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41 Central Security Group

I just purchased my first home had been looking for a good home security system. 2 of my neighbors have central security group which they highly recommended. I decided to call and ask more information. The sales representative was very friendly and not only took the time to explain everything about their system but explained all the options available for home security. At the time of installation I was also impressed with technician lee whom was knowledgeable, friendly and respectful. I am very happy with my service and all my features. I would also recommend this company. - corbandallas

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42 Fort Knox Security Services

$17.76/mo monitoring, very cheap - brian557

43 Edge Home Security
44 APB Security Systems
45 Hillcrest Security
46 Vedard Security Alarms
47 Uxari

I love this system is completely wireless. No wires or phone lines like I had with my previous system. I like the fact that I can add additional components whenever I want, piece by piece. Excellent customer support any time I have an issue.

48 Acecctv Electronics Limited
49 Fire Monitoring of Canada
50 National Certified Alarms, NCA

Wonderful company, highly recommend! Only $9.95 a month monitoring, beat that ADT. Can covert existing ADT system to NCA, without having to buy new sensors.

51 Mountain West Security
52 Sparta Tehnic

Great services and quality at very small prices!

53 NorthStar Alarm
54 Fluent Home

Fluent is by far the best company I’ve dealt with! Originally a Canadian company that is making waves in the US. A rating BBB. Best pricing in the market, and oh yeah, they have this schedule of maintenance on your account that nobody else offers. Best customer service I’ve experienced. They deserve an A++

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