The Most Horrible Deaths In the Hunger Games

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Unlike when Clove called, no one came for Glimmer. It was gruesome and nobody deserved to go out like that. They all left her to die, even Katniss had Peeta, and she hadn't gotten the worst. Nobody cared for her, she died alone due to pure bad luck. If it had been Clove under the tree the same would have happened, though perhaps, there would be more tears, than the gruesome, abandoned, death of Glimmer.

Glimmers death is by far the worst and most horrible in all three books and all four movies.

She was calling for help and nobody helped her.

She was screaming, yelling, begging for life. yet, nobody stopped to at least try and help. They left her to die. All of them.


When seeing the short clip of his death, fighting to the last but getting dragged by lizard mutts, and plunged into the dark, murky cold water. Then the other muttations fighting over his body to get a bit more of his flesh, and his agonizing wails of pain. It was a bit different in the book, but either way such a horrible death that he didn't deserve. He just got married...I mean,

His death in the book is so sad, his favourite times just flash by and he died- (book)

He was eaten alive. Cato was too, but Finnick had it worse...

*starts sobbing* WAAAH! FINNICK! :(


No matter how many people he killed I felt sorry for him
He was doing he was trained to

I can't believe Glimmer decided to just decapitate him like that

The story of cato and clove was sad

NO one deserves to die like that.


She only came to the games so the young woman wouldn't have to

She volenteered to save Annie knowing that she would die

So sad when she dies


Why did she have to die!

Her death is just sad. rlly sad.

Clove Clove Kentwell is a fictional character in the The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. She was portrayed by 19 year old Isabelle Fhurman in the film adaptation.

In the film it was her head and the cornucopia and the book it was her head and a rock both painful.

It wasn't painful it was very quick and probably the least gruesome death possible

She kinda deserved it.

She has a head injury and died slowly, does that sound bad? AND CATO WAS WITH HER SAYING TO NOT DIE! (Book)


He was killed right in front if Katniss. Imagine seeing your BFF die like that and then have to go and fight to stay alive for the 2nd time! And after watching him be smashed against the tube thing, he got hung from a lamp post! Come on people, his death is sad!

He had his head hit off the pipe that Katniss was In so sad


She was so nice and kind


Her death is not horrible but she was so young!

She was so young and speared in the stomach

her death was like prim's in a way

President Snow

I know he's evil but his death was horrible

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Foxface Foxface is a fictional character in the Hunger Games franchise. She was portrayed by Jacqueline Emerson.
District 8 Girl (74th HG)

It was peeta and cato's shared kill.
She makes a fire so the careers hunt her down and they tackle her and beat her up, then she begs for mercy so cato gets his sword and tortures her and stabs her a lot of times. But she does not die and katniss hears her moaning in pain. They leave her and few hours later they realize she is not dead so they send peeta to go and finish her so peeta goes back and slashes her a bunch of times after peeta goes back to the careers she dies. It is very horrible she was chopped up and was left there to die in pain and she was only 13

She made a fire in the night, and the careers hunted her down. She desperately begs for mercy but the careers take turns chopping her up. Katniss hears her painful scream, but she is not dead yet. After a long while peeta finds her dying slowly in agony so he kills her to end her misery

District 10 Male (74th HG)
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