Top 10 Horror Movie Franchises That Got Bad


The Top Ten

1 Friday the 13th
2 Saw

The Saw franchise had a pretty unique plot a psycho path kidnaps people and forces puts them in dangerous situations for their freedom or face death, like all horror movie sequels the movies become repetitive with each movie ending with a character surviving only to learn nothing from the experience and sealing their own faiths they even kill off the main villain in Saw III and yet they still keep the franchise going. - egnomac

3 Paranormal Activity

The first one was good - PumpkinKing109

4 Final Destination

The first was great but they really went overboard with the sequels and they really give us no reason to care wither the newer characters live or die and everybody always dies in the end making there whole struggle for survival completely pointless. - egnomac

5 A Nightmare on Elm Street

Freddy started off as creepy and scary but as the sequels went on he became more of a comical villain spewing out one liners before killing off his victims. - egnomac

6 Jaws

All I can say is that Jaws should have stayed as a single movie why do we even need sequels when they killed off the shark in the first movie, - egnomac

7 Alien

"I'll do the fingering" - Michael Fassbender from Alien: Covenant - nerffan8000

8 Leprechaun

While the Leprechaun movies are ridiculously stupid they can be entertaining at times that was until they got to 4 where the Leprechaun is sent to space then the franchise got really ridicules and lets not forget the Leprechaun in the hood and ignoring that awful origin movie which has no connection to the original in anyway. - egnomac

9 Halloween
10 Sharknado

How the hell anybody can make a franchise with a ridicules concept like Sharks and Tornadoes combined heck I'm surprised they even made one sequel, each sequel becomes more over the top than the last and featuring appearances from recognizable celebrities who probably have nothing better to do. - egnomac

Prepare for Sharknado 6, which will involve time travel. I am not joking. - nerffan8000

The Contenders

11 Child's Play
12 The Amityville Horror
13 [REC]
14 The Hills Have Eyes
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