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81 Le Deux (Dr Eargasm Remix)

This is an amazing remix of a brilliant song and I'm surprised that more people haven't heard it. It is my favourite Hollywood undead song and is extremely catchy, just give it a listen

82 Scene for Dummies

Like it because it has shady Jeff on it

Shady's part cracks me up every timeCx

83 Turn Off the Lights

I don't really like the song but Jefree Starrs verse is hilarious.

84 I Am

Ok this isn't my favorite, but this song is dope. Should at least be up near 30-35

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85 Out the Way (Undead)
86 Live Forever

Great song. Should at least be at the top 50s
This song made me like Hollywood undead in the first place. Really, and I repeat: REALLY underared song.

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87 Guzzle, Guzzle

No...I love FUNNY MAN RAPPING PART it should not be here top10

It is a pop song but its good
Some time I like this music!

Nah. Funny and J-Dog do alright but it's

Also How We Roll is a contender for dishonerables. Day of the Dead is a great album with a few mediocre songs - Yoshinaruto

I kinda like this song.. 😂

88 Sing

What! Is This Song Being Ranked 75 This definitely a Top 5 song =3

Love this song. Disappointing that it's so low.

89 F*** the World

This is one of their best song in my opinion... Should at least be at the top 15's

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