Top Ten Horror Movie Cliches that Need to Stop


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1 Sex = death

We get it, idea is down. Practically every classic slasher movie has it. - RustyNail

2 Cops/authorities show up right after the enemy is killed

They get called halfway through the movie and often don't believe that a killer or whatever is real. But then they show up like immediately after the enemy is dead, its like where were you guys 2 hours ago. - RustyNail

3 Hiding under the bed

I groan every time this happens - killer gets in house, lead runs UPSTAIRS INSTEAD OF OUT OF THE OPEN FRONT DOOR and goes into a room with basically nothing in it, except the bed and gets under it. Yeah that will save you. - RustyNail

4 "I'll be back"

Unless you're Arnold Schwarzenegger,your not coming back - RustyNail


5 Nothing works

Cars dead, phones dead, guns jammed/out of ammo - RustyNail

6 Only one likable character

We all know them, the good girl who doesn't do anything bad and is the sole survivor ( sometimes) - RustyNail

7 That one jerk

A horror movie will usually have at least one character that nobody likes, and we want them so bad to be killed in the worst way. But no, they tend to last the whole movie,survive, die at the end, sacrifice themselves - RustyNail

8 The sacrifice

One character sacrifices himself to let the others live. - RustyNail

9 "Have you been drinking / are you on drugs?"

Those teen horror movies, the kids try to tell their parents about the killer or something to get help. The parent thinks they have been doing something illegal. - RustyNail

10 Investigating a noise

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11 The Small Child Not Being Afraid Of The Ghosts
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