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61 Undertaker (Black Butler)

Undertaker! I love him so much! Undertaker is a great example of a favorite character. He may seem a little bit old at first, but just wait until you see his eyes. When it comes to anything Undertaker I turn into a total Grell. ;D

A fact that when the eye is shown, I really fall in love with him.
At first, I thought that maybe he's just a joker, but who knows he's so hot?!?!?!
I want him to stare at me with those devilish eyes, hotter that the sun!

Odd person till you see his sexy eyes. Hotter that the fire on the sun

I think He's really handsome and he's funny and cute especially his EYES.

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62 Hayato Gukudera (Katekyou Hitman Reborn)

Okay. Hayato is cool and hot too, and when he tie his hair its FABULOUS! He is handsome and powerful even though Hibari is the most powerful guardian. He is handsome and cool to even though I like Hibari more.

Apart from Hibari who is in top 20, Gokudera deserves to be in a better rank. He is SO handsome, cool, protective and awesome!

Gokudera is super Handsome, Even though, I like Yamamoto Takeshi more.

But I really love Gokudera's style of Fighting (Dynamite and His G Archery)
And even though he is kind of having a Personality like a Delinquent person, He really cares for his Friends, AND he will avenge those who, He consider as his Friends/Comrades ^^.

63 Yata Misaki (K Project)

He's a sexy badass

He is one hell of a sexy teenager even if he is bad he is still a very caring person he should be at least in the tenth place of someting but I'm iust glad he is here he really is handsome

So sexy fangirling

64 Latis (Shall We Date? Angel or Devil)

I go with Ruvel - Gamer4Life0610


65 Minato Namikaze (Naruto) Minato Namikaze (Naruto)

He is hotter than his son lol. Damn that kushina got to taste him

He is like, THE BEST! He is strong, smart, sexy, awesome, did mention how sexy his is? LOL!

How can people not like him? He is like...the most best romantic guy ever,

Why 64th? He deserves to be in a higher position! He is extremely cute

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66 Soul Eater Evans (Soul Eater) Soul Eater Evans (Soul Eater)

Only 45? Way hotter than that! He's broke the hotness scale! Come on, everyone luvs this guy, all of the sexy stuff is there and I just wanna kiss that cutie! MY ALL TIME number 1 ANIME CRUSH!

Soul should all the way be at the top of the charts I mean who wouldn't want a cute cool funny nice guy!? - MikuisAwesome926

His character was really admirable and I personally found him to be one of my favorites and Soul Eater ended up being one of my favorite anime due to all the characters.

Super Cute!

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67 Kuchiki Byakuya (Bleach)

How come his not number 1? I mean his hotter than the number 1...

68 Shuichi Minamino (Yu Yu Hakusho)

Yu Yu hakusho maybe an old anime but come on! He is the hottest guy I have ever seen! He is so caring... And when he becomes angry he looks so DAMN HOT! He deserves to be in the top 20 at least!

My crush since Forever! Always dreaming for a man like him!

69 Cloud Strife (Final Fantasy) Cloud Strife (Final Fantasy)

Blonde hair, stunning blue eyes? I think that's enough, he's quiet, humble, cute, hot, and driven to help the kids and to follow his dreams! He is a fantastic fighter and is really tough! If you have never heard of him, LOOK HIM UP! HE'S AMAZING!

YES and I have a cutout of him.. - Gamer4Life0610

Shouldn't he be at least the 2nd and 1st page don't put him under kankoro even if he is hot and he's far below the 12 year olds roxas and sora

*faints in the corner*

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70 Genos (One Punch Man) Genos (One Punch Man)

Cute, impulsive, hot cyborg who takes everything seriously. Genos deserve more than this. How to not fall for that messy blonde hair or that golden eyes? Well, I don't know...

Yes also have a cutout of him. And a poster. - Gamer4Life0610

I spent half an hour looking for this at three in the morning and I'm literally crying, I thought y'all had taste but no. Come on he hot admit it

Super True. He should be in top 10.
I love his eyes and hair

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71 Alois Trancy (Kuroshitsuji II) Alois Trancy (Kuroshitsuji II)

I AM SO GLAD MY ALOIS BABY IS HERE! Okay for a second let's not talk about his personality or past. This is about looks. He rocks the booty shorts for one; his hair is so goals and his eyes are amazing

If not for his jerk like personality, he might not be down here

He is the hottest anime boy ever, like come on, have you seen those legs? And his hair is just perfect to.

Sadistic. Love it. Shorts. Love it. Face. Love it. Hotness. Yes.

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72 Sting Eucliffe (Fairy Tail) Sting Eucliffe (Fairy Tail)

Thank you! I can't believe he's so far down. Sting is so hot and he has that cool earring. I think Sting is amazing!

The only reason he's so far down is because people more than likely have never seen him.

He definitively should be on the top ten. He's super hot!


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73 Ichimoku Ren (Jigoku Shoujo)

Super Hot with piercings and a smirk! He may only have one eye on his face, but what a great eye it is : )! His voice both in the dub & sub just makes me melt like butter! The only downside is that he is completely devoted to his mistress... and he is sometimes a doll.

No love for Ren? Piercings + one-sided hair = DAMN HOT.

74 Yami Bakura (Yu-Gi-Oh!) Yami Bakura (Yu-Gi-Oh!)

Yami Bakura is hot. Long wild hair, sharp and cute face, he's so sly and elegant.

I don't know if this is true (it's been a long time since I've watched Yu-Gi-Oh! ) But I like his British accent

I mean damn look at his HAIR! Also, he's my badboy

75 Toma (Amnesia)

SO ADORABLE! I wanna be locked in a cage by him. I'd get to see him everyday. :3

He is very hot and I think he can be very cool and sexy if he is your friend

He is sweet.. Eventhough he locked the poor heroine in a cage.. But hey, he did that because he is worried about the girl.. Like seriously, he is so sweet!

Sexy yandere

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76 Akatsuki Kain (Vampire Knight)

-_-... He is a super hot vampire! Buff, tall, and extremely manly! Like his vampire powers, he'll make any girl melt for his sweet hotness!

You guys are forgetting diabolik lovers


77 Xerxes Break/Kevin Regnard (Pandora Hearts)

He's so hot I just want to marry him but then sharon would kill me...

I love his personality

Why's is he here? TT Go Upper Break Sama

This guy...

Strangest, oddest, most fascinating character. The ultimate badass. His habits are closest to L's, and only L can rival his sweet tooth.

78 Rikuo Nura (Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan)

He is awesome just by looking at him you feel the thrill and his style of saying : yo : is in explainable

... Seriously, the true ho tones are always underrated. Sasuke this, Grey that, give me a break. I've never went 'Kya' for them and never will. The world has no true grasp of bishounens.

When I first saw him, I was like yay(sarcastically) but then I saw his Yokai form and I was like HELL YEAH!

love you

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79 Goemon Ishikawa (Shall We Date? Ninja Love)

Yes redhead love - Gamer4Life0610

80 Sion Astal (Legend of Legendary Heroes)
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