Takumi Usui (Kaichou wa Maid-sama)

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Takumi Usui is really cute and also has a very cute personality. He makes funny expressions and I found it very cute. He's not interested in girls but he love misaki so much and he always protect her and that's the thing I love most about usui. And whenever he appears out of nowhere and misaki is like "what the hell are you doing here?! " and he will make such an innocent face like saying "i came here to see you" kya it makes me wanna go to the anime world right now and hug usui as if that he is saying those words to me. And also, he is very sexy whenever he makes that seductive face when he's teasing misaki, it makes me throw all the pillows in my room (i really did that)

I know I said a lot but one thing is for sure usui's perfection is beyond perfect so he really deserves that number one spot. kya! (sorry for bad English though)

Takumi Usui. He's the best guy you can find! He protects the ones he loves, intelligent, Handsome, Rich, Athletic, Awesome cook and how he makes fun of misa-chan I'd say, Misa can't see he loves her with his life! If he can kiss her and jump of the roof and Misa still can't see he loves her, she'd have to be DUMB (Not that she is) He's perfect outside-inside and I can just dream to have a guy like him

He is just perfect! He says the strangest things and does not hide his naughty thoughts! His looks like an angel acts like an over protective, possessive but in a cute way bad boy. Best part is how he loves to talk about dishing out punishment with Misaki but is always on the receiving end of it. He has a river of patience just flowing. And I'll never forget that when he figured out that his kissing Misaki had made her really nervous he goes ahead and kisses a guy, just to make her think it didn't mean a thing... the best perverted outer-world human stalker ever.

Usui Takumi is sexiness embodied. How any female could possibly look upon his perfect face/hair/body/eyes and not instantly fall in love with him is beyond me. He can cook. He can win at any sport. He's intelligent. He has a cool and aloof attitude. His body was sculpted by the hands of God Himself... HE'S A PRINCE! Haha I think I've said enough. Anyway, Usui deserves to be on top of every sexy anime/mange character list ever made. Ever.

I am 100% fan girl for Usui! There has been no one like him that I have seen yet (which keeps forcing me to rewatch Maid Sama and skip to him each time). Every scene he is in is amazing! Every single word. Every single joke. Every single look or pinned down person. Everything he does and is oozes sex appeal to me. I don't even fully understand why but I think it is because it is all backed up with obvious true love and caring. No motive. No gimmicks, no real malicious trickery. Great writing for his character! He is the sexiest and def deserves the top spot for SO many reasons NOT even listed or touched on here.

He is SEXY! That is all I have to say :D His hair face and everything are perfect!

Even though Usui is a sexually harassing pervert, he was and will always be one of the best guys ever. No matter what, he always protects Ayuzawa even putting his own life in danger... And not to mention his wide ranging skills and his awesome looks... For such a long time I was searching for a guy like him in real life, BUT I FAILED! That stupid Usui really surprises everyone!

He deserves the crown. He is like the HOTTEST and COOLEST anime guy EVER! Just by looking at him, you would feel like swooning in his feet.. Not only that, he's very talented and smart in an inhuman way.. Like a dream, come to anime.

I am speechless because there is no word or phrase or sentence that can describe his hotness, coolness, awesomeness, sexiness and everything that describes his character and looks:) Everything about him is awesome! His bad ass face and actions makes him even more appealing and cool and makes me fangirl over him even more! He is so cool that I can stare at him my whole life... No other anime guy will win my most favourite anime guy USUI TAKUMI! He is practically PERFECT! He is so so very very very HOT!

So hot. There are not enough words to describe how amazing he is and how much I wish he was my real boyfriend! He is so cheeky haha. His personality is great, he's handsome, and isn't a total jerk cause he can be loving. PERFECTION. Thank the lord for the hottest male character of the anime world...

Many readers, I mean most readers of Kaichou wa Maid Sama says Usui is hot, perfect, etc.
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Misaki's Description of Usui:
Perverted Outer Space Alien
MisakiXUsui FOREVER!...

He is so Handsome in everyway! I blush every time I see his face! I just love the way he looks at Misaki and the way he appears at the exact moment when Misaki is in trouble! He is the most Handsome anime guy of all time! Love you Usui!

He is so handsome and sexy. The sweetest and funniest guy in his own way. Takumi Usui is definitely the hottest, most handsome, smartest, luckiest, sweetest, funniest character of all time. He is one main reason I LOVE Kaichou wa maid-sama! Usui-kun is the kind of guy that will make you say "one boyfriend like Takumi Usui, please! "

He is the hottest anime character there is! He can do nearly anything and is so cool! He makes me wish that anime guys were real! Although, it saddens me that there will never be a guy like him in real life.

He is my first anime guy... He will forever have a place in my heart, I'm proud to say that he is part of my very first anime... He was the main thing I remembered from Maid-sama!... That handsome, blonde haired, rich and fabulous guy! He is a pervert yet is so sweet! If only he were real ;(

Cutest, hottest, most mysterious manga character in a romance manga. When I first saw the anime I fell instantly in love with his looks and his personality. And he gets bonus points for his humor! He is extremely funny!

He has the sex appeal that attracts all women! Despite the "bad boy" character he displays, he has an overprotective and jealous attitude that makes you want to grab him for yourself. I definitely think he's one of the top hottest anime guys!

Alright, I'm not normally into this kind of stuff, but Usui is one of the hottest guys I've ever seen. He acts like he doesn't care (and a perverted alien) but deep down, he really cares. That's what got me the most... Okay I lied. His looks got me first then his personality.

He is the coolest... And he is so loyal.. *sigh* if only someone was as cool as him, usui you are always the best... MISUI forever

Totally number one! So HOT! I squeal every time I see him! Amazingly perfect: he survived jumping from his school's roof, is an amazing cook, SEXY, best athlete, unnaturally smart, he can make flowers bloom:3... His perverted-ness just makes him hotter! Oh my, those eyes... Yup, Usui-sama is definitely the best!

Takumi-kun! So hot even in his chibi form! He is perfect, not just in his physical appearance, but also in his attitude and his love for Misa-chan. I hope that there's still someone like usui out there.

He's damn cool the best Anime character ever If I would ever ask for someone then its him. Oh Misaki you're so lucky to have him maybe every Anime female characters sees him on their nightmare. No body can replace you Takumi-sama You're on the top and you'll always be

He is so smart I love him I have watched him first on the pic I want a boyfriend like then I saw him I have became mad in his love so I decided to find some information about him so because of usui I started watching kaichou was maid sama

Did you ever have a good look at him? He is HOT! He has blonde hair, too! Totally my type! I feel so jealous of Misaki but I'll get over it!

He's the sexiest anime "shonen" in the whole wide world (especially us, the girls)!