Top Ten Hopes for Mario Kart 8

The Top Ten

1 2 More Cups (1 Nitro, 1 Retro) for a Total of 40 Tracks

I think extra gameplay would be great as when you play Mario Kart a lot, it starts to get dry. I'll always take quality over quantity, but this would make the game much better than it already would be. Since all seven Koopalings are in the game, we can expect a large character roster so they might give every character, or most of the characters a track, or at least a battle course. They will probably give respect to all the characters. Nintendo could work around this by featuring some of the characters that didn't have a track on many billboards and advertisements. Got a bit off topic there. Let's just keep our fingers crossed.

2 Double Dash Mode

Double Dash is probably the most memorable Mario Kart game. There have been many requests to see the gameplay of it to come to Mario Kart 8. If Nintendo makes this, when they announces, I guarantee you, tons of people (including me), will be going crazy. Also, if they include a Double Dash mode, you need to be able to play it online.

3 Better Online Play

Nintendo really needs to make this happen. More online features will be great, but I will be content if the online servers are good. The online was pretty good in Wii and 7 but I hope it steps up by standards of its system.

4 Large Character Roster

We all know this is going to happen because of the addition of the Koopalings so I believe that I probably got my wish of a Smash Bros sized roster. Many more new characters should be coming, but I hope they make different stats and strategies for each of the characters, but the important thing is that no characters are OP. Yes, I know, when trying to explain things in detail, I tend to slightly change the subject, because it isn't completely exactly about "Large character roster". I do not intend to use misleading titles for the comment that I write. I mean, it's not completely misleading as I still say something you'd expect from a comment that says, "Large character roster" near the beginning of this comment. I'm just mentioning some of my ideas for the game.

5 N64 Yoshi Valley

This should have been a retro track a long time ago. This is the track that I most want to see in Mario Kart 8 because this masterpiece is long overdue for a retro track.

6 Old Balloon Battle

The modern Balloon Battle is really lame. The arenas may look good, it are not fun to play on. Nowadays, when you lose all of your balloons, you just respawn back. What's the point of that? It should be like it was before when it was fun, especially on the N64. And no teams.

7 Wario Colosseum

This should have been a retro track a long time ago, as well as Yoshi Valley. This is my favorite track from the GameCube and their could be really cool anti gravity sections.

8 More Detail and Some Modification of Old Tracks

Yes, we all know Nintendo will do this. They always add new things to the retro tracks especially now since they have the anti-gravity. We've seen GBA Mario
Circuit and it looks great. I wouldn't be worried about this, but I realize that many people are speculating N64 Rainbow Road, but for that to be good, you need plenty more detail, take off the rails in some sections, and most of all, make the track one ' lap. If that happens, my least favorite track could actually be something fairly fun.

9 Track Editor

There have been rumors about this, but I highly doubt it will happen. Even if it does, it will be very simple so a kid could use it. There should at least be some advanced features to make the track look good. Also, I would like to see a lot of customization. For example, many different types of hazards, how many laps, how the item boxes work, so you could control how likely you are to get specific items depending on what place and which item box it is. I just want to see a lot of freedom with the track editor. Of course, if this happens, there will obviously be no online play for tracks that you create, because some could be very unplayable or cheap.

10 Boo (Item)

This item has been absent for the last two installments in the Mario Kart series. Why? I hope this happens, but I don't really see it happening, because I expect to see King Boo as a playable character, and it does not differentiate that much from Boo.

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