Top Ten Honorific Nicknames In Popular Music

Titles given to music legends to honour their contribution to the music industry.
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1 King of Pop (Michael Jackson)

He was both a child prodigy from the age of 10 when he performed on the Ed Sullivan show in 1970 and became the best selling artist in the world when he came out with the album Thriller which has sold more albums than any other album ever. How many child prodigies were able to become a huge success once they grew up, not too many. Most do not succeed once they hit puberty. Michael was able to reinvent himself starting with his album "Off the Wall", he then had two more great albums, Thriller and Bad, which had 5 #1 hits from that album.

From rock bottom to number 1. Michael Joseph Jackson broke the barrier of music. He took things too far in a good way. The singer of the Best-Selling Album of all time, The singer who could dance like no other, The singer who not only cares for people, but the world itself. Michael Jackson will stay number 1 not only in the charts, but in our hearts.

Michael was pure genius. He wrote, he sang, he danced, he choreographed, he produced, he orchestrated, etc, etc. NO ONE else can say that. Unparalleled!

There is only one King... Known across the globe in big cities, tiny villages.. The name Michael Jackson = Legend King of it all...

2 Princess of Pop (Britney Spears)

Ok I Absolutely love britney, and even though I wasn't alive for her reign I heard stories about how everyone wanted to be her ( including guys) and some crazy stuff so I gotta vote for her

Britney should be declared as a princess of pop because she really deserve it... After all the controversies that have struck her, people still luvs her...

Britney was just a A PRINCESS! She really deserves it! That iconic voice is just awesome! Who knows? Maybe when she turns 60, she'll be the QUEEN of pop!

Britney is the only one! She is a superstar! And a super mom! She is very beautiful, simple, sweet... So She is the best

3 Queen of Pop (Madonna)

Madonna. The only one there ever was... And the only one who really deserves to be the Queen Of Pop. Madonna's been around for nearly three decades, sold more than 360 MILLION records worldwithe, and left a legacy that is unmatched by any artist - male, female or band. She writes her own songs, composes her own music, invents her own dance moves, and has innovated the music industry to an extent greater than any other artist's. She's experimented with every genre of music and has had ALL her singles chart on the top of international charts! Long Live The Madonna Mania! Madonna FOREVER! She's irreplaceable, incomparable and inarguably the most talented artist that ever lived, or ever will. We all will die, Madonna will die, but her music will survive the test of time. Queen Of Pop, Queen Of Reinvention, Mistress Of Music, Queen Of Dance, Queen Of Everything Music! Britney, Kylie Minogue, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Kesha, Christin Aguilera - all are like her children because they grew up ...more

Madonna is unique. Every so often an artist comes along who is just driven to be the best. Madonna is such an artist. Others may copy but they will never surpass her. Madonna in the beginning just did it herself. She had a vision, an ambition and nothing was going to stop her. No help from the Internet, no downloading, no iTunes. Her early achievements as a worldwide superstar came through selling record to fans who had to treck down to the record store to buy hard copy. No facebk, Twitter etc to advertise, just posters, T.V. and newspapers. Madonna toiled! Today's artists have it on a plate. Yet still Madonna is Queen. Her next album is as eagerly anticipated as any. She has made movies, acted on stage, directed, there is nothing she will not try. As her dad once said " she is an achiever". I, for one, believe there will never be another solo artist like her. She will go 'on and on'. Which other female solo performer can fill stadiums worldwide? Rock on Madonna. There'll will always ...more

Love madonna always have. No one was is or will be capable of surpassing her success. Like the article says most of her promotion was pre-Internet. She did it with a business acumen most people can only dream if and that's what people forget. Music and all that goes with it it's art but above all else it's a business. If you don't sell albums singles and concert tickets you will be forgotten. Madonna never will be.

As far as I'm concerned, there will never be another Material Girl. End of discussion.

4 King of Rock and Roll (Elvis Presley)

This is the NICKNAMES were rating here. Elvis is not my favorite artist, but the "King of Rock and Roll" is like the king of the world.

Most famous king of this music.

More like King of Rockabilly, no?!

Love him and his music forever

5 The Fab Four (The Beatles)

I think is stupid that The Beatles are not the first... this guys are the best band in music history, they made a revolution in music!

How is Britney Spears number one? Her singing voice is really annoying. I think Taylor Swift should have been Princess of Pop.

The Beatles were the forefathers of all music we hear today.

The Beatles are way better than Britney Spears.

6 Queen of Soul (Arethra Franklin)

No one have ever been as good as Aretha and will never be. We should start calling her as Queen of music overall not only one genre(R.I.P)

Arethra had a weird voice and wasnt that good. Whitney Houston is the true queen of soul

Aretha had that voice that just got better when she aged. May the QUEEN R.I.P. She is and will ALWAYS be the Queen of Soul. No one better. Not even Whitney. Whitney is THE VOICE. There’s only ONE Queen of Soul!

7 Princess of Country (Taylor Swift)

Taylor swift is really amazing, and I am falling for her. She is the best country singer ever, no doubt someday she will become the queen of country. I will always support her.

Taylor Swift sings country pop. Not actual country music. It baffles me that she's even on this list

More like Princess of Country Pop.

I love love love taylor Swift

8 Metal Gods (Judas Priest)

They really are the metal gods.

9 Queen of Country (Shania Twain)

Shania Twain's albums have sold into many millions, and she brought country music to the forefront again. She definitely is the Queen Of Country.

10 The Voice of a Generation (Christina Aguilera)

Her voice inspired many artists. Her voice is instantly recognizable & is stronger than her contemporaries.

She is definitely also a princess of pop, as well as reinvention.

Her voice is easily the most recognizable voice in music.

Definitely, also The Chameleon of Music

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11 The Four Horsemen (Metallica)

I love their music

12 King of Hip Hop (Eminem)

Absolutely the King/ God of hip-hop right up there in the same category has Tupac Shakur Michael Jackson and Elvis Presley!

Eminem transcended the his 'king of rap' status years ago to attain his undisputed status as the 'rap god'...undeniable and irrevocable facts.
Simply put, he's the g.o.a.t and is unmatched by any other lyrically.

Its actually biggie smalls

Most successful hiphop artist and rap God Eminem

13 The Voice (Whitney Houston)
14 The Prince of Sophisticated Soul (Will Downing)

I like this one the best, and he really is the prince of sophisticated soul.

15 Queen of R&B (Alicia Keys)

It is only Whitney Houston

16 Prince of Pop (Justin Timberlake)

Britney uses autotune, so what is she doing on number 1.
I listen to her music a lot, but she just can't sing live.
JT sings so amazing live and on cd. He deserves it.

(I believe it's now president of pop :/)

Michael Jackson himself called Justin Timberlake the Prince of Pop, so yeah

He is the absolute best and definitely deserves to be the prince of pop

He's way too talented and honest not to be

17 The Godfathers of Punk (The Ramones)
18 The Boss (Bruce Springsteen)

The boss? He can't sing.

19 Father of Death Metal (Chuck Schuldiner)

Death was the best death metal band ever, they created the genre! R.I.P. Chuck Schuldiner

To me, he was god. Rip Chuck Schuldiner May 13 1967 - December 13 2001

Wow.. I didn't think he would be 11 hell yeah m/

20 Lady of Pop (Lady Gaga)

More like the Queen of Artpop

She is queen of pop


21 Goddess of Pop (Cher)

Only singer to have #1s in each of the past 6 decades. Very successful singer as well as actress.

Oscar Winner, and the only female with 56 years old she have na #1 hit!

Oscar winner, Golden Globe winner, Emmy winner, Grammy winner.

22 The Prince of Pop Music (Bruno Mars)

The prince of overrated, annoying, overplayed music.

I think he is more of king of funk.

He deserves it. He is so talent

He is the best

23 Queen of Reinvention (Madonna)

Madonna. How true. Madonna has experimented with nearly all genres of music - successfully. She has reinvented her image and style periodically and successfully.

Madonna is queen that's why I voted for her

24 The Songbird Supreme (Mariah Carey)

27? Seriously I have to laugh she is like one of the greatest should be in top 10

Songbird supreme and queen of rnb

She’s one of the greatest of all time

25 The King of R&B (Joe)
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