Top Ten Hottest Accents

The Top Ten Hottest Accents

1 British

Hello. I'm British (well English) so I'll say I have the best accent (! ) but I'm a bit in love with a smooth Aussie accent. So gorgeous. I'll vote Australian another time.

Who doesn't love the sexy british accent? I'm an American who can't get enough of the british accent. VOTE!

British accents are sexy. It should be number 1

So professional, so elegant, so desirable, so dreamlike.

2 Irish

I'm marrying an Irish woman and you better believe her accent played a part in it - jjp553

A girl with an Irish accent just melts my heart

I love women with Irish accents. It just sounds so beautiful. - JCHOW

My cousin-in-law has an Irish accent. It sounds nice. - Catlover2004

3 Australian

Today I'll the gorgeous Aussie accent!

Love aussie girl accents they sh hawwt

I'm obsessed...

4 Spanish

How is british #1?! That one's annoying. And Irish can get annoying too.

For women:

1. Spanish
2. Italian
3. French
4. Australian
5. Irish

For men:

1. I wouldn't know

2. I wouldn't know

3. Etc. - HTML_RuleZ_D00D

For women, you can think of anything, but for men... nothing. Wow. Sexist much? - TheRedstoneWiz

Yeah but it only sounds nice when they speak Spanish no in English

In America, a Spanish accent is that that belongs to everyone who speaks Spanish, which is Mexican, Colombian even Argentinan.

I'm Cuban and smexy and its hawt when we speak spaninglish and the ways we roll our r's ;-)

5 Welsh

I really like the Swansea accent.

Nice accent but doesn't this also come under 'British? '

Nope welsh sounds completely different, the country is British but the accent isn't

A gorgeous accent, I could listen to it all day!
I wish I had a Welsh accent.

6 Italian

It's the perfect combination of melody and sexiness

It's so romantic...

So romantic...

7 French

1. Spanish
2. French
3. Italian
4. British
5. Portuguese

8 Southern (U.S.)

I absolutely love this accent. Don't get me wrong I like all American accents, but southern accents are definitely my personal favourite. I really wish I had one of these accents.

I have a southern accent and I really don't see how it made 8 on this list I hate my accent

Southern accents are the best I have one if you live somewhere else in the US you don't know what good food is you eat just plane hotdog no slaw( Cole slaw)

These accents are FIERCE and fit sly adults. - emraldYE

9 Swedish

Oh ja sure I'll go to IKEA vith ya ja!

10 Scottish

Prefer the accent on the east coast. It's soft and lilting.

I like the way the men roll their Rs... - Britgirl

Not sure this one should even be listed. It's REALLY bad.

I'm from Scotland laddy and lassie haha - bubblegumboy37

The Contenders

11 Russian

I love it so much ever one thinks am weird but damn I used to rewind scenes with russian accent even if they were making fun of the accent like I am in love

Something about this accent just has an exotic allure to me.


12 South African
13 Trinidadian
14 Scouse

I'm from Virginia, USA & I love the Liverpudlian accent. So real sounding & every sentence carries a clever joke. It's very sexy on a girl too.

15 New York
16 New Zealand

Best accents should be no. 1

17 Polish
18 New Jersey

The best American accent! Should be #1. - lannypetersong

Gotta love New Jersey

19 German


20 Redneck

Nice joke. - lannypetersong

21 Hillbilly
22 Vietnamese

God, no. - lannypetersong

23 Canadian
24 Boston Boston is Massachusetts’ capital and largest city. Founded in 1630, it’s one of the oldest cities in the U.S.
25 Czech
26 Indian
27 Korean
28 Nigerian

It's A sexy accent - Masochismismagic

29 Portuguese
30 Japanese
31 Croatian
32 Norwegian
33 Danish
34 Icelandic
35 Finnish
36 Chinese
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