Top Ten Most Horrible Vocaloid Pairings

Which one is the most stupidest and horrible VOCALOID pairing? Write your thoughts!

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1 KAITO X Hatsune Miku

I don't see why people ship this...? I've heard plenty fans of this ship say that KAITO doesn't have an official age, but it was HEAVILY intended for KAITO to be an older male vocal. Teenagers don't have natural voices similar to KAITO's, especially not Japanese ones. The color scheme thing is ridiculous, and they look better as siblings than lovers. I'm not saying they are, but that's better than them being lovers. Besides, KAITO is the official counterpart to MEIKO, so yeah, KAITO was made for MEIKO. They harmonize well. And for all you people who say Miku and KAITO harmonize well, they don't. Their range is impressive, but that's about it. Range doesn't really help you much if can't harmonize well.

I'll admit, I like some of their duets. However, even if some of their songs together sound good, their voices don't harmonize very well. KAITO's age has not yet been confirmed, but he was clearly intended to be an adult (most likely near middle age). Miku is only sixteen. Pedophilia, much? And the whole "Their color schemes are similar, so they were MEANT to be with each other! " thing is stupid. "Similar colors" is not a completely valid reason to pair people in a relationship. Not to mention the fans. Not all KAITO x Miku fans are bad, but most of the fans I've seen are offended way too easily. Can't we all just accept each other's opinions? Even if I heavily dislike this ship, I don't think it deserve to be number one on the list. There are DEFINITELY worse ships out there.

I don't know though, but, in my opinion, yep this is my number 1 most horrible pairing.

KAITO is the counterpart of MEIKO, which is the main reason of why... kinda most people who rly knows deeply bout Vocaloid, would ship them.

I can say that KAITO design is really eye-catching among male Vocaloids and Miku is iconic, but that doesn't mean they're compatible being together.

I don't really mind about the age gap, it's just that to me they just aren't meant to be together. - KaguraGakuko

This ship is so stupid. People ship KAITO and Miku because they're blue looking.
Also, it's pedophila and their voices do not mix. And not just the ship, BUT THE FANS. So annoying! They hate on MEIKO because she gets in the way on the ship, when really, MEIKO WAS MADE FOR KAITO. Miku can take Len.

I do not like them cause they are blue. Cause they are just perfect together - Mikaito

2 Len Kagamine X Rin Kagamine

"The development of the duo of KAGAMINE RIN and KAGAMINE LEN is based on the concept of creating a twin pair of female and male voice banks recorded from the same Japanese female voice actress, Asami Shimoda." - THEY ARE TWINS. Incest is wrong.

As if they're narcissistic for loving each other intimately. - KaguraGakuko

They are mirror images, but I wouldn't ship them, I think they get along like twins would. Also, Miku X Len is a little weird in my opinion because Miku is older than Len...I think the ships are better if the boy is older. That's just my personal preference.

Mirror images is the same thing as twins, it's a reflection of you. - SHREKPOOT

3 Hiyama Kiyoteru X Kaai Yuki

This is pedophilia, no shadow of doubt. Not mentioning that you can add incest to the mix if you see them as father and daughter.

Both have unknown age.

But if Yuki has a way more... mature design of the character herself, than maybe they can be paired. - KaguraGakuko

Now saying a pairing that is horrible to others that ship it is rude, but sometimes people get out of hand. I don't ship this, but I like the student/teacher relation they have.

It's Teacher X Student

4 Len Kagamine X Akita Neru

Fans ship this because their only blonde, what the hell. Their voices do not mix. - SHREKPOOT

This is the most hilarious ship I've ever seen.

Yeah, almost fr the same reason as the other comments, just wonder yourself how can you ship them just because they're blond?

Moreover, guys, Neru is a fanloid made as a prank of Miku. How can she pairs with, a real Vocaloid? - KaguraGakuko

Neru is a knockoff of Rin. Just because they are both blonde doesn't mean they love each other.

Only ship them as friends

5 Len a Kagamine X Hatsune Miku

I don't understand this ship at all. I mean, I suppose I could see them together, BUT that is if they had a relationship in many of their songs. I just don't understand how it came to be. It doesn't feel correct. Len and Miku don't really show up together in their own respective songs. You may fight me and say that Len and Miku do have duets, but they are not nearly enough as other vocaloids. And no I am not referring to Rin. I really don't think that this one is the best ship. Of course, I don't think it is the worst either. I don't see any real relationship between them. I tend not to ship vocaloids due to their free nature OR at least I don't get into shipping wars because the characters are not set in stone and don't have fixed personality. I'd like to bring up the fact that many of the other ships here on hated on because of the very fact that I tend to avoid. Rin x Len for example, They AREN'T Twins... Miku x Kaito There are many more reasons to ship these two other than their ...more

I do understand why people ship this pairing, I mean, the first time I saw Len and the first time I saw in the Project Diva opening, I actually genuinely shipped them... For five seconds. Mainly, because I saw Len's ponytail which made me immediately retract my statement of shipping them and back then, I was against ponytails (though now, I'm quite fond of it).

To me, it just feels kinda weird to see them together. I do see how people can ship them since, you know, they kinda look nice together and their voices do go together. But, to me, Miku looks more like a big sister (despite there being absolutely no relationship) and Len just looks... way too childish. And the age gap does look unappealing to me, and while I normally don't care about it, I do care since Len is 14. 14. I cannot stress enough that it is waaay too young. I'd be alright if Len was at least 16 and Miku was 18, but 14 and 16? No thank you.

So yeah, pretty much, it's the age that gets to me. I mean, if ...more

They are the absolute worst ship... Like of all the Vocaloids to be shipped with, why Len and Miku? They don't even compliment each other's voice and they don't to much duets or anything so I sometimes wonder, "Why do people ship them? " Their don't have matching outfits unlike Rin. Their hair colors don't even match and their physical appearances don't match. I'd rather miku be single or with Kaito or any other. Just not Len. To be honest Rin and Len is my ship. They're not twins. They just look like each other and at my school I have this best friend that I also had a crush on and people keep saying that we look like each other which I believe but I think we're the most shipped pair in class. Just like Rin and Len

I just... can't ship Miku with anyone
She's iconic and the main mascot of all Vocaloids so, I just can see her just can be placed among the fans' hearts.

Besides, I see them only as siblings. - KaguraGakuko

6 KAITO X Len Kagamine

KAITO has no official age. I know that may sound desperate, but when you pair that with the fact that Len is 14, and that even if KAITO was intended to be older, having no official age makes it possible to show him as younger than he sounds, it seems less important. Also, if you subtract the age difference, KAITO and Len's personalities are good together, they look good together, and their voices complement each other well (In my opinion). This is why they really aren't as bad as some other ships like Yuki and Kiyoteru, as with these two Yuki clearly looks like a small child. (Sorry for making it so long, this is kinda my OTP)

I'm not against homosexuality, but the yaoi I've seen spawning from this ship is disgusting. KAITO has no official age, but it was obvious that he was intended to be an adult (probably near middle age). Len is fourteen. Hello? Pedophilia? KAITO and Len don't have defined personalities (the only Vocaloids I remember having defined personalities are Macne Nana and Tohoku Zunko). Sure, you can make up personalities for them. That's fine, most other people (including myself) do that too. However, even if the personalities you came up with mix well together, it doesn't excuse the large age gap. I've never heard of any duets in which they sound good together. If anyone knows any songs, please name them. I'm interested in hearing their voices harmonizing well together. (Sorry this is very long but I had a lot to say about this.)

I don't say it's pedophilia when it comes to age because KAITO have no official age... but the design character clearly state that KAITO is middle-aged.

But I don't take this reason to the account, because it may be possible. But I just expect that ones who ship this just wants to make Len looks more... like kawaii "Onii-chan hit me up" and KAITO will be the pedo trust me, I've seen lots off people ship em because of yaoi and kawaii Len being needy. pfft. - KaguraGakuko

The fans of this ship must watch boku no pico

7 Megurine Luka X Len Kagamine

Sorry it's a nO. Luka is too matured for Len

Clearly age-gap. Ones who like this must be the ones who likes kawaii and 'handsome' kid with a girl with big oppai. - KaguraGakuko

What, why, how? What the heck is this ship? Why is this a ship? How is this a ship? Luka's voice is mature while Len's is almost like a girl's! This is not a good ship. If you ship this... why?

Len doesn't suit with MEIKO or Luka.
Len suits with Miku or Rin.

8 Hatsune Miku X Megurine Luka

These two seem like they would have a sister-like relationship, or a teacher and student one.

Luka is 20, Miku is 16. A four year age gap can work, however not under these circumstances. Miku is still a minor and Luka is very much an adult. I love femslash, however I refuse to look past age gaps in ships. They could have a great friendship, but a relationship? They just can't work.

I LOVE this pairing what is wrong with it no one even has a valid point why they don't

Just cause you can't "imagine" either them as lesbians doesn't mean its bad...

9 Rin Kagamine X GUMI

Yuri is creepy, come at me.

I prefer Rin X Oliver or Mikuo X Rin!

But this ship is so cute

But this ship is so dang cute.


These two don't go together AT ALL when I hear them sing together I counted a nightmare for me. I listen to Hatsune miku and kaito duets ALL THE TIME! PEOPLE. I have my own playlist that is only for Kaito and hatsune miku duets. I blast them all the time. I was listening to them even when I'm writing this. It will be the best when two people's voice to blend in with each other and they are just the perfect finishing touch for each other. I listen to music ever since I'm zero and have never get it off my hands. I need hatsune miku and kaito duets to survive. They ARE MY LIFE. First of all I hate Meiko's voice. Their voice doesn't blend and you can just hear there separate voices and it is really annoying for me. Why people think that they are the best and miku and kaito is the worst. I think they need to check their brains. - Mikaito

I guess it's a perfect pair. I know there are other good pairs but this pair makes the most sense to me. They both sound amazing together in my opinion and they even look like a couple (no offense to miku x kaito fans but their voices are less likely to work. There are some good duets but they are normally a hit and miss plus I think it is firstly pointless to ship a pair because of a colour scheme and secondly it is pointless to argue with someone who ship them because you hate a singer because she stole ( insert male vocaloid here ) from (insert vocaloid here). Bottom line is that I ship this couple and for those who think kaimei shippers are "highly uneducated" and "rely on facts (I am not pointing any names) but you have to respect other people's opinions. You can disagree with me but try not to be offensive or rude. Oh never mind it's the Internet no one will listen to me anyway

Perfect pair! Fans are right to ship this!

Personally, I think they're better off as siblings than a couple. I know fans will argue that "they were made for each other! 1! " but that's simply not true. And, the colors don't really match, either (matching colors is also a common argument for this ship). Yes, they look nice together, but I wouldn't exactly call them matching. In my opinion, this isn't the best ship, but it's not terrible either

The Contenders

11 KAITO X Kagamine Rin

This pairing is messed up.. Kaito is a middle aged man and Rins a 14 year old girl. Enough said.

Do people actually ship this romantically? I mean, I can see it as a big brother and little sister relationship, but romance? Why?

I ship Rin with Oliver and KAITO with MEIKO

Their voices mix very good

12 Hatsune Miku X Rin Kagamine

I have to say, I enjoy yuri. I think that Miku and Rin is really cute! Is it weird that I ship this, but I also ship Miku x Mikuo? Does someone else out there do this?

You know, I don't see whats wrong with this ship. The age difference isn't big and their voices mix well.

Well I love this ship.Miku is 16 and Rin is 14,It's ok I think. And you know there was a scene in Project Diva trailer they almost kiss each other! :3 - OrangeRin

There was an official kiss scene in the trailer for those two

13 Luka X Gackpo

Why is this a bad ship? Just because you ship Luka or Gakupo with someone else doesn't mean this ship is bad. They seem to be around the same age and their voices don't sound too bad together

I ship this so hard. Their voices mix very well and they seem to be around the same age.

But...I love this ship...But it's your opinion I guess

I'm not even sure why, but I hate this. Their voices don't go well together.

14 Rin x Len

If you're either both of them, why would you love your own mirror image?
It's as if you're a narcissistic if you feel like it.

They aren't twins. They're worse. They are mirror images, aka the opposite and same. Same person, opposite gender. It's like looking at your reflection and saying "Hey sexy" and mean it. Then you proceed to make out with it. The worse part, people cheer you on.

I agree with the user below or above (I don't know where) that ship is complete self-cest/narcissism.

15 KAITO X Luka

I personally think that luka has to be with kaito if I had to choose between kaito x luka or kaito x meiko or luka x gakupo I would pick luka x kaito pink and blue are my fave colors they are the best! I think they deserve more attention and meiko is like a big sis for kaito and gakupo doesn’t even look as boy like luka needs kaito and this is my fave ship of all time so kaito x luka is my fave ship

Eh, it's OK... their voices are pretty good together, and they are similar ages, I prefer Meiko x Kaito and Luka x Gakupo though

To be honest, I don't mind this ship. Kaito seems better with Meiko though...

I can see this being pretty cute.

16 Oliver X Kaai Yuki

Yuki's just a nine year old girl. Why ship her with anyone? Otherwise, this ship isn't terrible. Hey, at least it's not pedophilia.

What? This ship is so cute! Why is it even here?

This makes me uncomfortable. - OrangeRin

PEOPLE, YUKI IS A 9 YEAR OLD LITTLE GIRL. WHY DO YOU NEED TO SHIP HER WITH ANYONE? (Oliver can be shipped because 12 isn't that bad, but 9? seriously? )

17 Teto X KAITO

I can't ship Teto with anyone.

Never thought about it... Could be cute.

They sound AMAZING together

Doesn't seem that bad

18 Mikuo X Miku

Its like shipping your self to your male version this is weird

No.. I ship Mikuo X Rin and Miku X Len.

Any ship like this is wrong. It's gross.

No. Incest is wrong.

19 Rin X Oliver

There is NOTHING wrong with that ship, Rin is just 2 years older, and nothing wrong with this... I don't understand people... I don't ship it actually...

Are you kidding me?! Why ship Rin with a child like Oliver? Let's say he's 14 and Rin will probably like be 16 or maybe older! Still Rin will grow up much faster than Oliver so no way! Also Oliver is british and he may have a Japanese voicebank but it wouldn't suit that well with Rin's voice because when it comes to soprano notes, Oliver sounds horrible to hear! Rin beats his voice when it comes to soprano songs because she is meant for higher range in singing. This pairing is just wrong why is it so popular anyway?

Oliver is officially 12 and Rin is officially 14; it doesn't feel right shipping someone as young as Oliver... :/ plus, I can picture him being repulsed by girls.

Um, this ship isn't even that popular, and (correct me if I am wrong) OLIVER does not have any official age. I personally think of him as being 13.

20 KAITO X Akaito

Aka means red. Aka+Kaito=Akaito(red kaito) It's very stupid.

21 Len x Gakupo

I didn't know this actually existed until now. Seriously, why? Gackpo has no official age, but it's clear he was intended to be an adult (or at least more mature). Len is fourteen, only a minor. I'm not homophobic, but this is just wrong.

You have those:
Len x Piko
Gakupo x Kiyoteru

This is just so wrong. Like, who would ship a shota with a (probably) old man? I have nothing against yaoi, but this is like, the worst thing in the vocaloid fandom.

22 GUMI X Gakupo

They just aren't compatible. Just because the same company made them means nothing.

I admit they don't sound half bad together, but Gumi is confirmed to be a teenager (I usually think of her as 16) and Gakupo is like in his 20s. Plus a ton of people headcanon them as siblings. So in conclusion, I ship Gumi and Lily and Gakupo and Luka :3

23 Len X Oliver

No one is with no one - felispasta

But... Len loves Piko and Oliver loves Rin...

Len is with Kaito.

24 Luka x Meiko

I love this ship! It's kinda cute actually... (I guess I just like Yuri :P)

To the person below, Meiko is way, way, WAY better than a certain teal-haired VOCALOID
I actually like the ship a lot. I already have my forevers for Meiko and Luka (Kaito and Gakupo, respectively) but this is my BROTP. They seem like they would be best friends as they are both the mature type. I reckon they sound cute together too, like in the song Colorful x Sexy. Hey, I'm starting to ship it!

Meiko should be shipped with her male version because it's the only vocaloid bad enough for her.

25 Ling x Longya

They are siblings and Ling is 16 and Longya is 23. Incest and pedophilica


26 Mikuo X Rin Kagamine

Uh.. I think this is a good ship. Len X Miku and Rin X Mikuo. - SHREKPOOT

What's wring with it?

This is a "just okay" ship for me. One of the only reasons people ship it is because they ship Miku and Len, which sorta bothers me. Plus I generally dislike shipping fanloids with official VOCALOIDs. The fanart's adorable though.

Adorable! The fanart is cute too.

27 Neru X Haku

Nothing wrong with it! They look adorable together anyway. Pedophilia? No. Age difference? Not big at all. Voices don't match? They don't have voices, its fine. Colours don't match? Since when did that matter!?

Better than Neru X Len - SHREKPOOT

They are made for each other but as BEST FRIENDS

'Scuse you why you insulting the great yuri ship

28 KAITO X Gackpo

This pairing is great! Whats wrong with it?


They sound and look good together though :3 This is another Luka x Meiko for me.

29 YOHIOloid x KAITO

This ship is trash & doesn't make ANY sense whatsoever. Kaito is like 30 years old & Hio's a teen, yet the blunette is still the uke? what sense does THAT make?! (and no offense but not everyone is crazy over that blue haired idiot, & I'm sure Hio has better things to do with his time than chase 30 year old men)

30 Miku x Gakupo

As if Miku x Kaito wasn't bad enough, people HAD to go ruin a perfectly wonderful vocaloid by shipping him with Miku. This ship doesn't even make sense! Like, we can assume from his samurai design that Gakupo is around middle aged (doesn't stop me from being a fangirl though) and Miku is 16! It just makes no sense. (Kaito x Gakupo is way better =^.^=)

31 Oliver X Yuma

BROTP. There. Enough said. They can be friends all you want. Just no to pretty much everything else. - KobayashiMatcha21


32 Oliver X VY2 Yuma



33 Oliver X SeeU

Pedophilia, Oliver is 12 SeeU is 17. I don't really know why people ship them. Sailor boy and Korean pop star don't really mix well.

34 Utatane Piko X Kagamine Rin
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