Most Horrifying Pokemon-Related Deaths

The world of Pokemon is a dangerous place. Several pokemon just want you dead. Here's my list of the most horrific, frightening ways to die in this world. Some of these are based on Pokedex entries, while others are, well, common sense.

The Top Ten

1 Squished by Snorlax

Imagine being smashed by this thing. All 1014 pounds of it. Imagine feeling every bone in your body get crushed, every organ being squeezed until they explode. - Zach808

Getting squished by a Groudon would be worse, but no one thinks of that. - WonkeyDude98

This would be very painful - Martinglez

2 Digested by Victreebel

Its stomach acid is strong enough to melt anything. Being digested by Victreebel sounds like one of the most painful things to ever happen. - Zach808

3 Your spirit burned by Chandelure

Yes, this thing will burn your spirit, leaving your body as an empty shell. After this, you will never be able to rest in peace. Your soul is gone forever. - Zach808

Um, why is this not number one?

Thanks for ruining my childhood. Hmph - Absolite

4 Attacked by swarms of Zubat

Thousands of them. All waiting for you to walk into that cave so they can attack you all at once and eat you alive. - Zach808

5 Falling into a pile of Muk

Can you imagine accidentally stumbling face-first into one of these? They smell so terrible that it causes you to faint, and by this point no doubt you'll be poisoned to death. Just in time for it to eat you, where you forever lay in its sludgy purple stomach. - Zach808

This would be awful. - Catlover2004

6 Being sliced open and carried away by Skarmory

Its wings are so sharp they're often used as swords. You wouldn't last 10 seconds against Skarmory before being sliced to death by it. - Zach808

7 Mistaking Drifloon for a balloon and being taken away

Grabbing a Drifloon's strings will cause them to wrap around your wrists, and then Drifloon will take you away into the sky, never to be seen again. - Zach808

8 Being slowly eaten by Carnivine

It lures you in with a sweet smell, then traps you. The worst part? It takes an entire day to eat you alive. - Zach808

9 Sucked away by Gorebyss

Don't be fooled by how Gorebyss looks. That pointy mouth? It sticks itself in you and drains you of body fluids. Imagine being poked by this thing and slowly, painfully, shriveling up from the lack of bodily fluids. - Zach808

10 Pricked to death by Cacturne

It waits for travelers to become too tired to move, and then attacks its prey in groups with millions of pointy spines. An army of evil cactuses, sticking its needles into you. Sounds like a complete nightmare. - Zach808

The Contenders

11 Getting sliced in half by Mega Salamence's wings
12 Electrocuted by Pikachu
13 Getting killed by Mewtwo
14 Getting into a fight with Machamp
15 Getting Oblivion Winged by Yveltal I need to explain more? If you watched Daincie and the Cocoon of Destruction, you will know why. Pikachu died in that movie.

16 Burned by Magmortar

To say that Magmortar's fireballs of over 3,600 degress Fahrenheit will leave a nasty burn would be an understatement. - NiktheWiz

17 Dumped into a volcano by Alakazam's telekinetic powers
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1. Squished by Snorlax
2. Digested by Victreebel
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