Best Horrible Histories Songs


The Top Ten

1 English Monarchs Song

The song listing all of England's monarchs. - Money1208

2 Blackbeard's Song

A song telling the story of Blackbeard's life. - Money1208

3 Charles 2nd Song
4 Henry 8th Song

Henry's wives and what horrible end they came to. - Money1208

5 Richard 3rd Song


6 Victorian Workhouse Song

Victorian tomes child labor. - Money1208

7 The Monk's Song

Monks sing breaking their oath of silence. - Money1208

8 Pioneers of Transportation Song

The evolution of transportation. - Money1208

9 Dick Turpin Song

It was supposed to show you he was no romantic hero and you shouldn't like him, but it just made everyone get a crush on him instead

Nothing dandy about me! (BEST SONG EVER! )


“hate to be pedantic, but it ain’t”

10 The 4 Georges - Born 2 Rule

No contest, this was gold

This was the first one I ever heard in the series, and it is still my favourite!

The Contenders

11 Mary 1st Song

Mary tells the truth about herself. - Money1208

12 Greek Thinkers Song

The likes of Play to sing. - Money1208

13 George IV Solo Career
14 Boudicca Song

This song is badass

15 Evil Emperors Song

This song is my jam!

16 Historical Love Rats Song

Based on my favourite song (the Lovecats by the Cure) What can go wrong! Love this song! :D - KingFab

17 Literally: The Viking Song
18 The Raf Song
19 Pachacuti Song

love it

20 Celtic Boast Battle
21 Cleopatra Song

Ra ra Cleopatra! I especially love Mark Antony and Julius Ceaser's dancing! (Ha ha! )

22 I'm a Knight!
23 Flame Olympic Song
24 Aztec Preists Song
25 Spartan High School Song

Bets one ever

26 Pilgrim Father

Just love it!

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