Best Horror Movies of the 2010s

This list compiles the most impactful, terrifying, entertaining, and shocking horror movies released anytime between 2010 and 2019.

The Top Ten

1 The Conjuring

#2 for this isn't good enough. In my opinion, it is #1 - Beatlesboy9

One of the scariest movies in a long time

2 The Cabin In the Woods
3 The Woman In Black

This should be #1 it has daniel radcliff & it is very creepy

4 Insidious

Wow! This film had such an impact on my life. It saved it! - Britgirl

5 It (2017)
6 Let Me In
7 It Follows

In all honesty, this might be the creepiest movie I've ever seen. The concept is terrifying and lingering memories of watching this movie give me the chills. - BKAllmighty

Best horror of the decade by far! It has a slow, creepy feel to it, much like Halloween or Phantasm. Its probably not as suitable for younger adults or teens because it doesn’t have constant running around, screaming and a predictable plot. It Follows, is a movie you could watch ten times and see something different every time. To me, an instant classic.

Top horror movies of the decade through August, 2018:

1. It Follows
2. The Conjuring
3. Get Out
4. The Cabin In The Woods
5. The Conjuring 2
6. It
7. Don’t Breathe
8. A Quiet Place
9. Let Me In
10. Ouija: Origin Of Evil

8 Get Out
9 The Last Exorcism

The villain retired after the last exorist - Ihaskitty1234

10 You're Next

The Newcomers

? Child's Play (2019)

The Contenders

11 Sinister

2012 was a stellar year for horror films. - BKAllmighty

This Should Be Number 1 - idontknow

12 The Crazies
13 Hush
14 Unfriended
15 The Innkeepers

It's a slow burn but you get quite the pay-off by the end. - BKAllmighty

16 The Conjuring 2
17 Happy Death Day
18 The Purge: Anarchy
19 Annabelle: Creation
20 Final Destination 5
21 Annabelle
22 Insidious: Chapter 3
23 A Quiet Place

A Quiet Place and Don’t Breathe deserve to be in the top ten. Both are true originals and the camera work is superb. There part of a decade that rivals the 1970’s in this genre.

24 The Purge
25 Split
26 Saw: The Final Chapter
27 The Possession
28 Don’t Breathe

This movie is a psychological rollercoaster. At first you’ll feel sorry for the villain but at the end, not so much. A top notch movie.

29 The Babadook

Very interesting, creepy movie.

30 Ouija: Origin of Evil
31 Better Watch Out
32 The Witch
33 Black Swan
34 The Strangers: Prey at Night
35 Climax
36 The Wailing
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1. It (2017)
2. Get Out
3. The Conjuring
1. It (2017)
2. Hush
3. The Conjuring
1. The Conjuring
2. The Woman In Black
3. Annabelle

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