Top Ten Horror Movie Survivors

Okay so you know when you see those people in horror movies this list is about the ones that survive hint (contains spoilers) so these are the ones that are the most memorable, badass, and smart so be ready people be ready.

The Top Ten

1 Ash Williams Ashley James "Ash" Williams is a fictional character and the protagonist of The Evil Dead franchise. Created by Sam Raimi, he is portrayed by Bruce Campbell and is the only character to appear in each entry of the series, including an after-credits scene appearance for the remake-continuation film.

Hail to the goddang king baby. - Snackfan

Movie Series: Evil Dead
Why he rocks: He just ' does! - Snackfan

Ash is the best 80's action hero of all time

Few horror movies make you charecters make you care about the charecters none the less make you laugh, ash
Mainly gets his place becuase he has his catchpharse (THIS IS MY BOOM STICK)

2 Nancy Thompson

Movie Series: Nightmare On Elm Street
Why she rocks: Because she pulls a Kevin Mcallister and booby traps the house! - Snackfan

Actually, Nancy Thompson was killed by Freddie, in Nightmare On Elm Street # 3.

3 Erin Harson
4 Ellen Ripley Ellen Louise Ripley is a fictional character and the protagonist of the Alien film series played by American actress Sigourney Weaver.

She survived aliens attack

5 Laurie Strode
6 Chris Washington
7 Clarice Starling
8 Sydney Prescott

scream! - Jonerman

9 Benny (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre)
10 Martin Brody

The Contenders

11 Shaun (Shaun of the Dead)
12 Sally Hardesty
13 Columbus (Zombieland)

Okay so the reason he is on this list is mostly because he is not so uderly stupid like most horror movie charecters

14 Samuel Loomis

Malcolm Mcdowall also played him in the remake of Halloween. hard to believe that Alex is on the hunt for Michael Myers.

15 Jess Bradford
16 Adam Stanheight
17 Cindy Campbell
18 Gale Weathers

I think Gale is cooler than sidney because Sidney is the main character so she can't die. Gale has to try to survive.

19 Michelle (Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3)
20 Stretch (Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2)
21 John Nada (They Live)
22 Mia Allen (Evil Dead)
23 Erin (You're Next)
24 Mike Milch (Belko Experiment)
25 Jennifer Lange (New Nightmare)
26 Marion Crane (Psycho)
27 Casey Cooke (Split)
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