Top 10 Horror Movie Cliches

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1 Nudity = Death

Jamie Lee Curtis survived in Halloween because she was a virgin

You know your gonna die if you do it, so why do it?

So, sex is a death sentence in this sense?

True, promiscuous/flirty characters are killed first. 😂

2 "Let's split up"

Don't people in horror movies know anything about horror movies?

Stay together, don't split.

Its like scooby doo

Scooby doo feat. jason vorhees

3 The killer seems immortal at first, then dies really idiotically

Michael Myers in a nutshell.

4 Black guy always dies

Spoiler Alert. Finally,
There is a black character in Jeepers Creepers 2 that actually survives!

In jeepers creepers to the black gym teacher was technically the first to die. It's racist

5 Can't run and fall after stumbling on virtually anything

Classic, what horror movie could be with out its ungraceful and uncoordinated victims?

Oh, he's running, I'll just wait till he trips over that nothing

Seriously, what kind of person would have two left feet?

Scary movie is my favourite because it's a Pisstake on everything on this list

6 Teens (or, big red targets with human bodies)

*cough* the Scream movies *cough*.

7 False scares for first half of the movie

Ah, the Lewton Bus! Actually pretty clever and scary... for the 1950s. Come on guys. In 2014, this is a cliche mocking a cliche.

8 Not checking to make sure the killer is really dead

How about this, after you knock out a killer, kick him in the head, punch him, do something!

9 Jump scares

Not even that scary true horror movies can make you get chills just with a creepy vibe.

The most overused cliche in history that still gets us most of the time

I kinda like movies with jump scares, but just don't overuse them.

It’s 2014, get something new for once

10 Stuck in the middle of nowhere

So predictable, Look at my list of Things A Slasher Movie Needs - only if you feel like it of course!

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11 Car not starting when trying to get away

That's in a lot of the horror movies, do something new directors.

So true, Cujo, the killer dog.

12 A slut, jock, nerd, and virgin

Ever heard of Cabin In The Woods? Perfect example of this.

13 Using knives instead of cool guns

No, the guns are annoying. Loads of movie cliches about them. Sometimes they never run out of bullets, sometimes everyone's such a bad shot that you're safe if they aim at you, and sometimes they point a gun at you but don't shoot. With knives, you don't get any of these cliches. Unless they point it at you without attacking.

Possibly the biggest offender of this to a ridiculous number.

Killers in movie don't have guns!

14 The face in the mirror
15 Authorities can't do diddly squat

Police are just about as worthless as my ex-husband in most horror flicks.

You know your police department sucks when a group of average citizens stop the threat instead of them.

16 Somebody is screaming but nobody hears him
17 Women are always the survivors

I don't care if it is apparently woman-hating if they weren't the survivors, its already man-hating so they are being so ironic. I don't mind that woman are survivors, but ALWAYS when they mess up they SOMEHOW still survive but if the men went through the same situation they will SOMEHOW always die.

Not trying to sound sexist, but can we have a man as the final survivor for once?

A little bit gender equality please?

18 Old run down house in the woods: "maybe they have a phone"
19 Welcome to Camp Clichè Horror!
20 Terrible acting
21 Obvious hiding place

"ohh a monster / serial killer is looking for me better hide somewhere obvious so he could kill me"

22 Hiding under beds like children

Hide somewhere else! Or Go Outside, and run for your lives!

Yeah! Like that's gonna help!

23 The guy who underestimates the villain dies first

And the guy is usually very cocky, gets killed mid cruel banter.

24 Guns never run out of bullets
25 Gun pointed but not used
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