Top 10 Horror Movie Crossovers that Should Happen

First Freddy vs. Jason, then Alien vs. Predator, and that's it, here are some horror movie crossovers I think should happen.

The Top Ten

1 Pinhead vs. Candyman

Two of Clive Barker's monsters face to face: Hellraiser's Pinhead and Candyman from the film of the same name. - Nickdc

2 Michael Myers vs. Leatherface

The Halloween Chainsaw Massacre! - Nickdc

3 Gremlins vs. Critters

I just think they're similar characters. - Nickdc

4 Pennywise vs. Babadook
5 Slenderman vs. Jeff the Killer

It's clever. - Nickdc

6 The Hills Have Eyes vs. Wrong Turn

Similar I guess. - Nickdc

7 Chucky vs. Slappy the Dummy

Goosebumps is family friendly horror, so this will obviously never happen, but it's a nice thought. - Nickdc

8 The Grudge vs. The Ring

It would be dumb, but kind of interesting. - Nickdc

9 Puppet Master vs. Killjoy

Only because I see this combination on a lot of Echo Bridge DVD combo packs. - Nickdc

10 The Lost Boys vs. Dracula

The Contenders

11 The Blair Witch Project vs. Paranormal Activity

A battle of the found footage films! - Nickdc

12 Silver Bullet vs. Cujo
13 Chucky vs. Leprechaun
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