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The title says it all. Which horror anime freak you out the most?

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21 Monster Monster

A creepy and mysterious psychological horror anime that is (in one word) AWESOME!

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22 Terra Formars
23 Parasyte Parasyte

Way better than a lot of the horror animes on here, should be third to elfen lied and future diary.

Absolutely Wicked! Must Watch

Screw Tokyo Ghoul. This is obviously better.

It's just amazing, I watched it in 2 days.
It was really creepy, but the end was so beautiful! I was literally crying..
A must-see anime! - UndisputedLunatic

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24 Boku no Pico Boku no Pico Boku no Pico is an anime series of three OVA episodes created by Katsuhiko Takayama. It was released to DVD on September 17, 2006.

With all honesty I respect this anime as a form of artistic expression as it says at the beginning of every episode. I don't personally like it but you could show some respect by taking it off the list

I am scared forever. Nothing can terrify me more than this anime. I can't sleep at nights because of this. Its very traumatic. Watch at your own risk!

Why is this erotic anime on this list, respect the horror anime list and don't put on non horror's just because you think your funny - germshep24

This is the most terrifying anime out there. The other animes don't come close! I had to watch the opening as a dare...
I was SH00K - ThatEmoLoner

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25 Umnieko No Naku Koro Ni

Bloody sacrifices for the resurrection of the Golden Witch Beatrice.

One of my favorite animes ever, good story, amazing music, and great art work. It's starts a bit boring but then it continues to become very bloody, ( don't LET MARIA TRICK YOU INTO WATCHING THIS IF YOUR SCARIED OP BLOOD AND GORE, THERE IS a lot. ) I cryied a bit at the end, laugh out loud.

26 Shinsekai Yori

Had a really creepy atmosphere at times :S

27 Danganronpa

I cried for so many characters deaths but the main character is so boring and annoying

Not much of a horror (especially the pink blood,sooo scary ) but let's just admit it,the plot was amazing,the characters were amazing,and everything was amazing. - Mais-Chan

28 Blood+ Blood+

My favorite horror anime, and also the best anime I've ever seen.
Powerful storyline, good characters - except for Diva - splendid backstory, badass female lead, amazing fight scenes, lots of variation, awesome weapons, beautiful art style, epic battles, literally IN-CRE-DI-BLE.
My top 3 horror anime:
3. Elfen Lied
2. Another
1. Blood+ (Also my favorite anime)

29 Berserk Berserk Berserk, also known as Sword-Wind Chronicle Berserk, is a Japanese anime television series that aired from 1997 to 1998. An adaptation of the manga Berserk, it comprises 25 half-hour episodes produced by Oriental Light and Magic and first aired on Nippon TV.
30 Blood-C
31 Serial Experiments Lain Serial Experiments Lain Serial Experiments Lain is an avant-garde anime series directed by Ryutaro Nakamura, with character design by Yoshitoshi ABe, screenplay written by Chiaki J. Konaka, and produced by Yasuyuki Ueda for Triangle Staff. It was broadcast on TV Tokyo from July to September 1998. The series is influenced by more.
32 Corpse Party
33 School Days School Days

I heard it's bad, but I kinda want to watch it because it seems so absurd and I just want to see what it is.. - UndisputedLunatic

... This story is fairly interesting, but I would say that the scene at the end was very eventful and it escalated quickly...

Bloody anime. Watch if you dare. Or if you just have nothing to do. - ThatEmoLoner

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34 Ergo Proxy Ergo Proxy Ergo Proxy is a science fiction suspense anime television series, produced by Manglobe, directed by Shukō Murase and written by Dai Satō.

Ergo proxy was kind of a mix between sci fi and horror. It reminded me of the Animatrix.

35 Gantz

This anime will have you gripped from first episode.
It's a bit confusing at first but you will get the jist of it eventually.
The gore is perfectly balanced.
And also has a little sex if your into that.
But it is a very awesome anime in deed.

36 Yamishibai: Japanese Ghost Stories

Art Styles and Stories. Always give me chills!

37 Paranoia Agent Paranoia Agent
38 Vampire Princess Miyu
39 Bible Black
40 Urotsukidoji
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