Other Benefits of Having a Home Security System

The primary reason people get a home security system is obvious, to protect their family and their possessions from intruders. But there are many more features of a security system, many of which you have a far better chance of benefitting from. Below are listed a number of additional benefits of having a home security system that you may not have thought of.

Decreased Chance of Being Robbed - Aside from protecting your house in the event of a break-in, studies have shown that displaying signs indication that you have a home security system reduces the chance of your house being targeted. But before you run off and grab a few signs to post around your property keep in mind that many home invasions are performed by people who know you. So while having a sign is a deterrent, having an actual system is still backing it up is a good idea.

Fire Dispatch - Many home security systems feature a smoke alarm (and possibly a CO detector) that is tied into the system. When tripped, the security monitoring company can dispatch fire crews to your house even if you are not home. Compare this to a traditional fire detector that will alert you if you are in the house, but if you are away from home, will be of little use. Consider how much more damage can be done to your home in the amount of time it takes for one of your neighbors to notice smoke billowing out of your home and call 911 when compared to having the fire department alerted within minutes of smoke being detected. That difference in time could be enough to save possessions, pets, or your entire home.

Lower Home Insurance Rates - Because your home and possessions are at less risk when a security system is in place, it is less likely that you will need to file and insurance claim. Knowing this, insurance companies reward homeowners with a security system installed by offering lower rates. Many times, the difference in rates is substantial enough to offset most or all of the monthly monitoring costs associated with the security system.

Silent Alarm - As an added measure of personal protection, some security systems feature a silent alarm you can use to alert authorities without having the actual alarm go off in your house. Imagine that you encounter a robber or someone else who means to do you harm outside of your home. They force you into your home and instruct you to turn off the alarm. With a silent alarm, you can give the appearance that you have disabled the alarm while simultaneously sending a distress signal that will result in the police being dispatched to your house immediately.

Checks Openings Before Arming - When arming your alarm before leaving the house or going to bed, most systems will detect open windows or doors so you will know if there is an opening where someone could get into your home. Many robberies are crimes of opportunity where a passing thief notices something like an open window. Your alarm system will alert you of such opportunities before they become a problem.

Door Chimes - Even when your alarm is not armed, some systems have a chime that alerts you whenever someone opens a door or window. This chime will let you know if the kids have come in or out of the house, if the dog has nuzzled open a door, or if a window in the back of the house has been opened.

When people say they don't want or need a home alarm, it is because they have not considered all of the benefits of having a system. They only consider a security system in the context of how likely it is that their house will be broken into without looking at all of the additional benefits. In actuality, if people took the time to consider all of the benefits, it is hard to come up with a good reason not to have a security system, especially when you consider that your insurance company could pretty much end up paying for it for you.

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