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21 Hoteliga

User-friendly cloud hotel management system. Hoteliga is easy to use, affordable and has all the features a hotelier needs.

22 eZee Absolute

No unnecessary frills. just simple property management software in cloud useful in everyday duties at front office. access it from anywhere you want without the headache of license.

Cloud based Property Management Software, developed by eZee Technosys Pvt. Ltd.

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23 InnkeyPMS

A proper process with checks and balances is required to ensure smooth running of a large hotel as ours. InnkeyPMS with its detailed logs of all the important functions allow us to monitor and improve our operations. This along with user rights for almost all levels ensures that the right information is accessible to the right person and helps us avoid confusion and communication gaps.

Innkey PMS is a leading Saas-based software by Innkey Infosystems Pvt. Ltd. It is an integrated software that includes reservation, POS, front desk, housekeeping, store & inventory that supports multiple currencies manageable from multiple locations.

InnkeyPMS has the most user friendly interface I have ever worked with all the information you need is accessible very easily

We are using InnkeyPMS for more than 2 years now. It has made things more simpler and eased the extra burden mainly for the front office staff and enabling them to attend guest more efficiently.

24 OpenHotel PMS

Targeting small and mid size properties.

25 RoomKeyPMS
26 Check-Inn by Innsoft

INNSOFT! Check-Inn by Innsoft is affordable, they've been in business for over 25 years. Their support team is one of the best. They always answer their phone and offer great customer service. They know how to do it right!

27 Hotelmeister

Hotelmeister is a cloud-based hotel management software which gives you more time for what really matters. Designed specifically for the needs of small and medium sized hotels and holiday rentals. Hotelmeister is the first self explaining hotel management software in the world. The property management system is fully responsive and optimized for PC, Mac, Tablet, iPad and even mobile phones.

Spend more time with your guests, instead of managing your hotel.

No upfront setup fee.
No contract binding. - prainer

Best hotel software I've ever seen. This piece of software is an absolute must have for any individual hotel.

28 Hotello

'The customer service alone makes this a wonderful product! '
Overall: Hotello is without a doubt a great software that meets and even exceeds our needs. It's various features are really helpful at managing our establishment as a whole. It does require a little bit of practice to fully understand it and it's interface could be slightly more user friendly, but its customer service is by far one of the best we have ever experienced.

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