Best Horrible Histories Songs


The Top Ten

1 English Monarchs Song

The song listing all of England's monarchs. - Money1208

2 Blackbeard's Song

A song telling the story of Blackbeard's life. - Money1208

3 Henry 8th Song

Henry's wives and what horrible end they came to. - Money1208

4 Charles 2nd Song
5 Richard 3rd Song
6 Victorian Workhouse Song

Victorian tomes child labor. - Money1208

7 The Monk's Song

Monks sing breaking their oath of silence. - Money1208

8 Pioneers of Transportation Song

The evolution of transportation. - Money1208

9 Mary 1st Song

Mary tells the truth about herself. - Money1208

10 Dick Turpin Song

It was supposed to show you he was no romantic hero and you shouldn't like him, but it just made everyone get a crush on him instead

Nothing dandy about me! (BEST SONG EVER! )

The Contenders

11 The 4 Georges - Born 2 Rule

This was the first one I ever heard in the series, and it is still my favourite!

12 Greek Thinkers Song

The likes of Play to sing. - Money1208

13 Boudicca Song

This song is badass

14 Historical Love Rats Song

Based on my favourite song (the Lovecats by the Cure) What can go wrong! Love this song! :D - KingFab

15 George IV Solo Career
16 Evil Emperors Song

This song is my jam!

17 Pachacuti Song

love it

18 Literally: The Viking Song
19 The Raf Song
20 Celtic Boast Battle
21 Cleopatra Song

Ra ra Cleopatra! I especially love Mark Antony and Julius Ceaser's dancing! (Ha ha! )

22 I'm a Knight!
23 Flame Olympic Song
24 Aztec Preists Song
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