Horror Movies You Can Watch Over and Over Again

I am NOT an expert in horror films. I just added some of my favorite ones. I'm sure, you will add yours!

The Top Ten

1 Wrong Turn

Not that scary but enough entertaining. I love this film. Eliza Dushku looked so cool. I wish this movie was longer - Irina2932

2 Sleepaway Camp
3 Suspiria

I have a strange affection to this movie. I don't even like movies about witches but Suspiria is fantastic! - Irina2932

4 Black Christmas (1974)
5 Tamara
6 Final Destination 2

Phenomenal opening scene, gory and shocking dead moments, intense plot - Irina2932

7 Dawn of the Dead (2004)

I love the original very much but I find this remake more rewatchable. Don't hate on me guys! - Irina2932

8 Night of the Living Dead (1990)
9 The Exorcist
10 Rec

So creepy but I get used to it. Why? I watched it many times. Great movie by the way - Irina2932

The Contenders

11 Rosemary's Baby
12 Wolfen


13 Friday the 13th
14 Halloween (1978)
15 A Nightmare on Elm Street
16 Psycho
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