Best Horton Hears a Who (2008) Characters

This was an overall great film. Great story, great characters-

Great Characters?


The Top Ten

1 Tommy Tommy

He is hot, cute, and amazing. I wish he got a bigger role. (Voiced by Jonah Hill) - 445956

Kyle's butt feels your pain, Taft - SpectralOwl

2 Horton Horton

The main character of the film, only Tommy is better. (Voiced by Jim Carrey) - 445956

3 Mayor Ned McDodd Mayor Ned McDodd

He's a great character voiced by a great comedic actor known by the name of Steve Carell. - 445956

4 Jojo Jojo

Wait, why is Leafy in a kids movie? (Voiced by Jesse McCartney) - 445956

5 Morton Morton

Funny mouse. And cartoon blue mice voiced by Seth Rogen are awesome! - 445956

6 Katie Katie

The money I would pay to slowly witness her being slowly crushed in a hydraulic press...

She's so adorable. (Voiced by Joey King) - 445956

7 Dr. Mary Lou LaRue Dr. Mary Lou LaRue

How does Isla Fisher do such a nerdy voice? - 445956

8 Vlad the Bunny Vlad the Bunny

Much better than Vlad Vladikoff. - 445956

9 Vlad Vladikoff Vlad Vladikoff

Other than the awesome Russian accent, this guy was just mean. No wonder he's a vulture. (Voiced by Will Arnett) - 445956

10 Sour Kangaroo Sour Kangaroo

She is Paris Hilton if she was a kangaroo

I hate her! (Voiced by Carol Burnett) - 445956

Oh sorry I mean both mixed together

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