Levi Ackerman (Shingeki no Kyojin)

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Levi Ackerman is a fictional character in the manga and anime series Attack on Titan, also known as Shingeki no Kyojin in Japanese, created by Hajime Isayama. He accompanies the main protagonists in the second half of season 1. His most notable feature is being "Humanity's strongest".


Levi is one of the hottest men. As people have already said he may seem like a cold, rude and uncaring person but once you understand him and what he's been through you can find deeper personalities. Like how caring, kind and, honestly, quite funny of a person he can be. Not to mention how bold he is. Levi doesn't get embarrassed easily and if he does it doesn't show. In my personal opinion that makes him even more irresistible because he can be a tease, flirt and sexual while pulling it off and successfully make you have a nosebleed.

Smart @$$, bad @$$ and has a great @$$ even with his sour attitude but he's really caring inside and you can't help but love him underneath that veteran mask he always wears. Sure he started out as an ass but something about him draws you to his charms, considering his dark past. Smart, charismatic, brave, and totally husband material due to his cleaning abilities. PLUS he's short but underneath those clothes are something to gaze upon, bot to mention cute.

I... I don't understand. Why isn't Captain top 10? Or even top 20? He's so charming and the way he cares for his fellow comrades in his own way is so precious. He acts cold as a facade but I think he's just a little awkward and that makes him even more lovable.

Before being hot and strongest soldier he's serious something I really care about and I really adore how gentle he is and kind, the fact that how he wants to hide himself but actually he cares more than anyone more than being hot specially in fan arts I love his personality how determined he's these are more important to me the inside of him he's just something very unique

I think he is the hottest character out there. He is so hot that I think I am pregnant. When you search up the word perfection in a dictionary there will just be a picture of him. My friend agrees like seriously people what is wrong with you he is definitely the strongest and hottest out there. Levi is also called humanities strongest but he is also humanities hottest.

I can't imagine why Levi is far from top 10 list.. Although he appears as a cold hearted fighter, but deep down he was caring about his comrades.. He hide his depression towards his comrades death and pretend to be unemotional due to succeed his upcoming missions as a soldier. He wouldn't let his feelings to manipulate him under such consequences like that. Thus he is able to kill enormous amount of titans by himself with awesome fighting styles! Which makes him look sexy and hawt

Oh my Gosh! Why is Levi not in the top 10! He is my number 1! I just love everything about him, his sharp tongue, the fact that he is such a clean freak and I think he never shows any emotion because he is broken on the inside and is trying so hard to be strong Ahh I just want to give him a hug! Well actually more than just a hug

Why on EARTH in Levi ranked so low? HE is by far my FAVORITE ANIME CHARACTER (and that's saying a lot). His personality is honestly really sexy, I love the fact that even though he acts like a really tough leader he is very caring. I also love the fact that he is so short but such a bad ass as well, he is #1 in my mind.

I feel like Levi Ackerman deserved number 1. In my opinion, he is really strong, and at the same time... He is still human. Unlike the rest, he still has these silly flaws, and things like that. And that is what ( I think ) girls find really hot. ( I forgot to add that he has a lot of muscles to, and very attractive to me )

HOW IS LEVI THIS FAR DOWN? Levi is beautiful. He looks awesome and acts all cool, but he is warm at heart. He is the hottest of the hot guys no doubt about it. Levi is the definition of sexy.

Something doesn't seem quite right here... why is Levi ranked so lowly? He deserves top ten. He seems cold hearted and angry and everything... but deep down inside, he cares and is really sweet. Height doesn't matter, baby! If only he was a bit younger...

Levi is literally my ONLY crush. I actually don't think I can date anyone knowing that they aren't Levi. He's hostile, yeah, but I think his smile could stop world wars... Seriously, I challenge anyone who disagrees to find a hotter clean freak!

Levi may be cold, but who can resist his love of cleaning? Levi is also hot and has a great personality. He is one of the most popular characters in Attack on Titans, and I hope you see why! Now, who thinks Levi should be in the top 10?

Levi just has such a distinct personality and has, arguably, the most depth to his character in the entire anime. He acts all cold and detached but cares more than anyone else about the lives of his men. His backstory only makes him more lovable and respectful because SPOILERS: it's so heartbreaking yet he manages to pull himself together and move onwards.

He's short and absolutely not cute. Still the hottest guy because he's so overwhelmingly masculine that just one scrutinizing glance sweeps you off your feet as if it was a flash of his blades

When I first saw him, in all honesty, I thought that he was ugly. But after watching S1, I realised how amazing he is. His personality, moves, speech... it just gives this vibe that he is undeniably sexy.

Levi is the most handsome anime characters, well maybe not the most handsome but he's so attractive! I think he deserves to be the top 1! He's cool, strong and I like his cold personality!

Badass and hot, can kick some idiots and take down some titans only to sit down and drink tea like nothing happened. His emotionless expression hides a man who deeply cares about the safety of his comrades. He is misterious, angry and somehow sad inside. Lost many loved ones but still fight for a world free from crazy giants.

Best looking midget ever! Come on guys, that man wouldn't be that hard to content... Just take him to the cleaning supplies and he'll be the best hubby ever!

SHocked Levi isn't in the top 5 of the list. Shingeki no Kyojin is a popular manga/series and the hottest, most badass character has got to be Levi. He doesn't even try to be cool! AND HIS HAIRCUT IS SO HOT. That undercut! He's had that ever since he was a kid. He's been hot even when he's a kid. If I were to guess his age by looking at his face, I would have said he's in his mid 20s. But NOOO, he's actually older than 30. Although he has a teenage face. Deceptively youthful, but truthfully handsome.

Levi is sassy, hot, sarcastic, badass and most importantly he has a great personality that can't be seen in a lot of anime characters. I so love him for that

One article even said that short guys makes the best boyfriend and husband! The first thing I thought of was Levi... Even if he's short... Still hot though!

Levi is hot, sure he's short but his eyes say it all. And that neck/collarbone though! He should be much further up the list!

I think Levi is the best! He is not really perfect but he is the most unique character that you'll grow to love him soon!

Levi needs to be at least in the top three, come on: he's smart, hot, strong and deep down, really kind and gentle... And let's face it: probably kinky