Top Ten Horrid Henry Episodes that Should Be Made

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1 Horrid Henry Blows Up Ashton Primary School Horrid Henry Blows Up Ashton Primary School

The great series finale

2 Horrid Henry Sniffs a Nappy
3 Moody Margaret's Plastic Surgery

Margaret realized that she was oogly so she asked her mwa mwa for plastic surgery but mwa mwa didn't allow her to. So Margaret sneaked out to get some plastic surgery and then she became hawt. every boy and girl loved her. the end

PART 2 henry realizes everyone secretly hates margret so he launches a giant egg bomb and gets expelled for 10000000000000000000000000000years the end

4 Soggy Sid Becomes Obese
5 Horrid Henry Uses the Girls' Toilet

Horrid Henry figures out he wants to use the girls restroom so he sees Margaret and Susan using the bathroom.Margaret and Susan scream so Miss Battle Axe suspends Henry and he cries and floods the house

6 Horrid Henry's Big Summer Camp for People Who Need to Lose Weight

Sign Greedy Graham up! - Entranced98

7 Perfect Peter Takes Down the Internet

Perfect Peter sees all the obscene rap videos Henry's been viewing, and he comes up with a master plan to take the internet down for everyone but himself so he can view some Happy Hippos and other trash like that. He successfully carries out the plan.

Mum and Dad are oblivious to his master plan, until Peter blares Daffy and her Dancing Daisies and gets grounded by Mum and Dad. Henry fixes the internet and is given two pounds by Mum and Dad.

Wow, I should write fanfiction

8 Horrid Henry Eats Surströmming
9 Horrid Henry Becomes a Transvestite
10 Perfect Peter's Diarrhea

This needs to happen.

"MUM! MY TUMMY HURTS! " - ItsPisces

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? Horrid Henry Plays Fortnite

I'm not returning, I just wanted to add this - JerryTheBest

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11 Horrid Henry's Waifu

Is that the episode where he gets his waifu pillow taken away for being horrid? - ItsPisces

12 Horrid Henry Gets Executed
13 Horrid Henry Becomes King
14 Horrid Henry Fails at Skateboarding

This would actually be pretty funny because him just failing all the time would be Cartoon gold.

15 Horrid Henry Releases Half Life 3
16 Horrid Henry's Atomic Fart

Henry eats a taco injected with laxatives, little did he know he was gonna fart so hard that his rump will disintegrate.

17 Soggy Sid's Fitness Camp
18 Horrid Henry's Name Calling Spree
19 Dad Beats Up Rude Ralph
20 Horrid Henry Joins Ashton Athletic
21 Horrid Henry Goes MLG
22 Horrid Henry Becomes a Lolcow
23 Horrid Henry Becomes a Happy Hippo
24 Optimus Prime Destroys Mr. Kill
25 Mum Joins the Secret Club
26 Horrid Henry Gets Expelled
27 Horrid Henry Presses the Fire Alarm
28 Horrid Henry Builds a Urinal
29 Horrid Henry Does Drugs
30 Horrid Henry Joins Sega and Gets Fired
31 Horrid Henry's Lawsuit
32 Horrid Henry Gets Banned From Xbox Live
33 Moody Margaret's Date
34 Horrid Henry Plays Action 52
35 Horrid Henry Gets a Girlfriend
36 Horrid Henry's Bad Language

Horrid Henry keeps saying the 13 bad words!

37 Horrid Henry Vs Justin Bieber
38 Horrid Henry Drinks Mountain Dew
39 Horrid Henry Goes to Japan
40 Horrid Henry Turns The World Into Dinosaurs
41 Horrid Henry Becomes a DJ at the school disco

As you guessed, He puts on heavy metal music and everyone dislikes it!

42 Horrid Henry Raps It Up
43 Moody Margaret Becomes Tsundere
44 Beefy Bert Becomes a Social Justice Warrior
45 Moody Margaret's Sour Day
46 Sour Susan's Moody Day
47 Horrid Henry Burns the House Down
48 Horrid Henry Meets a Yandere
49 Horrid Henry Steals a Car
50 Horrid Henry Robs a Bank
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