieandfunnyareleftalone

68 Le Deux (Dr Eargasm Remix) Le Deux (Dr Eargasm Remix)

This is an amazing remix of a brilliant song and I'm surprised that more people haven't heard it. It is my favourite Hollywood undead song and is extremely catchy, just give it a listen

69 I Am I Am

Ok this isn't my favorite, but this song is dope. Should at least be up near 30-35

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70 Out the Way (Undead)
71 Live Forever Live Forever

Great song. Should at least be at the top 50s
This song made me like Hollywood undead in the first place. Really, and I repeat: REALLY underared song.

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72 F*** the World

This is one of their best song in my opinion... Should at least be at the top 15's

73 Knife Called Lust Knife Called Lust

WHAT?!?! Y is this @ the bottom! My favorite, if not #1, it should at least be in top 10 :P

HOW IS THIS SONG 31 IT IS MY NUMBER 1 listen to it please you will love it and it will be NUMBER 1!

The best song. I know all the words. Definitely should be in the top 10

This song is absolutely amazing. The lyrics are really true and just.. Awesome.

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74 Dove and Grenade Dove and Grenade

Funny Man's part in this song was so awesome. Have you ever had the shiver go down your spine when you listen to an awesome song? Well, this happened with me. Best song.

Amazing song, always pumps me up for something big.

This is the best song of hollywood undead by far! Very underrated HU song... It's sad, really.

Easily my favorite HU crew song

75 Pimpin' Pimpin'

This song is so good, it should be higher up on the list. I like it that it features four rappers in one song.

76 Immigrant Song Immigrant Song

Led Zeppelin cover...
Better if we see with metal perspective... - muhammadfajri

77 Sing

What! Is This Song Being Ranked 75 This definitely a Top 5 song =3

Love this song. Disappointing that it's so low.

78 Bitches Bitches

Is everyone nuts this is one of there best songs

Great song how is it last

This song has to be higher

1 of my top 10 bitches

V 5 Comments
79 Bad Town Bad Town

It's not just about rap. But S.K.A... HU get a new colour with this songs.. No more Bad Town... - muhammadfajri

I'm agree to vote this songs...
I try to make it higher...
My legs are dangling off the edge The bottom of a bottle is my only friend I think I'll slit my wrists again And I'm gone, gone, gone, gone - muhammadfajri

80 Scene for Dummies

Like it because it has shady Jeff on it

Shady's part cracks me up every timeCx

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