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Equius Zahhak

Equius, despite his quirky behavior, is a likable and great character. He is a genuinely nice guy to those around him. Think about it, he made the mechanical arm for, arguably, the most evil character in Homestuck (besides Lord English maybe? ). He cares deeply for Nepeta and despite his "disdain" of lowbloods, cares for them and makes an effort to be a genuinely nice troll. He is just the greatest (and the only beta that maybe didn't try to commit some form of homicide? That's kinda nice maybe? )

Equius is awesome! And he's the only post-scratch troll who NEVER attempted to kill anyone!
He made Tavros robotic legs, made Vriska a robotic arm, and even made Aradia a whole body! (although Vriska did commission him for it...)
Plus he tried his hardest to protect Nepeta, and while it didn't work out in the long run, he tried his best.
Sure, he was a dick in the beginning, but character development happened, and he changed.

So yeah, Equius is awesome!

"This e%plicit behaviour is unnaceptable highbl00d"

Equius is SO underrated.

This guy is probably the nicest troll in Homestuck. Probably the nicest character in Homestuck.

Yes, Equius treated his fellow trolls like garbage in the beginning. Then, Nepeta.

He was really nice to Nepeta, nobody really shipped them. They were extremely good friends.

But what made him nice? Well something sad happened..

Rumour has it that when Gamzee killed Equius, Equius was smiling. Why?

Because Equius never wanted Nepeta to see him sad again..

I would've voted for my horoscope troll, Terezi, but I looked at all the things that made Equius himself, so I just had to change my mind.

Nepeta Leijon

She's stronger than you think! I honestly hate how she's portrayed in the fandom, as a weak 5 year old weaboo whose heart only belongs to karkat, or being sexualised all the time. I LOVE HER SO MUCCCHHH

Very fun character with another sad rumour.

She developed a connection with Equius.

":33< that's just purrfect! "

Rumour says that when Gamzee killed her before dying she drew a picture of a hand with her own blood.

That ment she wanted to hold Equius's hand while she died..

She is the most lovable, and she doesn't have anything messed up going on in her life. MY SHIIIPS

You can't top a character that is also a cat

Karkat Vantas

He should be 1#. I'm not voting for him just because I was born on June 26 but he is the funniest and he is just so cool.

I just feel so giddy when it shows him anywhere in Homestuck. How could you not love him?

The most emotional, and it's never played like he's weak.

He is really funny and he is a relatable character

Eridan Ampora

This guy is fancy and funny.

But he has a sad rumour which made me like him.

The only reason Eridan hates land dwellers is because of the fact that people littered in the ocean.

Their families died from that litter..

He's so sad and insecure and she's handsome! I love Eridan

I feel so sorry for him and he's so cute!

Most of the readers think him as a forever alone freak,but all he wanted was a true person to fill his quadrants,and...HE'S SO KAWAII!

Kanaya Maryam

Kanaya is a classy lesbian vampire with a CHAINSAW and she the fashion queen!

Guys she's great but she's not just a lesbian and she's not a Mary Sue. stop.

Rosemary is canon.

argument = invalid --> anyone who hates this character

Rose-kanaya ship is the best. So. I would like to explain more in detail,but pas l'temps d'niaiser.

Terezi Pyrope

As much as I love all the trolls so much, Terezi is just so awesome.

I am way too obsessed with dragons please help me

She is blind, but at the same time she is badass.


Vriska Serket

Vriska is the best and hottest troll. She has a great personality, is super nice, and has this pirate subtheme that is just, so great and I just... sniff...I just love her, okay? I want to go on long walks on the beach with her, have her caress my face as she makes fun of my noodley arms, I want to rapidly approach asphyxiation as she shoves my face in the sand jokingly.

I hate spiders.

BUT. I like Vriska.

This independent mysterious lady who is scared of ghosts is damn funny sometimes.

If she's afraid of ghosts then what if she watched that Large Marge moment from Pe We's big adventure.

Why w0uldn'4 any0n3 1ike her? Sh3's aw3som3!

Damara Megido
Aradia Megido

She came back to help all the living trolls get to Dave.

She is so awesome why isn't she the top 3?

A energetic girl,
A spooky ghost,
A cold robot,
A happy god tier,
This,my friend,is the troll who's awesome in any form---Aradia Megido!

Tavros Nitram

How is this adorable loveable little sausage/chicken nugget/hazelnut/bean/cinnamon rol/adorababy not high up on the list?! Yes, I call tavros all those names. He's so adorraaableee!

Spoilers- I'm really glad he made it into the new universe as a Sprite and got his character arc AND found his self esteem and confidence in the dream bubbles <3 my bb is growing up

Oh yeah you go Taurus!

Anyway, he has a relationship with Gamzee so he's square on my clock.

Tavros is amazing. Whoever disagrees sits on a throne of lies

Whoever dislikes him really doesn't understand him!

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Gamzee Makara

I love gamzee! he's one of my favorites and even if he was a badass serial killer I still like him as a character. I love Terezi as well, but she had it coming when she was in a kismesissitude with a purple blood. I can't be the only one who thinks this as well. Even if he did bad things, people have no right to say 'he deserved it' fictional or not. That's just wrong. his life sucked and he deserves better quadrants and better friends, and a better life.

I don't like characters that kill for fun, I don't see how a troll that takes the lives of trolls lower than him, and even higher, could be likeable in the slightest. I'm glad he got cut in half by Kanaya.

Ah, the main plot line in Act 3 and 4.

This guy is my favourite serial killer.

He's chill and doesn't care what you say.

And he's such a badass killer, his life stinked before SBurb. But he got what he wanted, control.

Even though he's a stoner clown he's still my favorite. I think he is pretty cool even though he is a serial killer.

Sollux Captor

He's adorable, nerdy, and he sacrificed his life (er, half-life? ) for the sake of his teammates. Seriously, how could you NOT love him?

Such a lovable yet cool nerd.

God this guy is such a nerd yet, he is cool.

"Liike thii2 partiicular character ha2 many role2 iin Home2tuck."

Who doesn't love this guy?

Nerdy best boi

Mituna Captor

He is adorbs and sooo cute


Feferi Peixes

"W)(o doesn't like )(er?! "

Same story as Eridan. enough said.

She was my favorite for a while, she’s still pretty great!

Sober Gamzee

Gay murderer

Cronus Ampora

I don't get why he's always so low on the lists. Sure, he's a dick but he's a great character. Team Cronus.

I don't get why everyone hates on Cro... He just lonely and wants to be loved.

How can you hate this boi?!

Rufioh Nitram

I don't get why he gets so little love, rufioh if you are reading it I bet you are a cool guy but I don't even know who you are you just seem cool

he's great I think I also like horuss

horuss is better tbh

rufioh, rufioh, ru-fi-ohhh!

Kurloz Makara

How is my child this far down on the list?!? Team Kurloz for life!

Porrim Maryam

Many consider her to be a feminist but I do not. Just because you have a mother-like personality and wants equal rights does it not exactly make you a feminist. Thinking like such have been going on way before feminism, like anarchistic communism.

A very sexy Virgo.

Great character

Sexiest troll of homestuck(not trying to be a pervert...)

Andrew Hussie

Thought not a legit troll. He should totally be at least top 3!

How is Andrew Hussie so far down on this list? He is the best!

Kankri Vantas

How can you hate him

Latula Pyrope
Meulin Leijion

She is so adorable and just like nepeta

Aranea Serket
Horuss Zahhak

I just really like him

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