Hottest Boku No Hero Academia Characters

The Top Ten Hottest Boku No Hero Academia Characters

1 Shota Aizawa

Probably I would say: "I wish he was my teacher" But when I think about it, it wouldn't be the best idea, because I would be so distracted just by looking at him all the time.

Sry for my english by the way

How could u not vote for him? He is literally the hottest teacher I have ever seen

Ok I have to admit, I wouldn't usually have a teacher as my fave character but I mean just loOK AT HIM-

My Depressed CatLover, if Aizawa is Catnip, then he just got himself a new Kitty

2 Todoroki Shoto

Simply a sexy hottie with daddy issues I wish he was real So I can be his girlfriend

His back story make him so hot and his reserved personality is very hot

Have you seen those abs my sisters he has the ideal body

He should really be higher like come on.

No doubt the most attractive character in this series. Fan or not, you can't deny that Shoto is an eye candy. He'd be the first one you'd notice when you start watching and doesn't know everyone else's personality yet.

when the sports festival part came and he was agenst deku and his gym shirt got torn in my mind I said dam he hot

He is literally described as one of the hottest guys in the class

3 Katsuki Bakugou

The way he smirks, I just find it's so hot I feel like if his character was not mean he would be very attractive to others and not to mention he's got a good body.

For some reason, I always liked his character even though I wanted to hate him

He might be mean but once you get to know him he'll be the biggest softie you've ever seen.

When he was a child he was really cute and he is starting to respect others.

4 Kirishima Eijiro

This was my number 1 crush but he is now number 2 but I still love everything about him, cause I mean how could u not?

He is so Hot I mean Literally I showed him to my cousin how has never seen Bnha and she said he was hot!

I don't care that my sister said his hair is ugly. He is the hottest, hands down.

Sexy behind sexy ass sexy person sexy best sexy ever sexy person sexy living sexyy aassf!

5 Denki Kaminari

Whether you like him or prefer others over him, you must admit that he's practically eye candy in a way that's more cute than sexy. He's charming, flirtatious and extremely sweet. He doesn't have the best body in the class, but his adorkable features make up for his lack of physique. Definitely my hot pikachu!

He may be an idiot but he is the best boi, absolutely one of my picks!

He's cool and extremely strong I think he better than todoroki

He may be an idiot especially when he overuses his quirk but I mean how could u jot find him cute?

6 Shigaraki Tomura

I really like the design of this villain, he as the person he is, but also the villain design, with the hands and all, pretty different, pretty cool

He's a really cool character. I love everything about him, his hair, his eyes, his crsuty lips and boney body. Even all the hands are damn sexy on him.

My boi just needs a bit of chapst- No! Nevermind he doesn't need to change the crustier the better with him! - HizashiYamada

Best villain in the world. Also the hottest. I don't care if he doesn't know what a chapstick is.

7 Dabi

If u don't think that he is freaking hot then your not looking at his mofo picture he is no doubt THE hottest villan in the series

I don't know a lot about him (of course) but he is hot n beautiful and is such a cool villain! I would like to know more about him

Wow, is it just me or did it get like a MILLION degress hotter in here or what?

The Todoroki bloodline is hot (pun intended). But Todoroki or not, Dabi stays hot.

8 Ochaco Uraraka

She has such a nice personality she makes me want her to be with Deku because the Cute Couple is my new word and stuff so ya!

She is very determined and I think that she should be higher on this list. This is a real cutie right here

Not as much hot as just purely cute. Determination is also attractive

She is always caring and acts kinda like my crush. She is the best she looks good and has an amazing personality, kind, sweet, and bubbly.

9 Tsuyu Asui

This girl is the most kind character that still takes things seriously. Give her some credit

Y number six nothing compares to best girl I am disappointed in this society

She is so cute! *Bisexual senses tingling*

10/10 absolute babe

10 Mirio Togata

This boy is a man and a hot one at that - HizashiYamada


buff boi hotness.


The Contenders

11 Hizashi Yamada

okay there's something about this boy that attracts me every time he shows up I'm just like *gasps* he's here!

My loud cockatoo will always be hot and you can't stop me from thinking this - HizashiYamada

He has my lucky number. Only reason I voted for him. Oh and I told my friend I would.

Cockatoo man is best boi

12 Tamaki Amajiki

Shy boi is so cute but hot at the same time. I wish he was real so I could date him cause he's just my type.

He’s such a adorable shy sweet soft boy

I wish I can give him a hug to help with anxiety

In my opinion, one of the best boys, shy, cute, beautiful, hot, good personality and he is really hardworking when talking about hero, he also had a big improvement when he beat part of his anxiety ^.^

Shy boi. I want to help his anxieties and give him hugs. <3 He is baby. I will protecc him no matter what. At all costs. Be nice to him or I'll hurt you. >:3 -Echo

13 Hitoshi Shinsou

He is so hot. He might look like he gets a maximum of 3 hours of sleep every night and doesn't brush his hair but I look like that too so I'm not judging.

He is honestly one of the cutest characters in the series, screw Deku. Shinsou is better. - HizashiYamada

If you do not instantly love Shinso I will personally kill you

Many people say his quirk is fit for a villain, but he is persistent on becoming a hero. This is a big part of what makes him attractive. Against all odds, he persists and tries to prove himself.

14 Himiko Toga

We all want that yandere best girl, I dare you to say otherwise. She is happy and needs to be loved. -Echo

Everyone gotta have that one dandere waifu every once in a while

What she is pretty

She adorable

15 Chisaki Kai (Overhaul)

Best villain, best logical villain, smartest villain, the most interesting villain, and the most handsome and hottest villain. Overhaul was the only villain in this series that made sense, and that made him more attractive. All the other villains are crybabies, unlike Overhaul here who actually had a goal.

He honestly is hot because even though he's a murderous freak that abuses his boss' granddaughter I love me a man that can be clean! - HizashiYamada

The only character I've even been attracted to and he was voiced so perfectly. Deep ass voice Piercing eyes and a beak mask. He is daddy

If u say no to dis sick boi, then your sicker than the heros with quirks

16 Tenya Iida

Why was he not on her before? I mean seriously he's best.

Gotta go fast boi

Zoom zoom boy do be kinda cute doe

He a great boi

17 Momo Yaoyorozu

Do I really have to explain myself? She is sweet and kind and I just want to hug her and tell her she is amazing and to have more confidence in herself. -Echo

She is so intelligent I just can't believe it. I am surprised that she is not higher on this list

She shows too much skin but when she is really happy she does a really cute face.

People talking bout her boobs but I mean look at dat hair perfect body.

18 Izuku Midoriya Izuku "Deku" Midoriya is a fictional character and the protagonist of My Hero Academia, a manga series written by Kohei Horikoshi.

HOW IS HE ALL THE WAY DOWN HERE!? He's so adorable. I would hug the life out of him! #Cartoon Crush
Izuku is cute and I just want to actually meet him! Man I wish I could hop through the screen and hug him!

The human version of a cinnamon bun. Nothing else to it he is so sweet and happy its amazing.

I honestly think THIS version is a cute cinnamon roll, but Villain Deku is really hot.

I wish he was real but be honest! YOU wouldn't SAY THIS IS NOT HOT?!

19 Neito Monoma

He is really beautiful n sexy (at least to me), but of course not only this, he is pretty good at fight (festival sport, VS bakugou) and has a interesting personality

Ok this bish may be and idiot and a schizophrenic( maybe ) and annoying but in all seriousness he is hawt like fr just look at him

He sometimes gets on my nerves but I like him still

Knock him out simply or I will kill you

20 Midoriya Izuku

I don't really think of him as a hotty but he's a super adorable brocolli, the best in his kind!

He smashes villains so much, smh-
just smash your waifu or husbando already, deku

He is a hot and sexy cinnamon roll! - JackieStevenson

Our little cinnamon roll

21 Todoroki Enji
22 Kyoka Jiro

Literally she is the best in the world because she puts up with everyone else while keeping her cool and having a good time

She is perfect. If I were to chose one character to live with, it would be earphone

She is so hot and just my type. I wish she could be my lesbian girlfriend.

She is best girl. Jirou bby, please be my gf. Most underrated character in the fandom. I trust in her music taste and I just,want,to be with her, so badly, adjhjhjsdkkjsas. Anyways, she's amazing, and you can't change my mind. -Echo

23 All Might

Y'all sleeping on the best boy ever. (Depowered form included ypu cowards)

Mmm, 10/10 would texas smash

Big ole badass bod, and still hot without his muscle form.

Ama detroit smash dish man

24 Principal Nezu

Nezu isn't hot, he's a cute little adorable mouse that deserves the best of tea - HizashiYamada

25 Mina Ashido

She sends good vibes to others, she seems like a great person and she kinda...

She's party gorl! I would love to have MIna as my best friend. Seriously tho, she would be an awesome best friend. Just good vibes all around. -Echo

She is my homie. She is hot (this is coming from a pansexual girl-) She is the life of the party

She's the best girl

26 Shoot Todoroki

1. Don't shoot Todoroki
2. Yes, he is kinda hot (pun intended, and he is really hot, also very relatable. "I'm sleepy"

Purest character with a sad backrund no changing my mind greatest character of all time

Aw shoot todoroki your only at 24 get hotter

he's as hat as his left side

I gota shoot todoroki okay bye todoroki *gets out gun and loads it and shoots him

27 Yosetsu Awase
28 Mirai Sasaki

Nighteye you may be dead (spoiler) but you still hit different ;c

I love a man with a sense of humor - HizashiYamada

pretty cool

RIP mr long neck boi

29 Nemuri Kayama

you already know why I voted. And because she is the biggest softie EVER.

Midnight was literally the first character I knew of. Even after 2 seconds of seeing images of her, I nosebleeded so hard, and she easily became my favorite character.

This girl is so hot that I was nosebleeding for the first image I saw of her.

Voluptuous Dominatrix, anyone?

30 Yu Takeyama

She is hella pretty! - JoPro

It looks like her outfit is so tight.



31 Atsuhiro Sako

He may where a mask, but that doesn't matter. He's still the third hottest in the League of Villains. - HizashiYamada

he's great and has a cool personality.

I just really really really really love Mr. Compress

32 Nejire Hado

She's just SUCH a sweetheart. <3 Mess with her and I'll punch u. She is just so sweet and positive and I am HERE for that. Precious child, protecc at all costs. uwu -Echo

Joyful enthusiastic

Cute, bubbly, hot

bubbly and optimistic. I love her

33 Camie Utsushimi

I dare you to find someone who would admit that she is ugly.

Her suit is not zipped all the way up.

killing beauty

34 Hawks

He's baby. U hurt him, I hurt your kneecaps. Hardworking boi and full of ambition! :D He is good boi. Take care of my bby, or I'll make sure they never find the body -Echo.

My Spicy Chicken Wing

Hawks is so hot and adorable. He is the the definition of millennial humor. He’s even a model along with a pro hero. He is only 22 and he’s the #2 pro hero. He didn’t even go to UA.

I don´t really know him, but he is really beauti :3

35 Fumikage Tokoyami

How is birb man not higher up on this list? He’s the best chicken nugget boi



Edge lord

36 Itsuka Kendo

She is always keeping that copy guy in check and I find that endearing

I liked her from the moment she first punched Monoma

pretty and strong

She is very pretty

37 Hanta Sero

Now this man is a businessman. I mean he sponsors Flex tape and He's spiderman. To top that he is gonna be a hero. He's like one of the hottest boys out there

Sexier than Shrek

Yas queen he is sexier than shrek, and, Garfield too LOL

Spiderman is always hot - KermitSuicide

38 Tomura Shigaraki


he is crusty and Sadistic- my type right there-

Yummy crusty boy

could do with some chapstick

39 Nomu

Obviously the hottest character in the show. I mean, like, mm that body.

So thiccc and sexy I wish I could feel his long slimy tongue all over me I get so hot thinking about it

Nomu's the hottest and you can't deny it. Look at it, it's irresistible.

Hottie with a body

40 Mezou Shouji

This is a character that is way too underrated.Give this boi some credit people

He's the best. Change my mind.

Super underrated


41 Miss Joke / Emi Fukukado

I love her shes amazing and baby

aside from froppy this girl is pretty!

42 Yo Shindo

Deku ripoff but still hot asf and would smash just like how I want deku to do to me

Ok this is obviously the black-haired version of Deku and I honestly can't decide which one is cutest cause damn they do be lookin kinda cute doe , bruh I feel like captain obvious rn lols

He just so charming but dose a 180 tbh he’s the hotter version of Izuku

deku with black hair and a secy version of sue's costume

43 Slime Monster

I'm VERY concerned right now by the fact that someone even put this on here and even more disturbed that people actually voted for it...

I get so excited thinking about the slime monster it's so sexy and it's perfect fanservice

The slime monster is so hot. Every time I watch his scene I image his hot, gooey, slimy hands crawling up inside me.
The slime monsters deep sexy laugh cackles through me and I orgasam.

I'm concerned on a number of levels... - Kirisunshine

44 Eri

I think she deserves this she is so cute

shes my baby

45 Yuga Aoyama

Who doesn't love a french man.

Amazing, how is ranked so bad

Sparkle boy with a beautiful face.


46 Mashirao Ojiro

You can't convince me otherwise. - Kirisunshine

He ok

47 Mitsuki Bakugou

Give this woman a huge break. She has to deal with CRAZY Bakugou so you better vote for her. 10/10 parenting skills

Like if u don't think she pretty somethin' wrong

48 Toru Hagakure

She is so pretty and has a perfect body. I wish I could be as gorgeous as her.

A invisible wooman I like

49 Ragdoll
50 Koji Koda

Hot he's thicc

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