Experiment Exploration #1- Litmus Paper

Hello everyone, and welcome to experiment exploration, the segment where I talk about stuff you can try at home. Why? It's fact based, and I wanna bring objectivity to the site. And plus, I find this stuff cool. Yes. I am a NERD.

Alright so how this works,
- I talk about words you should know going in
- I talk about a scientist (more in depth in a different segment, but I do devote some time to him or her)
- The actual experiement
- Science behind it

So, grab your backpacks, take out a pencil, and let's start cuz today is time for school, TheTopTens edition!

Do try this at home woo!

Key Terms:
● Acid: pH under 7
● Base : pH over 7
● Neutral: pH of 7
● Element: A chemical that cannot be broken down
● Compound: A mixture of elements
● Litmus: Material which determines pH
● pH Scale: Has all the different kinds of pH, like a ruler or color wheel for pH

Scientist: Issac Newton
· According to legend, Newton discovered gravity when an apple dropped on his head.
· Had three laws of motion that are very important in science.
· He influenced Albert Einstein
· Considered to be one of the most important scientists of all time.
· Lived in England.
· Helped start calculus
· Knighted for being Master of the Mint

The experiment!

What You Need:
● Sheets Of Litmus Paper
● Various Liquids
o Detergent
o Soap
o Soda
o Water
o Water with salt mixed in
o Orange Juice
o Squeezed lemon juice
o Dishwashing soap
● Container

1. Fill the container up with liquid
2. Put in one sheet of litmus paper on the liquid
3. See it’s pH by looking at the color of the paper
4. Record your results
5. Repeat for each liquid
6. Compare the liquids

Science behind it:
In this experiment, we used litmus paper to see where liquids for lie on the pH scale. When the paper is dipped into the liquid it automatically changes color. Then, by matching up the color of the paper with the color of a number on the scale, you can find out the pH of the liquid.

Have fun! Should I do more of these?
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my god i need to stop being so excited


I'll have to stop you there.
First of all, the litmus paper you're talking about is actually called 'universal indicator'. Litmus paper is actually of 2 kinds - red and blue. Red litmus turns blue when dipped in a base. Blue litmus turns red when dipped in an acid. A neutral liquid turns litmus into purple.
The universal indicator is actually the paper which changes colours according to the pH scale. So there. - PhenomentalOne

Litmus paper is just a type of universal indicator. Also, the colors aren't always constant, it depends on what you use to measure. - ProPanda

Do more of these. - Skullkid755

Nerd - LarrytheFairy

Funny, we just used litmus paper in science the other day. Pretty cool stuff. - PandaDude98

This is the easy kind of chemistry that is fun, not the math-filled part I had to do in later years. - NuMetalManiak

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