Top Ten Homework Excuses

Ever wandered into school, then engage into a panic attack when you realise that you've forgotten your homework? Well, here's a list of explanations to give to your teacher, so stay calm.

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1 My Dog Ate It

I will always tell teacher that and soon they found out it was a lie - flora36

Teachers didn't even believe this when my parents were at school. - Entranced98

These are great but I tell the truth. - JFASHION101

My dog has actually eaten my homework before no joke she was just a puppy so I can’t blame her, and I’m only on this website because I forgot to do my homework so I need and excuse

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2 It Offended Me

It was sexist, rasist, evil, and just plain wrong.

Concham easy words rayara

3 You Asked Me to Do It, You Didn't Tell Me to Do It, So I Thought It Was Optional

I like this one it is good and I think this might work sometimes...

It's a bit of a smartass statement, but, it will probably do - EpicHorrorMaster

Good one


When I did this I every one birst out larfing

4 I Ran Out of Toilet Paper

Best thing ever I'm going to tell my teacher when I forget it

Haha laugh out loud

5 I Left It at Home

My school either makes me do it at break times or even on the weekends so I don't think this really works in my school

When I don't do it I leave it at home, tell them I left it, nothing happens to me, I do it later that day

I'm pretty sure we have all said this before.

Wow... it always works... - Ananya

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6 Some Bullies Stole It

That's a reasonable one. - SamuiNeko

That's a good one to use

7 My House Burnt Down, Along With the Homework
8 I Saved It On Google Drive. I Didn't Know the School Computer Blocked It.

Yanduku drive lo save chasucunavura

9 It Was So Cold at My House That the Ink In All the Pens Became a Bose-Einstein Condensate, Making It Impossible to Write With Them.
10 I Didn't Have Time

Sorry I was too busy getting lost in my closet and searching for Narnia.

Pretty good excuse.

The Contenders

11 I Had An Accident, So I Was Rushed to the Hospital

I've used this quiet a times

12 The Dog Had Puppies On It
13 We Bought a New Paper Shredder and We Shredded the Homework to See If the Shredder Was Working.
14 Didn't You Feel the Earthquake?
15 I Spent the Afternoon Playing With My Cat
16 I Put It In a Shredder

That one's not so good. Your teacher's just going to say that you need to be more responsible.

The teacher will shred you

But if you say you put it in the shredder your teacher will get mad and probably give you a new sheet or whatever your homework was if you keep saying you shredded it you will get ditention or something so think of better things "don't try this at home kids"πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’„πŸ’„πŸ’„πŸ’„πŸ’„

17 You Only Said Me to Do It, Not to Bring It to School, So I Left It at My House.
18 I Thought It Was an Important Document of Yours That I Had by Pure Accident, So I Mailed It Back to You.
19 I Threw It In the Recycling Bin

Bura unda yedava

20 You Assigned Homework?

Haha! I said this...she said " you didn't know? "...and that's it! - Ananya

I did this before! But I really thought this because I didn't get homework. And I was at school! - funnyuser

Ha laugh out loud

21 It's My Birthday

This one actually works, but only if it's true. I knew this girl, and she completely forgot her homework, but it was her birthday, so the teachers just let the whole thing slide.

Doesn't work. I still get homework on my birthdays. WORST BIRTHDAY GIFT EVER!

22 We Were Starving at Home, and the Homework Was the Only Source of Nutrition Available.
23 It Accidently Became Cat Litter
24 I Felt Earth's Magnetic Field So Strongly Last Night That It Constantly Interfered With My Brain Activity.
25 I Played Video Games All Day
26 I Became a Ninja
27 It Was Used In An Experiment, But Destroyed In the Process

Science homework; perfect excuse.

28 My Mother's Sister's Daughter's Cousin's Pig Gave Birth On It
29 I Went to the Hospital
30 I Accidentally Threw It In My Shredder Machine

I wanted to shred paper, but it turned out it was actually my homework.

31 I Lost It

This works too... - Ananya

32 My Sister Ate It.
33 The Baby Peed on It.
34 The Homework Said "Name:" On the Top. I Gave It Such a Long Name That It Obscured the Rest of the Stuff On It.
35 I dropped it in the toilet

What if she asks why you took it there? - Ananya

36 My Mum Got Angry With Me and Threw It In the Bin
37 In The End We Are All Going To Die And So Is This Universe So Homework Has No Importance In This Mortal Realm
38 Piranha Ate My Homework

Then I would wish I had one :P - Ananya

39 I Completed It But Left It At Home

Works for me!

40 Windows ME/Vista Crashed my Computer So I Lost Everything

The times this happened to me...thank heavens for Windows 7! - Entranced98

41 My Brother Fed It to Crocodiles
42 I Did It On the Computer and the Printer Broke

Not a good one. What if the teacher says you could have printed it at school? - Entranced98


43 I Got Sick at the End of the Day
44 We Were Out of Toilet Paper So We Had to Use the Homework As an Alternative to the Toilet Paper
45 It Flew Away
46 It Fell In the Gutter

Wow. It's nice, I'll use it! :P - Ananya

47 My Younger Brother Burnt It With a Magnifying Glass.
48 When You Gave the Homework to the Children, I Went to the Toilet. So I Didn't Know That There Was Homework
49 I Sang Songs All Afternoon
50 There are Better Things that I Can Do with My Time
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1. My Dog Ate It
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3. I Spent the Afternoon Playing With My Cat
1. You Only Said Me to Do It, Not to Bring It to School, So I Left It at My House.
2. I Ran Out of Toilet Paper
3. My Dog Ate It
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