Best Homestuck Songs

The Top Ten

1 The Lordling
2 Megalovania

No. it didn't take hussie a minute to kill someone off.

3 Violet Price
4 Heir of Grief

Yes. it's so strong and emotional and I'm so glad hussie used it for collide and at the ending too. the last guitar part was so awesome and it really fit with killing condy


5 Olive Rogue

Groovy jam

6 Iron Knight
7 Unite Synchronization
8 Infinity Mechanism
9 At the Price of Oblivion
10 Even In Death

The Contenders

11 Power Fantasy
12 Homestuck Anthem
13 Fuchsia Ruler

Dubstep bitches

14 Cascade

One of the best Homestuck animations by far.

15 Black


God yes. The bass brings chills up my spine every single time, without fail. Plus, it's the theme of one of the Jacks, specifically the one who'd eventually become Bec Noir. The Jacks are my favorite characters in the entirety of Homestuck. Hell. Yes! - Feltri

16 Nepeta's Theme
17 Earthsea Borealis
18 Terezi Owns
19 Elevatorstuck

I wish this played in every elevator and cafe.

this is my fan trolls theme

It's a shame that it's araneas theme, but she NAILED the flute. it brings me back to the days when she was actually nice.

Literally the best song for going to the toilet.

Me: pass to aux
friend: u better not play trash
me: *plays Elevatorstuck full bass boost* - _cancerous_

20 Jade Sylph
21 Vriska's Theme
22 Sburban Jungle
23 Descend
24 Savior of the Waking World

HOW IS THIS AT #33!?!?

25 Rex Duodecim Angelus
26 Eternity Served Cold
27 Indigo Heir
28 Carne Vale

Lol funny thing. I listened to this before I went to bed one night, and I had a dream where I was Calliope and I had just killed Caliborn and for some reason I said "time to get rid of the rest"
and long story short, she went on a killing spree and I think that the ones I didn't kill were Karkat, Kanaya, Jack Noir, Aradia, Sollux, Dave, and the Mayor.
so I guess that was nice. - _cancerous_

29 Liquid Negrocity
30 Green Sun Black Rose
31 Flare
32 One Year Older
33 Showtime
34 Harlequin
35 A Taste for Adventure
36 The La2t Frontiier
37 Chain of Prospit

Michael Guy Bowmans vocals are epic, and that song is moving and catchy and fantastic.

38 Gold Pilot
39 Savior of the Dreaming Dead
40 Moonsetter

Oh hell yes. who doesn't like this song? - _cancerous_

41 Upwards Movement
42 Time On My Side
43 Revered Return
44 Umbral Ultimatum
45 Three in the Morning (Aftermath)

Most peaceful song I've ever heard in my life. will lokey put you to sleep. - _cancerous_

46 Moody Mister Gemini


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