Top Ten Horror Themed YouTube Channels

YouTube isn't the best place for horror - but there is a good selection from what few high quality channels there are. Now without further ado, let's get on to the top ten horror themed YouTube channels.

The Top Ten

1 Cinemassacre

Not only is it the home of AVGN, but it also has a large focus on horror movies, especially around Halloween. - DapperPickle

2 Dead Meat

It's just started to take off, so I just wanted to recommend it here - it's a channel which so far has one series called the kill count, which counts the kills in horror movies, and unlike the other million channels like this it is actually highly edited and has a host of sorts. - DapperPickle

best - ggggh

3 Top15s

Top15s always made me my favorite channel. Despite his voice, he made some clear topic that we need to know.

Basic Channel with long, detailed videos with creepy top 15 lists. - DapperPickle

Burger King Foot Lettuce - Stevenpenguin

Bur- whatever - 445956

4 Horrible Reviews
5 GoodBadFlicks
6 Mr. Nightmare
7 Corpse Husband
8 Lazy Masquerade
9 Be. Busta
10 Movie Timelines

The Contenders

11 HoodoHoodlumsRevenge HoodoHoodlumsRevenge
12 666
13 Blameitonjorge
14 WeWatchedAMovie
15 Drumdums
16 Cody Leach
17 Surround Productions

All kinds of videos and barely any subscribers as of 2018, but you see, The Phantom of Darkness is the main host of the channel. He's also referred to as The/Your Master, and does a whole bunch of things that the usual horror YouTuber does not. - izanexe

18 FoundFlix
19 Scaretheater Scaretheater
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