Hottest Boku No Hero Academia Characters

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1 Shota Aizawa

Hands down, the best teacher! I even love his voice actor, which makes him even more perfect! He has this mysterious, cool, and appealing aura that made me love him so much.

Probably I would say: "I wish he was my teacher" But when I think about it, it wouldn't be the best idea, because I would be so distracted just by looking at him all the time.

Sry for my english by the way

he is especially when he ties his hair and shaves his beard jdjskd

How could u not vote for him? He is literally the hottest teacher I have ever seen

2 Todoroki Shoto

Simply a sexy hottie with daddy issues I wish he was real So I can be his girlfriend

His back story make him so hot and his reserved personality is very hot

Have you seen those abs my sisters he has the ideal body

He should really be higher like come on.

Ladies, we all know the best is when Callie makes the illusion of him and does the "let me see your cute face" not to mention Bakugou then mimics it. It's a two for one special right there. You need to google if you haven't seen it. Trust me hands down THE BEST>

Well as you can see his face hair his body his personality its literally a hard boy that's why I like Todoroki-kun

Hand down the HOTTEST. Even some of the girls in the class think he's handsome. He's also super clam and cool witch makes it 10x better. He also looks super hot in his normal day clothes as well. Super sexy guy with a dark past, is exactly what I want in a anime. He's also one of my favorite characters so like.. what else can I say?

3 Katsuki Bakugou

My two types of guys: 1. Sweet, kind, caring, and best of all, cute. That covers Midoriya. But I would also like to say my other type is: strong, arrogant, stubborn, cute, and the best of all, protective. I mean this by how if Bakugou had a girlfriend and anyone was near her, he'd probably freak out and kill everyone there.

He might be temperamental and have a few anger issues, but hands down, if he was a real person, (this coming from a lesbian) I would 100% date, marry, and have kids with this man. Bakugou is a special exception for my gay ass.

Umm hot anyone? I can see him being that overprotective boyfriend type but at the same time calls you a jackass every five seconds. You gotta be snarky to have this boi.

Katsuki bakugou is my Top Favorite Character on Boku no Hero Academia
I really love him like he acts and his mad temper and he looks Soo cool the most

4 Denki Kaminari

Appealing, bewitching and charming. How could you not adore this flirtatious tease? He may be an idiot but he's my idiot! He's got this pleasant and endearing aura that just takes my heart by storm. Bubbly, captivating and easy on the eye, Kaminari is no doubt my sunshine sweetheart.

Whether you like him or prefer others over him, you must admit that he's practically eye candy in a way that's more cute than sexy. He's charming, flirtatious and extremely sweet. He doesn't have the best body in the class, but his adorkable features make up for his lack of physique. Definitely my hot pikachu!

I love when he overused his quirk and gets stupid. He May be an idiot, but he's my idiot

He's too sweet to handle he's cute and funny and he would be a perfect boyfriend to everyone and also he can charge your phone but I'm already taken so who wants to be he's boyfriend?

5 Dabi

Okay, if you don't think he's hot, you must not have very good taste. Dabi should be AT LEAST #3 on this list, because damn, he looks great without a shirt on.


Dabi! One of my favorites, I still can't decide who I ship him with though.

If you don't freaking think this fine specimen is attractive, you must be BLIND.

scars make anime characters look better for me I don't know why D:

6 Kirishima Eijiro

So manly and cute! Whats not to like about him! He respects everyone and has a nice quirk and is very supportive towards others! That's what you call a hot manly guy!

Omg so MANLY he looks super CUTE and his respect towards everyone is awesome and he sure has a manly quirk! That and he will be willing to save his friends one way or another, even if it was someone like Bakugo he can some how really connect to him

All I have to say is he is best boi! And I will always have room in my heart for this softie

This was my number 1 crush but he is now number 2 but I still love everything about him, cause I mean how could u not?

7 Shigaraki Tomura

You anime-watchers are gonna be SHAKING from the amount of character development he gets in the manga. Definitely the hottest, most badass villain ever.

I like the little mole on his face, very cute. Would smooch the crusty boi.

To me this man is hot but he do need sum chapstick for his musty crusty lips

I really like the design of this villain, he as the person he is, but also the villain design, with the hands and all, pretty different, pretty cool

8 Hitoshi Shinsou

Honestly I don't know why but I like people with messy hair. He also looks like he doesn't care at all and that's why I think we would get along.

He is so hot and beautiful like if he was real oh my gosh yes get the paparazzi people he's my man - vl

He is so hot. He might look like he gets a maximum of 3 hours of sleep every night and doesn't brush his hair but I look like that too so I'm not judging.

If you do not instantly love Shinso I will personally kill you

9 Tamaki Amajiki

I can relate to him so much I'm quiet, introverted, and insecure. I absolutely adore him

Ok I wish I had his quirk cause like I can be something or have a feature and still can eat it to do so , but this is about being hot and I just love the boys that are hard to open up to and quiet.

Shy boi is so cute but hot at the same time. I wish he was real so I could date him cause he's just my type.

He’s such a adorable shy sweet soft boy

I wish I can give him a hug to help with anxiety

10 Ochaco Uraraka

she has to be a good friend and she really happy all the time and she really cute

She has such a nice personality she makes me want her to be with Deku because the Cute Couple is my new word and stuff so ya!

She is very determined and I think that she should be higher on this list. This is a real cutie right here

Yes she comes from a poor family but she's so bubbly I love her personally - vl

The Contenders

11 Tsuyu Asui

This girl is the most kind character that still takes things seriously. Give her some credit

to sweet and cute to handle.
I love her voice I love her quirk and I love her look and I love her personality.I'm happy they turned her to a girl.

Asui is really cute I wouldent mind her beining my girlfriend

OK she's just the hottest girl there is no words she's just so hot - vl

12 Mirio Togata

He is adorable. I have to say one of the most caring characters in the whole show. (Daddy All Might is at my top) He is very energetic and look at him! Even without his quirk he still has power. He has the muscles of teen All Might.

Mirio is such a nice person who always smiles he always will smile no matter what and will make someone happy.

This boy is a man and a hot one at that

he be best boi- who wouldn't want a buff cuddly boyfriend?

13 Hizashi Yamada

okay there's something about this boy that attracts me every time he shows up I'm just like *gasps* he's here!

My loud cockatoo will always be hot and you can't stop me from thinking this

He has my lucky number. Only reason I voted for him. Oh and I told my friend I would.

I can see him telling his lover that he can make them scream but In the end he does... I love him 😍

14 Hawks

We may not have gotten to see That much of him in the show but like, when we did, HoT Damn he is good looking, and he is the youngest pro hero? Where do I sign up bish?

take away the S and replace the K with a T.
his name is literally, Hawt

He's baby. U hurt him, I hurt your kneecaps. Hardworking boi and full of ambition! :D He is good boi. Take care of my bby, or I'll make sure they never find the body -Echo.

He's a beauty so chill and laid back. Husband material and will do you good, I just— AH


I hate reading the manga because my baby is getting hurt T—T

15 Himiko Toga

Her character is jumpy and adorable! But her character is used for 'depressed aesthetic vaporware' pictures..

she be stealing your blood, but like, look at her without her blood and stuff, and she be cute man

We all want that yandere best girl, I dare you to say otherwise. She is happy and needs to be loved. -Echo

Cute villan who likes BLOOD, I do like blood to for some reason. Ima girl don't judge me..
Toga is one of my favorite characters, might be NO OTHER ANIME with a girl like her. SERIOUSLY. *OOF* Also her look is pretty cute, like her hair style. Now I feel like I'm LESBIAN and I'm FINE WITH THAT. >.>
Toga is also perfect for a horror movie if you ask me. :)

16 Chisaki Kai (Overhaul)

Best villain, best logical villain, smartest villain, the most interesting villain, and the most handsome and hottest villain. Overhaul was the only villain in this series that made sense, and that made him more attractive. All the other villains are crybabies, unlike Overhaul here who actually had a goal.

He honestly is hot because even though he's a murderous freak that abuses his boss' granddaughter I love me a man that can be clean!

The only character I've even been attracted to and he was voiced so perfectly. Deep ass voice Piercing eyes and a beak mask. He is daddy

If u say no to dis sick boi, then your sicker than the heros with quirks

17 Izuku Midoriya Izuku "Deku" Midoriya is a fictional character and the protagonist of My Hero Academia, a manga series written by Kohei Horikoshi.

HOW IS HE ALL THE WAY DOWN HERE!? He's so adorable. I would hug the life out of him! #Cartoon Crush
Izuku is cute and I just want to actually meet him! Man I wish I could hop through the screen and hug him!

Listen, deku should be higher you cannot tell me this cinnamon roll isn't. cute and hot at the same time through out the series. ALSO! Manga deku hits different

How I mean how in Deku-Kun so adorable and so handsome at the same time how ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Always happy and kind. Also very sweet. He covers one of my two types of guys I would date. Although I could still ship him with Katsuki Bakugo.

18 Tenya Iida

I respect lida. He is really smart. He is tall, well built and has a charming personality.

The most responsible and reliable class rep xD. Let’s all be honest, he is good-looking too. And I have a thing for meganes so...

hot. 20/10. would simp for me and would help me get better at anything I needed. loveable. I want him irl

Why was he not on her before? I mean seriously he's best.

19 Kyoka Jiro

Literally she is the best in the world because she puts up with everyone else while keeping her cool and having a good time

She is perfect. If I were to chose one character to live with, it would be earphone

She is so hot and just my type. I wish she could be my lesbian girlfriend.

she's too amazing. I love her design sm! I love her short hair, and her personality so much! and she can be such a cute dork at times

20 Neito Monoma

He has a unique personality you can say which made me attracted to him LOL

DEFINITELY deserves to be higher

quirky and adorable, my heart melted for that face the first time I saw him

looks like a cleaner version of bakugo and honestly? I'm into it

He is really beautiful n sexy (at least to me), but of course not only this, he is pretty good at fight (festival sport, VS bakugou) and has a interesting personality

21 Momo Yaoyorozu

Do I really have to explain myself? She is sweet and kind and I just want to hug her and tell her she is amazing and to have more confidence in herself. -Echo

She is so intelligent I just can't believe it. I am surprised that she is not higher on this list

She shows too much skin but when she is really happy she does a really cute face.

People talking bout her boobs but I mean look at dat hair perfect body.

22 Principal Nezu

Nezu isn't hot, he's a cute little adorable mouse that deserves the best of tea

he is a russian bot, change my mind


He’s more of a cute mouse than a “warm” dude.

23 Todoroki Enji

I wanted to comment this to make him feel better

I wouldn’t date him either bc he abused Todoroki but he’s trying to change

He is literally the hottest. I mean look at all that fire lmao

he is supreme.

24 Mina Ashido

Lovable character don't like how far down she is definitely in my top 5!

She sends good vibes to others, she seems like a great person and she kinda...

Mina is rlly cute like she so adorable when she do crazy stuff

She's party gorl! I would love to have MIna as my best friend. Seriously tho, she would be an awesome best friend. Just good vibes all around. -Echo

25 Midoriya Izuku

I don't really think of him as a hotty but he's a super adorable brocolli, the best in his kind!

He smashes villains so much, smh-
just smash your waifu or husbando already, deku

He is a hot and sexy cinnamon roll!

Our little cinnamon roll

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