Top Ten Horror Movies from 2008-2015


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1 Insidious

Yeah, this deserves top spot. That creepy little dancing boy standing against the wall beside the hamper was enough to give me nightmares, and I DIDN'T EVEN SEE HIM THE FIRST TIME! - BKAllmighty

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2 The Conjuring

Just Annabelle's scene, alone, was enough for this movie to make me swallow my gum in fear. The rest of this wonderfully frightening movie was just icing on the cake, for me. - BKAllmighty

3 The Cabin In The Woods

Simply for its ingenuity does this movie deserve to be here. Any movie from any genre that can call itself as ingenious as this movie deserves our respect and praise. - BKAllmighty

4 Sinister

One of the scariest movies iv'e seen, definitely more than the first five.

5 28 Weeks Later V 1 Comment
6 Paranormal Activity 2
7 The Babadook

It's pretty good lots of suspense

8 The Possession

The Exorcism of Negan

9 The Curse of Chucky

This is the return of the scary horror chucky movie. Its not like" Bride of chucky" and. "Seed of chucky",the horror comedy is over. Chucky is back. And Andy Makes an appearance - RustyNail

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10 Saw V

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11 Let Me In

Too slow, it takes too long for this movie to get interesting.

12 You're Next

I don't know what people are talking about this movie has great writing even though I never seen the movie I look at reviews that enough to convince me that this movie is great and well written optionated or not

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13 Saw VI
14 Drag Me to Hell
15 The Woman In Black
16 Saw: The Final Chapter
17 The Purge
18 Mama
19 Evil Dead
20 Insidious: Chapter 2
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1. The Conjuring
2. Insidious
3. Saw V
1. Insidious
2. Paranormal Activity 2
3. 28 Weeks Later
1. Insidious
2. The Conjuring
3. The Cabin In The Woods

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