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81 Bad Town

It's not just about rap. But S.K.A... HU get a new colour with this songs.. No more Bad Town... - muhammadfajri

I'm agree to vote this songs...
I try to make it higher...
My legs are dangling off the edge The bottom of a bottle is my only friend I think I'll slit my wrists again And I'm gone, gone, gone, gone - muhammadfajri

82 Scene for Dummies

Like it because it has shady Jeff on it

Shady's part cracks me up every timeCx

83 I Must Be Emo

I don't think that "I Must Be Emo" was made by these guys.

It's I must be emo... Not Emo Kid. Funny song none the less. Must listen.

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84 Shout at the Devil

Good song

85 No Other Place

This isn't my favorite HU song but seriously? As if this in the bottom five. I wouldve thought it would be in top 25 at least

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86 The Kids

HU's very 1st song, & still in my opinion it's their best! Sure it may only be Deuce & J-Dog, but it really shows them connecting & it has that classic HU sound that never gets old!

This song should be number 30 - spodermanfan1000

87 Guzzle, Guzzle

No...I love FUNNY MAN RAPPING PART it should not be here top10

It is a pop song but its good
Some time I like this music!

Nah. Funny and J-Dog do alright but it's

Also How We Roll is a contender for dishonerables. Day of the Dead is a great album with a few mediocre songs - Yoshinaruto

I kinda like this song.. 😂

88 Turn Off the Lights

I don't really like the song but Jefree Starrs verse is hilarious.

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