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1 Raw

Lol sag my pants and nocternal rainbows - wiz

2 Knock Madness

Best because it has ill mind 6, lunch time cypher, I need help, rip your heart out, and hop is back - Eminem50CentFanForLife

Best production, flow, lyrics, features, songs, and rope between the songs. Top mark album we have right here! - westside76

Best! Hopsin did some amazing work on this one - bluered

Love it so much! - catd

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3 Haywire
4 Gazing at the Moonlight

I think this is when hoisin finally started breaking out more and developed his mown style that set him apart from other rappers today.

5 Emurge
6 Pound Syndrome

This is a really good album!

Best album by Hopsin hands down - Rapsody

The album that came out justaftewr he was getting better

7 No Shame
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1. Raw
2. Knock Madness
3. Haywire
1. Knock Madness
2. Raw
3. Haywire


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