Top 10 Best Home Improvement Products Articles

My favorite articles about smart home products and home improvement and general.
The Top Ten
1 Dyson Vacuum Cleaners

Https:// This article by tekchamps talks about the best Dyson vacuum cleaners. - tekchamps

2 Robot Vacuum Cleaners

Https:// this is another article by that talks about the best robot vacuum cleaners. Some of them are Alexa compatible too. They write about vacuum cleaners a lot. - tekchamps

3 Bladeless Fans

Https:// This article shows you the top 5 (ironic for TheTopTens) best bladeless fans by Dyson. It shows you the best air purifiers, heaters, and regular fans that are bladeless. - tekchamps

4 Standing Desks

Https:// standing desks probably wouldn't be considered a smart home product but in my opinion it does fall under the home improvement category. - tekchamps

5 Dyson Handheld Vacuum Cleaners

Https:// handheld vacuum cleaners are often used for cleaning cars or tight spaces. Check out this post that talks about the 5 best ones by Dyson. - tekchamps

6 Flashlights that are Bright and Durable

Https:// flashlights are definitely a necessary home improvement product. It's hard to find one that is both bright and durable. That is why I'm linking to this post. - tekchamps

7 Dyson Canister Vacuums

Https:// you've may have never heard of canister vacuum cleaners. They are basically vacuums that are shaped in a canister which allows them to hold more debris. - tekchamps

8 Smart Video Doorbells

Https:// this post shows the best smart video doorbells that come with a built in camera and that connect to your smartphone to allow you to see who's at the door. - tekchamps

9 Smart Thermostats

Https:// this article talks about the best smart thermostats. Smart thermostats are a common and popular type of thermostat because of the many features it comes with. - tekchamps

10 Smart Sprinkler Controllers

Https:// smart sprinkler controllers are another one of those smart home products like smart video doorbells and smart thermostats. This article shows you some of them that are even Amazon Alexa compatible. - tekchamps

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