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421 Sakamaki Izayoi (Mondaiji-Tachi ga Isekai Kara Kuru So Desu yo)

He's fab and perfect. He also looks like Usui when he smiles.

422 Yamato (Say I Love You)

Tall, dark, well-dressed, sweet, wears glasses like a super model, and knows what real love is about.

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423 Kokkuri-san (Gugure! Kokkuri-san)

Come on why is kokkuri san this low on here? I understand this anime is underrated but why? Anyway kokkuri san is just so gorgeous with his pretty white hair and his fox ears also he shows up once wearing only a towel in the first episode. Kokkuri san is also just very cute

424 Nai (Karneval)
425 Lubbock (Akame Ga Kill!) Lubbock (Akame Ga Kill!) Lubbock was born into a rich family and could basically have whatever he wanted. However, instead he fakes his own death to join up with the notorious rebellion known as Night Raid. He's accepted into the group and given the imperials arms, Cross Tails. Cross tails is an incredibly strong string wrapped more.

He's so hot, guys that green pervert guy is so handsome.

He's hot and funny guys

426 Sadao Maou/Satan Jacob (Hataraku Maou-sama!) Sadao Maou/Satan Jacob (Hataraku Maou-sama!)

He's hot and super awesome, Satan deserves more love

427 Haruka Nanase (Free!) Haruka Nanase (Free!)

How can he not be #1! He is so cute, and caring! Gonna cry b/c he's not #1, ok, I'm not that sensitive, but I'm seriously pissed, he should be top10. He strips constantly showing his strong and muscular body (just to tell you people who haven't seen Free! But he doesn't strip to show off, he strips so that he can swim. Oh and he strips only when ever he sees a large amount of water where he can fit in, other times when he can't fit in whatever is containing the water he gets conflicted on what to do next. ) Google him, he will not disappoint you.

How is he this far down?!?!



428 Akise (Mirai Nikki)

My one and only favorite character in Mirai Nikki (just to say, it's a messed up show, I'm fine with all the killing and all, bit the main characters are just plain dumb, stupid, boring, I could go on forever. Especially Yuno, she has got to go to you know she a messed up physio)

429 Jack Vessalius (Pandora Hearts)
430 Ray Kon (Beyblade)
431 Rukawa Kaede (Slam Dunnk)

He is handsome, cute,187 cm tall, blue eyes and have black hair, he is not smart but he is good playing of basketball cool, not talkative, based in Michael Jordan

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432 Prince Zuko (Avatar: The Last Airbender)

DEFINITELY hotter than who was in first place last time I checked, unless Sebastian moved up. No body's hotter than Sebastian

After he grows his hair our, of coarse

He is sexy beyond comprehension

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433 Asahina Fuuto (Brothers Conflict) V 1 Comment
434 Black Jack (Black Jack)
435 Ash Ketchum (Pokemon) Ash Ketchum (Pokemon) Ash Ketchum, known as Satoshi in Japan, is a fictional character in the Pokémon franchise owned by Nintendo. Ash is training to be a Pokemon Master, with his buddy Pikachu. Ash tries to stop the evil Team Rocket from stealing his Pikachu.

Good-looking, has a cute smile, is brave, dashing, kindhearted, always ready to help others. Puts his life in danger for others. He was my first crush ever since I started watching Pokémon. I can just honestly imagine all the girls, guys AND Pokemon in that show falling head over heels for him. He is that awesome.

Who could not like him growing up he's adorable

I had a crush on him since I was 5! and I still do have a crush on him now - Iamcool

What!? Why is this 10 year old Marry-Sue brat even on this list in the first place!? 😱

436 Katsuragi Keima (The World God Only Knows)

He is the cutest anime guy and please he has to be 3rd just watch this anime its awesome and his god mode is a killer he becomes hotter and cuter. Vote for my cutie Keima!

437 Lancer (Fate/Zero) Lancer (Fate/Zero) Lancer is a fictional character from the Japanese visual novel and anime series Fate/stay night by Type-Moon. Lancer can refer to two different Lancer-class servants: Diarmuid Ua Duibhne from Fate/Zero and Cú Chulainn from Fate/stay night.

I love both Lancers but I've vote for Cu Chulainn. come on he's a sweet guy, how could you not love him?

438 Aikuro Mikisugi (Kill la Kill) Aikuro Mikisugi (Kill la Kill)
439 Takashi Komuro (Highschool of the Dead)

When I first saw him with out even watching the show, I fell in love with him. He was that hot.

440 Sakuragi Hanamichi (Slam Dunk)

I just love the way Takehiko Inoue draws guys & also I find the physique of basketball players really hot. And This guys has the most ideal basketball-man physique ever drawn! And I really like Hanamichi's simple, dumb, cute personality too! <3 So though Slam Dunk is not much of a popular anime(especially in girls) I still thought that this name at least deserved to be in the list! - sushi

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