Most Horrifying Pokemon-Related Deaths

The world of Pokemon is a dangerous place. Several pokemon just want you dead. Here's my list of the most horrific, frightening ways to die in this world. Some of these are based on Pokedex entries, while others are, well, common sense.

The Top Ten

Your spirit burned by Chandelure

RIP you. - Firemist

Um, why is this not number one?

Thanks for ruining my childhood. Hmph - Absolite

Squished by Snorlax

Let's not forget wailord. - Pokemonfan10

This would be very painful - Martinglez

Getting Oblivion Winged by Yveltal I need to explain more? If you watched Daincie and the Cocoon of Destruction, you will know why. Pikachu died in that movie.

Getting killed by Mewtwo
Being slowly eaten by Carnivine
Burned by Magmortar
Being sliced open and carried away by Skarmory
Digested by Victreebel
Falling into a pile of Muk

This would be awful. - Catlover2004

Getting hugged by Bewear

The Contenders

Attacked by swarms of Zubat
Getting sliced in half by Mega Salamence's wings
Sucked away by Gorebyss
Mistaking Drifloon for a balloon and being taken away
Pricked to death by Cacturne
Electrocuted by Pikachu

Best way to die pikachu is awesome - -Pikachu-

Getting into a fight with Machamp
Dumped into a volcano by Alakazam's telekinetic powers
Getting eaten by Guzzlord
Getting drowned by Swampert
Charizard and Gyarados Tearing Your Guts Out
Wailord jumps on you
Being brought under Mimikyu's cloth
Licked by Haunter

Misty was licked by Haunter, but SHE lived.

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