Uchiha Sasuke (Naruto)

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3 girls in naruto shippuden wants him... Sakura, ino, and karin he is young and cool and an avenger you'll like him in the first sight *girls scream* oh no here they come

Sasuke is the ultimate genetic lottery winner. He is not only bad-ass and powerful, but HIS FACE COULD MELT ANYBODY INTO A PUDDLE OF AWE. I think the reason I was obsessed about Naruto (the show) in the first place was because of how intriguing and beautiful and hot he looks. I love his duck-butt hair and his eyes and his "stripper" costume in Shippuden

Sasuke should be number 1. As the others have mentioned before me, he's so mysterious and sexy. Not to forget he's a bad boy and we all love bad boys. His powers are so amazing, the Sharingan is one of the best. It would be awesome to see into the future just like Sasuke and nail your enemy before they get a chance to make their first move. Everything about Sasuke is amazing, from his powers to his body and killer attitude.

I started to watch anime since I was 7. My first anime was Naruto and it became my favourite until now. The first thing that attracts me more into Naruto and make it my favorite was because of Sasuke of course. I just can't resist how hot he is and how cool he looks all the time. ALL THE TIME MAN. HIS RATE SHOULD NOT BE ON THE 7th MAN. He deserves more than this.

Hottest guy in anime history... Sasuke Uchiha. Cutest of the cute, strongest of the strong, baddest of the bad boys. He is so completely perfect, it's not even worth the competition. Definitely deserves to be in the top ten. And his brother is a hotty too. Their parents did GOOD!

Sasuke is probably the only anime guy who has a spot in both top 10 handsomest AND strongest list.He's insanely handsome,cool and strong at the same time(although he pays zero attention to girls).However,his change in hairstyle after the fight with Itachi somewhat deteriorated his handsomeness.Still,handsomest guy in the anime

For the first time, I thought I would hate him or something like that, because he just became evil in Shippuden. But later I started to feel bad about him. He's definitely one of the best writter character in Naruto. His past was terrible. It was not his fault to become such evil, but if you had read the manga, after the manga ends he began to reform. His character is complicated to understand, but that's make him unique. Plus, I love the way he smirk. It's the best smirk I've ever seen.

Come on people, sasuke is hot, he deserves to be higher on the list, so pretty pretty pretty please vote for him. He's amazing if you get to know him and he has attractive physical qualities (his 6 pack for one). So at least Google him if you don't know him and please vote. Together we can make him number one

No one is hotter than sasuke. With his perfect body and hair including his dense black eyes, he is a typical hottie. Yes he might sometimes be emo but I mean come on in looks he is just the best. I feel like I might have a nose bleed... Gosh...
So vote for sasuke!

He's undeniably attractive honestly. Everyone in the anime even says so as well. His looks, his power, his tragedy and you just want to hug him and tell him everything will be alright.

All you girls who have watched or read Naruto you know it. I'm rather shocked he is not higher. Funny part is he gets cuter as he gets eviler. In my opinion :P

Took him two episodes to become one of my anime crushes he made me realize that anime boys will always be better than real people. They are better, more powerful and can protect you better. They are way cuter, cooler and just more AMAZING. I stopped having real people crushes after him.

Sasuke is my favorite character from Naruto... He's fight so much and are Strong, cool and a really really bad boy but seriously sasuke it is no one girl that's so confuse... (sorry if are something wrong at my words is just I am Brazilian

Naruto is the best guy ever he is so cute man I just love his body and his eyes and the way he could get into trouble and he is so funny man I just love him he so cool but sometimes he might get a little bit scary he gives me the shivers when he gets mad
- devilgrl123

Seriously so fine.. His amazing powers, sexiness, and determination just make my heart melt. His voice too; in both English and Japanese. Those mysterious bad boys are always the most intriguing.

Condescendingly hot! Look and you'll burn. Be careful of his already full fan club! Seriously he's hot...

Sasuke is totally one hot anime character he's hottest yuudere I've ever seen I've watched a lot of anime with hot characters but sasuke takes the cake the deserves to be in the top five at least 8th position really! Have you guys watched Naruto if you IF YOU HAVE YOU KNOW WHAT TALKING ABOUT

Are you people blind? Sasuke should be in the top 1! He at least deserves to be in the top 5, come on people vote SASUKE!

Sasuke is the ultimate. His look, his attitude and personality, his ability, his backstory - he's just the right amount of sexy, dark, and mysterious. He just has a presence that makes him unforgettable, and I've never found another guy in an anime that could match, or even come close.

I don't really pay attention to his looks but he did have a reason why girls went crazy over him because it is true, he's kinda cute...

Sasuke deserves the number 1 position! Its unfair! He's way hotter than any other anime guy I've ever seen!

Sasuke is just so damn hot! That hair and everything. He is just too HOT for words... For me he will always be the number ONE!

Be honest, Sasuke was your first Naruto crush. Ever girl I knew that knew him loved him. Pure evil, and very handsome.

Sasuke is one of the cutest guys ever no he is the hottest guy ever you can't stop your self from falling for him

Sasuke is amazing and he is my favorite character GO SASUKE!