Top Ten Homestuck Ships

I hope you read the title, because it explains a lit.

The Top Ten

1 JohnDave

Best one out there They're made for each other!

The JohnDave hug. And also the time Dave told Rose that he loved John in the pesterlogs. Oh heck yes.

2 Rosemary

It is just a match made in Heaven, and it's even a cannon ship.

3 SolKat
4 AradiaSollux

In my opinion, no two people are made for each other more than these two. They are so adorable together!

Such a cute pairing!

They have been through so much to be with each other. I think that Sollux was just hanging around Feferi because he missed Aradia. Plus they are so cute together.
OTP - ApocalypseArisen

5 CronKri
6 JohnRoxy

I love this ship! I'm not much of a johndave fan lol

They seem to like each other. And the fact it’s not gay makes the ship actually good

7 DaveKat

They love each other

There are two beings who exist in the universes.

With limited knowledge, one would typically deem these two beings as complete, total opposites. But that's not true. Because when it comes to physical traits, yes, these two may be opposites. But in terms of personality, they are the same.

One appears as angry, and the other as emotionless. Which are not the same thing. But they both share two huge traits.

The first is the masks. Masks. Façades. One puts on a mask as to appear angry; the other puts on a mask as to appear emotionless.

The second is their thoughts on themselves. They hate everything about themselves. They hate the choices they've made, they hate their appearances, they hate their emotions. They just hate themselves.

The only being in all the universes who can make them smile? Them. The only beings who can make them feel true happiness? Themselves. The only beings who can make each other feel loved? Them. Who understands them better than ...more - FullmetalHeart

8 DaveJade

Its cute! heck in the way that Dave Dies defending Jade pulls my ship strings (its one of my favorite ships..)

Wow,best ship! ^^ this should on top 1 list,dude

9 Amporacest (Eridan amd Cronus)
10 VrisKan

The Contenders

11 Crollux
12 DirkJake
13 Kurloz/Meulin
14 Karezi

Ship is love ship is life.

15 GamTav


16 Roxy/Calliope
17 Equius/Nepeta

They deserve each other.


18 Fefnep
19 JadeFef
20 JohnVris

It's more canon than JohnDave. Chrissake. John is not attracted to males. He stated this expressly in the comic that he's not into guys and fandom utterly ignored it.

21 EriSol

I just love it two much

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