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1 Halloween

Well, I was looking for horror theme songs, but this is okay. I like this as my number 2, and since NOES wasn't on this, I couldn't vote for that. So, yeah. You happy, Mikey? Maybe Freddy will get you in YOUR dreams.

If you don't like Halloween, you don't like movies! Unpredictable, which is always a good thing, and this one movie you can never fall asleep after. Michael Myers will find you when you don't vote for him.
And trust me,... It won't be pretty.

Unique theme from classic horror movie - Alexandr

2 The Fog

John Carpenter's The Fog was great horror movie with great theme - Alexandr

3 The House by the Cemetery
4 Candyman
5 Scream

so awesome, what teenager wouldn't want a serial killer after them once theyve seen this movie.

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6 Jaws

I know some people may not have seen Jaws. But when you do, you will instantly recognise the theme song. As it has been used in many films, and T.V. shows. Although this was the first thing it was in. - IronSabbathPriest

Seriosly, ghostbusters? Scream? Saw? Jaws has THE greatest horror movie theme ever.

7 Alien

Probably the creepiest theme I've heard. And that's why I love it

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8 Saw

Saw is far the best horror movie theme - DENISAE

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9 Puppet Master
10 The Burning

The Contenders

11 Ghostbusters

The most memorable theme from classical comedy/horror movie - Alexandr

Ghostbusters is an awesome film with a great theme. But it isn't horror. - IronSabbathPriest

12 Friday the 13th
13 Re-Animator
14 Phantasm II

YES YES YES! Finally someone who knows theme music.

15 Poltergeist
16 A Nightmare On Elm Street

Now tell me a pedophile psycho-path coming into your dreams meaning to kill you both in your dream and in real life wouldn't creep you out. Because I had a dream... And, well... I'd rather not say the rest...

17 Cannibal Holocaust
18 Tales from the Crypt

underrated horror movie from the early 70's - Alexandr

19 The Thing
20 Beetlejuice

Great, interesting, funny and very innovative for that time theme. Great movie with awesome acting, effects and theme - Magnolia

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1. Saw
2. Halloween
3. Friday the 13th
1. The House by the Cemetery
2. Candyman
3. Halloween



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