Greatest Horror Movie Remakes


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1 The Ring

The new one wasn't scary

2 The Thing (1982)

I can't believe this classic wasn't even in this list. This film was much better than original. The Thing (1982) is one of the greatest Sci-Fi movies ever! - Alexandr

3 Dawn of the Dead

The Ring? Seriously? This brilliant remake should be #1 or at least Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1978), The Thing, The Blob.
Dawn of the Dead is classic of the 00's - gory, scary, impressive, fast, shocking... I can go on and on - Alexandr

This movie is bad--s, it is one of the best Zombie movies around... Come on... The Ring#1... Go watch the movie and see for yourself.

I vote dawn of the dead because that was the best zombie or horror movies remake

4 The Fly
5 Invasion of the Body Snatchers
6 The Hills Have Eyes
7 The Thing

As if the original wasn't scary enough they had to do a remake. Both version of this movie are so friggin freaky its not even funny. - fireinside96

These is the best yet best character movie, mary elizabeth is the best actress - hamidabuat

8 The Crazies
9 The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

one of the best horror films of decade 2000-2009. I love it as much as original. Jessica Biel looked awesome. - Alexandr

My best horror movie ever.. And I can't wait to watch the ne part in 2013... I love this film espacially because jessica biel is the heroine

10 Night of the Living Dead (1990)

original was ok but this remake was much better, bloodier, gorier. The characters were smarter and stronger. Great movie! - Alexandr

The Contenders

11 Cape Fear
12 The Evil Dead (2013)

This is one big gorefest, but u know what? It works fine, although there aren't any proper "jumpscares" it's way more watchable than the original, with didn't really stand the test of time, but I believe this remake did it's justice. Cool movie

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13 Nosferatu the Vampyre
14 It (2017)

I haven't seen the movie but the reviews are good - zeroclubsboii

i love it

15 The Blob V 1 Comment
16 King Kong (2005)
17 Friday the 13th
18 House on Haunted Hill (1999)

No joke here. This remake was awesome and even better than boring original - Alexandr

19 House of Wax

very underrated remake. I love it and think it was as good as original. Talentless Paris Hilton was the only one bad thing here - Alexandr

20 Let Me In (2010)
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1. The Thing (1982)
2. Invasion of the Body Snatchers
3. The Fly
1. The Thing (1982)
2. The Fly
3. Dawn of the Dead
1. King Kong (2005)
2. Nosferatu the Vampyre
3. The Thing



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