Top Ten Most Horrible Vocaloid Pairings

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21 Mikuo X Rin Kagamine

Uh.. I think this is a good ship. Len X Miku and Rin X Mikuo. - SHREKPOOT

What's wring with it?

This is a "just okay" ship for me. One of the only reasons people ship it is because they ship Miku and Len, which sorta bothers me. Plus I generally dislike shipping fanloids with official VOCALOIDs. The fanart's adorable though.

Adorable! The fanart is cute too.

22 Teto X KAITO

They sound AMAZING together

Never thought about it... Could be cute.

Doesn't seem that bad

I could be good because teto is acctuly 31

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23 Neru X Haku

Nothing wrong with it! They look adorable together anyway. Pedophilia? No. Age difference? Not big at all. Voices don't match? They don't have voices, its fine. Colours don't match? Since when did that matter!?

They are made for each other but as BEST FRIENDS

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24 KAITO X Gackpo

This pairing is great! Whats wrong with it?

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25 GUMI X Gakupo

They just aren't compatible. Just because the same company made them means nothing.

I admit they don't sound half bad together, but Gumi is confirmed to be a teenager (I usually think of her as 16) and Gakupo is like in his 20s. Plus a ton of people headcanon them as siblings. So in conclusion, I ship Gumi and Lily and Gakupo and Luka :3

26 Len X Oliver

But... Len loves Piko and Oliver loves Rin...

No one is with no one - felispasta

Len is with Kaito.

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