Hottest Boku No Hero Academia Characters

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1 Shota Aizawa

If This was my teacher I would bring my phone to school so I could take pictures with him and secretly take pictures of him I would print them out and hang it up on my room walls Aizawa is hot.

Ok there are haters around the globe but look at him! He is hot Like bish I would stalk him if I had invisible girls powers and take pictures of him and follow him back to his home and whisper into his ear
Ok that's a bit creepy But he is Hot as hell

Dude, look at this guy. Look at him. There is literally no way not to love him. He is so hot, and his tired aura makes him even hotter! I would love to be his student, I would never skip class again.

He is so hot and I love how he teaches I wish that I was an anime character so I can be in his class at I wont have to leave his sight!

--Fan ======= janie

2 Todoroki Shoto

I love Todoroki he's hot literally and CUTE and cold. When I go to Hulu I can't wait to see Todoroki. You have to unhatched his tiny turtle shell to be best friends with him but deep down inside you can see all his happiness even though he does not show it but he has good reasons for it his dad his mom and all that crazy stuff but yeah Todoroki the HOTTST person I know

He is like the perfect balance between a cute boy and the handsome cold-cool guy. He is so soft with the people he really cares like his friends or his family but also can be funny, calm and sassy.
I love Todoroki, I want to know more about his backstory.

Todoroki, Oh girl let me tell you about him! That quiet hot guy in class, well you can call him Todoroki! I didn't know if I was going to survive watching him handle all those kids. That smile could bring world peace. And don't get me started on that backstory. I kept wondering why he had that bad boy vibe even though he isn't one. Then it hit me! prince Zuko from Avatar! Only Todoroki is way hotter. Don't forget his shirt gettin all mangled while battling Izuku at the competitions. I could watch that all day!
-Random Anime Crazed Girl

Shoto is hidden from people a lot of bad things happened in his life but he is determined to not give up, he is also cute, and sexy.

3 Katsuki Bakugou

Now, this guy he's a little crazy little psycho but he is cute or I don't know I can't remember what do I put in it either way he's Bowl he's insane sorry for not putting the. I just don't feel like it but I still love him because I am a bully 2 or I can just be like really nice but know this man is like psycho mean and nice but you barely see him being nice but deep down inside you see it and that's just what makes him so hot and cute he is a bad boy

I love bakugo as well he has a temper but he cares and will always protect his friends when he was at the licence exam and he had walk off and when his friends was beside him and he was fighting that guys he hold back his explosion because he didn't want to hurt his friends and also I know he wouldn't go down so easily by a disgusting man like that and he prove his self worthy a lot of times that's why I like him and he is strong and also smart he always come 2 or 3 in his class after the class representative and the girl that can make object.

Legit angry boom boom boi being aggressively Good at legit everything. I'm not always a fan of cocky but I feel like he does it well. I'm biased because I tend to like bad boys with soft hearts and he fits that to a T.

My two types of guys: 1. Sweet, kind, caring, and best of all, cute. That covers Midoriya. But I would also like to say my other type is: strong, arrogant, stubborn, cute, and the best of all, protective. I mean this by how if Bakugou had a girlfriend and anyone was near her, he'd probably freak out and kill everyone there.

4 Denki Kaminari

I love denki I feel like I relate to him a lot and he's like a perfect character with no flaws. He's a crackhead, he's dumb at the same time he's strong and really good looking.

I like it that Denki likes to tease people about him being sexy, he can be a little nosy, and if he uses his quirk to much he becomes an idiot, bu he's my idiot, and he is sexy.

DENKI DENKI DENKI. He is my favorite boy since he is like soo handsome- I mean look at his face! The only problem for me on him is when he over use his power ;w; But like I still love him-

Appealing, bewitching and charming. How could you not adore this flirtatious tease? He may be an idiot but he's my idiot! He's got this pleasant and endearing aura that just takes my heart by storm. Bubbly, captivating and easy on the eye, Kaminari is no doubt my sunshine sweetheart.

5 Dabi

Ok I know it's weird I picked him, but he is such a loveable character. I know all these rumours of him being Touya and how he is a Todoroki BUT I think it was a makeover. Also the scars kinda suit him. I can see he as a bad boy kinda.

Just look at my guy. He's obviously doesn't have a villain heart, he just doesn't see that whom is he allies with. I need to accept, his "evilness" is the most attractive part about Dabi, but he would be fire as a hero too. (If my baby Kacchan is a hero, he could be one too hehe)

I think he is just hot but yet he could possibly be kind and caring. Why you ask? There has been rumors that he is shoto’s older brother. Also the scars just suit him

Okay, if you don't think he's hot, you must not have very good taste. Dabi should be AT LEAST #3 on this list, because damn, he looks great without a shirt on.


6 Kirishima Eijiro

At first I didn't get why people loved him so much, I mean yeah he was hot but he has MAJOR character development! He's so cute and one of my favorite characters I wish he was real.

I like his hair- Even though he is like SUPER nice. I can't too much say anything but-- SHARK BOI is the BEST, Who hates this dude? He is nice and sweet- He doesn't deserve hate.

He looks like a damn BABY SHARK. I would love to have him as a sibling since he would always try to comfort me and give me his goofy, toothy shark-like grin.

kirishima is so adorable and cute! he is also very nice AND he knows how to respect women. I think he needs to be higher on the list because he is so freaking amazing

7 Hitoshi Shinsou

I love everything about him. All he wants is to be a hero. And with people calling him a villain just puts him down. If I ever heard someone calling him a villain I would kill them because yes.

Shinsou has been my fave since his debut. I don't think I put it any simpler. Honwstly my friends say I'm just like him. We both look like we never sleep, my hair is always a fluffy ball. He's respectful and is only trying to make himself better.

From the start I have loved Shinsou like he is so chill and is still able to roast Bakugou. His hairstyle is badass and his eyes are pretty cool. I would say he has to be in top five.

I love his personality, his hair, the purple, his eye bags and the fact that he looks like he doesn't sleep at night. He's perfect in my eyes

8 Shigaraki Tomura

I mean really, he's so hot and badass! Maybe a little chapped lip but his figure and something about him gives me butterflies I swear I love him so much

Oh my god where do I start on what I love about this man. For 1 his hair looks really soft he may be a little crusty but I love him anyways. - Rei

I’m just into crazy men, and odd styles. His blue hair is amazing I just wan to braid it. It’s a bit weird how he called all for one his father.

You anime-watchers are gonna be SHAKING from the amount of character development he gets in the manga. Definitely the hottest, most badass villain ever.

9 Tamaki Amajiki

He is so cute! Especially when he gets shy around people (not considering his mood face) and plus, he looks super cool when he uses his quirk.

My absolute favorite shy anime guy. His shyness is the most cutest thing ever, and he got SO much power, even so he's not full of himself. I would ship myself with him, but he's definitely in love with Mirio senpai haha

I don’t understand! I personally believe this man is UNDERRATED. I haven’t even got to season 4 but I already want to skip the last parts of season 3 to see this boy in action. 10/10 would definitely recommend googling fan art of this Child.

Mah lil sweet-bean! I love this guy, when he puts his head on the wall, it's just soooo cute! He is just so shy and fragile and caring and I love it

10 Ochaco Uraraka

She's cute and strong and determined and just wants to be like Deku plus earn money for her family, I can't find a sweeter enough reason to be a hero. I would love to have a friend just like her!

She is always caring and acts kinda like my crush. She is the best she looks good and has an amazing personality, kind, sweet, and bubbly.

She has such a nice personality she makes me want her to be with Deku because the Cute Couple is my new word and stuff so ya!

She is very determined and I think that she should be higher on this list. This is a real cutie right here

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? Kaoruko Awata

I love her she is my favorite character

The Contenders
11 Hawks

WHY THIS MAN IS NOT IN THE TOP 10? Maybe because so many people don't read the manga but this dude really rocks during his scenes. He's so badass and cool. Literally he looks like a celebrity and he acts like that when he's with fans.
But also has a tragic/dark backstory that really balances him. I really want to know about your wings hero.

11th?!?! MANS IS HOT LIKE I don't know man but he deserves to be one in my book then again I read the manga and watched the anime so I know more about him but even before I read the manga I only had the 2 episodes to go off of and I still think he's the best.

I don't really know him, yet. Because I have not yet seen an episode with him, yet. But just by looking from his picture, you know he's just cute.

We may not have gotten to see That much of him in the show but like, when we did, HoT Damn he is good looking, and he is the youngest pro hero? Where do I sign up bish?

12 Mirio Togata

He is adorable. I have to say one of the most caring characters in the whole show. (Daddy All Might is at my top) He is very energetic and look at him! Even without his quirk he still has power. He has the muscles of teen All Might.

He's like so cheerful, puts a DAMN CUTE ASS SMILE UPON HIS FACE. Like, he would low key be the type of person who would just give people free cuddles.

Mirio is such a nice person who always smiles he always will smile no matter what and will make someone happy.

I have nothing against Mirio or the english voice actor, bu there is something about subbed Mirio that make me wanna hug em.

13 Tsuyu Asui

wow I like her personality and her quirk and everything else! plus my favorite animal is a frog so I think she's the perfect one for me (I'M A GIRL)
- the mha fan

to sweet and cute to handle.
I love her voice I love her quirk and I love her look and I love her personality.I'm happy they turned her to a girl.

I like he so dang much because she is cool how she can be like a frog if I had her quirk I would have used it a lot lol she is also cute :)

---Fan ======= janie

I love her every time I see her I was like oh my god she is just like a frog they are my
Favorite animals.

14 Hizashi Yamada

Sure, most people say he's annoying, but he's not that bad. He cares about his fellow teachers and is a good person. I love this fabulous cockatoo

He has my lucky number. Only reason I voted for him. Oh and I told my friend I would.

My loud cockatoo will always be hot and you can't stop me from thinking this

My best boy will for ever be the hottest character in my opinion

15 Himiko Toga

We're the same age so I could I don't know
Give her my blood willingly and then kiss her, I don't even have any blood/knife/needle phobias so maybe we could date
Hit me up toga

Cute villan who likes BLOOD, I do like blood to for some reason. Ima girl don't judge me..
Toga is one of my favorite characters, might be NO OTHER ANIME with a girl like her. SERIOUSLY. *OOF* Also her look is pretty cute, like her hair style. Now I feel like I'm LESBIAN and I'm FINE WITH THAT. >.>
Toga is also perfect for a horror movie if you ask me. :)

Ik she’s a little crazy, but she’s super cute. She has a rare personality, but a the same time funny and kawaii
I love her hair, and how she dress, one of mi Favourite mha characters :3

She’s by far my favorite character Ik she’s a psychopath but yk I love her! I cosplay her and put different spins on her every time :3

16 Chisaki Kai (Overhaul)

Best villain, best logical villain, smartest villain, the most interesting villain, and the most handsome and hottest villain. Overhaul was the only villain in this series that made sense, and that made him more attractive. All the other villains are crybabies, unlike Overhaul here who actually had a goal.

He honestly is hot because even though he's a murderous freak that abuses his boss' granddaughter I love me a man that can be clean!

The only character I've even been attracted to and he was voiced so perfectly. Deep ass voice Piercing eyes and a beak mask. He is daddy

Chisaki is a young man that likes to kill people. He would be overall, a great killing machine.

17 Izuku Midoriya Izuku "Deku" Midoriya is a fictional character and the protagonist of My Hero Academia, a manga series written by Kohei Horikoshi.

Izuku reminds me a lot about me, he will never give up his dreams, he can be shy, cute, sexy, smart, whenever Izuku puts his mind to something he never stops, he wants to become a to see people's warm smiles and to let them know they are safe, and he works out. ;3

When I first started watching and I saw Izuku I was like "awwe he's an adorable little bean", but as I progressed through out the show realized he was adorable and hot at the same time and when god mixed Izuku he put hot and adorable in the mix.

At first I didn't think he was hot. But slowly that opinion of mine changed. He's so powerful and he has the beautifullest heart ever. His improvement is so gold, I'm really proud of him. I still wouldn't consider him as 'hot' more like 'adorable and sweet'. But that makes him hot haha

Oh my god I am not gonna lie but Deku is so adorable I would like him to be my brother.
First I like aizawa but then when I saw Deku’s childhood I felt sad so I was like but I was crying so much.

18 Tenya Iida

he his just amazing I would totally date him I'm a simp okay and he loves his family he is respectful and he will protect me CHANGE MY MIND WORLD

I love a man who can make the right choices for me. (Since I make a lot of bad choices.)


Iida was like so disciplined and dependent that's why I like him

I respect lida. He is really smart. He is tall, well built and has a charming personality.

19 Kyoka Jiro

OMFG SHE IS SOO CUTE. I'm soo gay for her she brights up my world. I just love her music and I would love to be in her band also I would love to be her girlfriend. also her quirk is awesome. omfg I just love her.

She's just so- aaarrhgghghgh- she's so gorgeous and rockin. Okay, so I'm a lesbian and a sucker for cute anime girls. When she goes blush, I think a part of me dies :')

She is best girl. Jirou bby, please be my gf. Most underrated character in the fandom. I trust in her music taste and I just,want,to be with her, so badly, adjhjhjsdkkjsas. Anyways, she's amazing, and you can't change my mind. -Echo

she's too amazing. I love her design sm! I love her short hair, and her personality so much! and she can be such a cute dork at times

20 Neito Monoma

There are legit no words that explain him better than "honey he is a fine boy". Good luck finding something negative and his weakness

honestly, I think he's super underrated. people hate him because of his personality, but that's exactly what makes him different. and don't even get me S T A R T E D on those E Y E S-

just a boy that exists. reminds me of my ex. he was a good man and basically says everything that he knows 24/7. 9/10 not the best but quite high up.

There are times when this dude is annoying, but you can't help but like him because of his childish behavior.

21 Momo Yaoyorozu

Do I really have to explain myself? She is sweet and kind and I just want to hug her and tell her she is amazing and to have more confidence in herself. -Echo

Do I even need to explain? She’s got a great personality, she’s a relatable character, great character design, and yes, her body is nice too.

Momo is a queen, point blank period. There’s nothing else to it. She’s a genius, incredibly sweet, and if I married her I’d be set for life. Also, she has a beautiful face. The fact that Bakugou with his 👹 face is above her is a tragedy. Have some respect for the goddess. I don’t care if you’re straight, that doesn’t mean you’re blind as well. Thank you, goodnight.

She's just such a good girl, and secretly a real baddie. She's the hottest girl if we just talking about their looks.

22 Principal Nezu

Nezu isn't hot, he's a cute little adorable mouse that deserves the best of tea

He is so cute, not hot but cute

He is adorable

Love him so much, every time I look at him I go 'ahh ahhh harder daddy'
#1 fave character. 100% if I had the means would texas smash.

23 Itsuka Kendo

Ok I know I've said multiple times how underrated most of the characters on my list are, but this girl topples most of em'. She's a natural leader, she has beautiful hair like don't get me started-

She is super cute. I mean, LOOK AT HER. She would be a great sibling if she were to be!

She is always keeping that copy guy in check and I find that endearing

I liked her from the moment she first punched Monoma

24 Todoroki Enji

Literally the only character worth voting for. Mans flame is over like 2,000 degrees?

I wanted to comment this to make him feel better

He is literally the hottest. I mean look at all that fire lmao

Daddy! <3 He's my type.

25 Mina Ashido

Oh my god she loves dancing. I love dancing. We could dance together. But if I do. that would make me remind me of my grandpa. And I would start crying. Because me and my grandpa would always dance together when I was small. We would have so much fun. I miss doing that.

She is so ACID CUTE. Mina reminds me of how good her breakdance is! Only a low percent of girls can do her breakdance! It's a boy thing because. Pink is a rare popular color also.

She's party gorl! I would love to have MIna as my best friend. Seriously tho, she would be an awesome best friend. Just good vibes all around. -Echo

MINNNNAAA I LOVE HER SHES SO CUTE- SHES SUCH A CUTIE! AND A BADASS ROLLED INTO ONE- I think I have a thing for characters who are badassy and are ADORABLE at the same time. Like I’m straight and a girl but I still love Mina!

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