Top 10 Horror Movie Crossovers that Should Happen

First Freddy vs. Jason, then Alien vs. Predator, and that's it, here are some horror movie crossovers I think should happen.

The Top Ten

1 Michael Myers vs. Leatherface

The Halloween Chainsaw Massacre! - Nickdc

2 Pinhead vs. Candyman

I believe that this would be a great crossover between the 2 demons

Two of Clive Barker's monsters face to face: Hellraiser's Pinhead and Candyman from the film of the same name. - Nickdc

3 Gremlins vs. Critters

I just think they're similar characters. - Nickdc

4 Pennywise vs. Babadook
5 The Grudge vs. The Ring

It would be dumb, but kind of interesting. - Nickdc

6 Slenderman vs. Jeff the Killer

It's clever. - Nickdc

7 Chucky vs. Slappy the Dummy

Goosebumps is family friendly horror, so this will obviously never happen, but it's a nice thought. - Nickdc

8 The Hills Have Eyes vs. Wrong Turn

Similar I guess. - Nickdc

9 Chucky vs. Leprechaun

I hate this idea!

10 Freddy Krueger vs Michael Myers

The Contenders

11 Jaws vs Lake Placid
12 The Blair Witch Project vs. Paranormal Activity

A battle of the found footage films! - Nickdc

13 Puppet Master vs. Killjoy

Only because I see this combination on a lot of Echo Bridge DVD combo packs. - Nickdc

14 The Lost Boys vs. Dracula
15 Pennywise vs Killer Klowns From Outer Space
16 Michael Myers vs Jason Voorhees
17 Freddy Krueger vs Jason Voorhees (Reboot)

They should do a reboot of that crossover

18 Silver Bullet vs. Cujo
19 Jigsaw vs. Hannibal Lecter
20 Pennywise vs Laughing Jack
21 Mary Shaw vs Jason the Toymaker
22 Boogeyman vs Babadook
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