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21 Alliance Security

Great Company. Good rate and fantastic technology.

22 Link Home Security

Best system, best price, and friendliest service!

Best offer out there for a Gold Package full customize options on

I love it. Quality equipment. Great customer service and you get monitoring for cheap if you are a Costco member

Amazing customer service

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23 Safe Security Systems
24 Envision Security Inc

This company is fantastic! I didn't pay a dime for my new system that I can control from my phone! I had ADT and couldn't stand the run around I kept getting with them every time I called. Now, I just call my rep, and he resolves my issue right away! This company is fantastic, I highly recommend to anyone who doesn't want to pay for a system that runs through a home phone!

This is the best company in the industry from professional installs to the genuine sales reps. They use better equipment and are monitored more effectively then vivint I don't understand why envision isn't ranked number 1.

David Yokum

25 Ranger Technology Solutions

Great installation service! Their sales reps were very informative and appreciate that they don't push to buy things I don't need. They really care for protecting neighbors in dfdubb area.

Can't beat a local company. They live, work and play where I do. They cared more about my neighborhood than the large, national companies that don't even have a presence in Texas.

26 Power Home Technologies

I'm shocked they are not in the top five! Or at least right around #7 with as that is their cellular platform! Best price best equipment best customer service.

Great to deal with, Prompt service and good products. Beats ADT service in our area.

Top notch company! They should be #1 in my books. Very well satisfied ;) good job guys.. BOOM BABY!

Should ne in the top 3. They offer the all of the. Cameras. And. Home. Aoutomation with remote access on any device. The reslly cool thing is the just opened sn office here in Augusta Ga and they havr vool refferal programs. Andif you want to buy extrs cameras or domething they hsve a plan where you just increase your monitoring rate by s couplebucks a month

27 Interactive Alarms
28 Zmodo

Zmodo is a very good survallince System it can be seen in any smart phone, you just download the app viewer and you can see it on your smartphone.

29 Slomin's

Great company, price is right and great service over all.

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30 Tekna Systems

I was very impressed with Tekna's knowledge and expertise. It wasn't some college intern knocking on my door. I was referred to them by a friend and I couldn't be happier. They came out for a free consultation and identified a few security concerns other companies had missed. Best alarm I've ever had.

31 Hawk Security System

The. Best

V good technical knowlage

32 Abode

Extremely easy and fast DIY install, no contract, optional professional monitoring, multiple protocols (abodeRF, Zigbee, Z-wave, IP) - just a few of many things Abode offers. By far the best DIY security system on the market.

33 Ring

Smart cameras built into doorbells and floodlights and view it live from your phone, something a conventional security camera system can't do - AutoUnder

34 e-Bird Innovations
35 Sentry Protective
36 SafeTouch

Hands down the best price I have ever seen for something that works to well! I highly recommend it, it is very reliable!

How is this not on the list? By far best security I have seen. Ever.

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37 Chubb Security
38 Per Mar Security

Awesome company

39 Fortress Security

Fortress has great customer service and will help you put together a custom system that only includes what you request, so you don't overpay for elements you don't need or want.

40 Lowitt Alarms
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