Top 10 Homestays in India on Airbnb - October 2017

The idea of spending your holidays in a home stay can be alluring. Home stays are perfect for those who love to get some privacy after a tiring day of travelling. With the recent boom in India’s tourism industry, many home stays have sprung up all over the country. However, the quality of accommodation of each homestays will vary. A few homestays have become quite popular with the tourists, in terms of their facilities, and locations.

The Top Ten

1 Rak Villa, Kochi

Rak Villa is the best beach villa in Kochi. It is close to the two popular beaches in Kochi, Kuzhuppilly Beach, and the Cherai Beach. What makes Rak Villa the best villa for tourists is the facilities that it provides. The villa has deluxe rooms that are comfortably furnished. It has free Wi-Fi connection with good receptions in all the rooms. It even has a children’s playground and a spice garden. Their bird watching facilities allows you to observe birds of different species. Rak Villa is also the best hallal villa in Kerala and the food is always prepared with great care. Many tourists from the GCC love visiting Rak Villa, as it is one of the few villas in Kerala that has an Arab council room and an Arab Coffee Corner. Rak Villa is also a luxury tourism villa in Kochi, it is 18 kilometres from the main city centre, and the nearest tourist destination is Fort Kochi.

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2 Vembanad House, Alleppey

This homestay was once an old ancestral house. Their descendants who restored it, made sure that the house retained its old grandeur. This serene homestay lies on the banks of the Vembanad Lake. The homestay surrounds by still water on all the three sides. The interior has many traditional pieces of wooden furniture and articrafts. Some of the fun things that you can do here is learn traditional cooking, enjoy taking a walk through the paddy fields and watch traditional dance performances. - rakvilla

3 Acro Iris, Goa

Acro Iris is a quaint little homestay lies in the village of Curtorim. It is a favourite place for history lovers as it has many interesting knickknacks and old styed furniture. The architecture of the homestay is of Portuguese style and has large doors, windows,airy rooms and a central courtyard. It has five bedrooms with en suite bathrooms, a lounge, and even a library. It also has a balcony in the front. - rakvilla

4 Bel Homestay, Coorg

Bel homestay lies in a valley that is at an altitude of 3,200 metres. This homestay is perfect for nature lovers as it overlooks the Kotebetta Peak.It have two spacious rooms but with no T.V.. You can always feel the cool breeze, listen to the chirping of the birds, and hear the sparkling bustle of the nearby river. This is a great place to disconnect with technology and reconnect with nature. - rakvilla

5 Devra Homestay, Udaipur

Devra Homestay is a colonial styled farmhouse and it is a 10 minutes’ drive from the Udaipur city. The landscape surrounding this place is beautiful. You can see the hills and the farmlands stretching to every direction. It has spacious sitting areas, balconies, and terraces. - rakvilla

6 The Homestead, Corbett

The Homestead is the best homestay you could choose if you are visiting Corbett National Park. The facilities over here are quite grand, so initially you would feel like you are living a resort. You can get a good experience of the farm life and the outdoors. - rakvilla

7 Spiti India, Langza (Himachal Pradesh)

Spiti has many beautiful homestays and each village has an average of about three homestays. Over here, you can experience the life in a high altitude village. This is the best place where you can experience the ancient culture of the people that has remained unchanged for thousands of years. The spectacular scenery of the homestay includes fertile green crops and snowy mountaintops. Each homestay has one guest room that can accommodate two or more people. - rakvilla

8 Annapara Homestay, Wayanad

Annapara homestay is striking for its location. It lies on the foothills of the Chembra Peak. The tea and the coffee plantations are just a few minutes’ walk from the homestay. Walking around the estate and the plantations is a surreal experience as it’s surrounded by many spectacular views. The main attraction is a hidden natural infinity pool. You can always take a refreshing swim over here. It has spacious rooms, a kitchen with a dining area combined, a bathroom, and a dressing area. Some of the fun things that you could do here is explore the nearby plantations and take a refreshing swim. - rakvilla

9 Jai Vilas Homestay, Jaipur

Jai Vilas sprawling bungalow lies in Bapu Nagar in Jaipur. The place is quite classy so it hasa posh feel to it.The homestay is a drive of about 15 minutes from the railway station and 30 minutes from the airport. This place is both modern and traditional at the same time. The rustic charm of the homestay never fails to impress the guests who spend their holidays there. Some of the fun things that you could do here is explore the city of Jaipur and play a round of golf. - rakvilla

10 Pepper County, Kumily

Pepper County homestay lies in the middle of a coffee plantation. The place is peaceful, quiet and the rooms are comfortable. The rooms do not have any air conditioning but it has attached bathrooms. There is a common veranda and the food that you get here is quite delicious. The nearest tourist destination is the Periyar Sanctuary. - rakvilla

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