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1 Raw

Lol sag my pants and nocternal rainbows - wiz

2 Knock Madness

Best because it has ill mind 6, lunch time cypher, I need help, rip your heart out, and hop is back - Eminem50CentFanForLife

Best production, flow, lyrics, features, songs, and rope between the songs. Top mark album we have right here! - westside76

Best! Hopsin did some amazing work on this one - bluered

I'm probably the biggest fan of this album in this world. It is my favorite album of the 2010's so far, and my 3rd favorite album ever (after History by Michael Jackson, and The Marshall Mathers LP by Eminem) This should be the real music, that should be playing on the radio, not all the autotune piece of garbage.

1.The Fiends are knocking (10/10) Awesome start for an album that's the first in 3 years
2.Hop is back (10/10) Great flow and fantastic lyrics, killing Kanye, and just making fun of Kendrick (still love Kendrick)
3.Who's there ft. Jarren Benton/Dizzy Wright (10/10) Some of the sickest verses FV ever did together in one song
4.Tears to snow (10/10) His singing is still hilarious (and better than Bieber and 1D) and nothing is bad in the song
5.Rip your heart out ft. Tech N9NE (10/10) A highlight on the album, sick verses, sick beat, sick sounds, everything is pretty much perfect
6.Nollie tre flip (10/10) This is one of my favorite skate boarding songs of ...more

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3 Haywire
4 Gazing at the Moonlight
5 Emurge
6 Pound Syndrome

This is a really good album!

Best album by Hopsin hands down - Rapsody

The album that came out justaftewr he was getting better

7 No Shame
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