Best Hoodie Allen Songs


The Top Ten

1 Eighteen Cool

This song is great. This was actually the very first Hoodie Allen song I heard. - meghann321

2 High Again

This song is great. The acoustic version adds a romantic touch to the song. Really just a great song. - meghann321

3 No Interruption

Honestly this song should be moved up but I'm just putting it here. But really this song is amazing, both this and the acoustic version are well written and just awesome. - meghann321

I know this entire song first hoodie song I heard and I still like it to This day

This is one of the best songs and should be first

4 Nolan Ryan

This song is great because Hoodie is not only an amazing singer but also a kickass rapper, and I don't think many people recognize him for that. - meghann321

5 People Keep Talking

Once again, the rap in this song is just flawless. - meghann321

6 Won't Mind

This song is the PERFECT combination of awesome rapping and singing by hoodie, and amazing singing by max. Max's voice is literally flawless and melts your heart every time. - meghann321

7 All About It

The combination of these two is just amazing. Two amazing artists. - meghann321

This has got to be #1.

8 Tighten Up

This ones an oldie but a goodie. always a favoite - meghann321

9 No Faith In Brooklyn

My favorite song of his

SO good

10 Two Lips

This song is amazing when acoustic and also when he does it in this version he sings Casanova which deserves to be in the top ten but I couldn't fit it. Hard to pick the best Hoodie songs. They are all good. - meghann321

The Contenders

11 You Are Not a Robot

This song is good

12 Same as Before

ANother amazing song with an amazing artist. - meghann321

13 Act My Age

One of the catchiest ones I've heard! Upbeat and all about having a good time, deserves to be in the top 10

Best from hoodie

14 Dumb for You

I love this song its amazing this needs to be in the top ten.

15 The Chase Is On

In my opinion, one of his best tracks

16 Surprise Party

Saucy saucy

It's so gooddd

17 Champagne and Pools
18 Overtime

Perfect blend of rap and chorus

19 Too Invested

This song is the best song on the new album...

20 Movie
21 Moon Bounce
22 Numbers

"This song is probably not his best, but it should be on the list so..."

23 Dreams Up
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