Park Yoochun - South Korea


Definitely the most sexy man in this world..
Sexy doesn't mean that you must have a good body..
Even though his body quite sexy but I love his voice damn much.
His deep voice + his English accent was too sexy..
When he dance, I want to dance too, he's hot and I love the way he moves his body...

His smile, eyes, voice, kindness and so on, are all perfect. And he's kind to everyone. His performance is established wonderful. He's also very responsible for everything such as work and his family.

I like his voice, his songs and his performance. He is very hard working person. I appreciate him very much! Sometimes he is like a cute boy while sometime he is so manly. But he is always a true person!

Park yoochun is an excellent singer and actor! He sings and dances very well! He can speak English and Japanese very well! What a brilliant guy!

The best acting, appearance is the most beautiful, have become the strength of the acting sent actor. So, Park Yoochun, fighting!

Of course, it's park yoochun... Handsome and a very good actor in his generation... I love the way he act and the way he appreciate other people. And most of all, his way of how to keep himself fit and healthy

He's such a good looking man.. It's his face is just perfect... Plus his voice and he can act.. What more could you ask for...

No doubt his smile and warm personality should be the best reason to be the one.

I think he is of everything a girl can describe, handsome and gentle

He is the best in my heart. Great person and perfect idol. Park yoochun, l love you forever. JYJ, just keep the faith.

Yoochun is my favorite idol! He is very nice, I love him!

I love Yoochun's sexy voice and lovely smile.

He is just my kind! His smile, his voice, his songs, his scilence, his personality, his performance, his T.V. and himself, are all what I like! Best wishes for Park Yoochun!

His voice is so charming, and as well as his dance!

His dance very handsome and his voice is so sexy

Not only his voice, but also his dance is so sexy!

A very cute boy, nice acting, singing is also very good to listen to
The most important thing is that cute face

You can give a person the warm man, your smile is touching charm. So, you want to cheer up! Yoochun,Fighting!

Yoochun, park yoochun, you are the sun of ourlife. We will support you forever. Now, we hope you can have a rest and a happy vacation. Fighting! We are there!

He is the best actor I love. He is the best boy I want to marry-flowerlady

The most loved his warm smile, like spring rain moistens the heart.