Hottest Boku No Hero Academia Characters


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1 Shota Aizawa Shota Aizawa

I'm concerned. - Kirisunshine

Aizawa with a man bun hands down is the hottest thing I have seen in my hero academia

The picture almost made me thought he was pulling up the middle finger. - guccigangkid69

This depresso espresso is too hot

2 Todoroki Shoto

I can't find the words for how beautiful this character is in his development and just I mean dAmN hE's HoT

He is hot because the fires and stuff

I think some people are too blind to see his hotness

HE IS BEAUTIFUL AND HE DESERVES IT. He also needs to at least be top five. come on guys

3 Katsuki Bakugou Katsuki Bakugou

Let's all face it he's great.

When he sleeps he looks like an angel

He is hot and badass

His personality makes him so cool and he has a nice body too being toned

4 Dabi Dabi

He's underrated, but so hot - Sarane

Dabi is by far the hottest BNHA character on my list. I mean come on his quirk is Cremation. So, of course, he's the hottest on my list.

How is he not number 1? - KittyWolf

So damn cool and hot

5 Ochaco Uraraka Ochaco Uraraka

She is always caring and acts kinda like my crush. She is the best she looks good and has an amazing personality, kind, sweet, and bubbly.

She's cute and strong and determined and just wants to be like Deku plus earn money for her family, I can't find a sweeter enough reason to be a hero. I would love to have a friend just like her!


This girl is adorable TwT

6 Tsuyu Asui Tsuyu Asui

She is BEST GIRL, I mean how is she not number 1?

best girl

I wish she was real...

10/10 absolute babe

7 Tamaki Amajiki Tamaki Amajiki

How is he not ranked higher than Mineta? People need Jesus.


He’s just a shy baby that needs love and support!

Dude he’s best boy he needs to be higher in this list I’m gonna sue someone

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8 Shigaraki Tomura

He weird and when he scratch neck weird. Overall, MY BABY!

I don't care what you think he is my SINPAI!

Yeah I know I'm weird but his crusty ass is the first one I was attracted to, sue me

Creepy and Hot at the same time

9 Denki Kaminari Denki Kaminari

Put him at the top!
Jeez these results are shocking!

He's so hot that girls spark for just his hair

He is my favortie boy! I actually have a crush on him

Dem abs...ohh my man ♡

10 Kirishima Eijiro Kirishima Eijiro

I want him to be real so I can date him

He's is so beautiful and hot and I wish he was real

How is he not in the top ten?

How he isn't at least at the 5th spot


The Newcomers

? Mashirao Ojiro Mashirao Ojiro

You can't convince me otherwise. - Kirisunshine

? Mezou Shouji Mezou Shouji

He's the best. Change my mind.

The Contenders

11 Todoroki Enji
12 Midoriya Izuku

He is a hot and sexy cinnamon roll! - JackieStevenson

Our little cinnamon roll

Mine this is mine now

I would say he is more adorable uWu than hot but still his aBS-

13 Momo Yaoyorozu Momo Yaoyorozu

Because sexy

Most beautiful, smartest and richest. Perfect girl.

Obviously anyone would want a piece of that

No homo but she thicc

14 Himiko Toga Himiko Toga


I entirely agree she is such a yandere

She adorable

Her yandere-ness arouses me.

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15 Kyoka Jiro Kyoka Jiro

Goth girlfriend for life. Underrated, I would die for her.

Best girl in BNHA, underrated

16 Mina Ashido Mina Ashido

I love her so much

Kawaii and great body shape

She's the best girl

Best Character in Anime Ever

17 Shoot Todoroki Shoot Todoroki

Lol shoot todoroki, okay *cocks gun*

You can never go wrong with SHOOT Todoroki

I love him so hawt

18 Tenya Iida Tenya Iida

Why was he not on her before? I mean seriously he's best.

19 Yu Takeyama Yu Takeyama
20 Izuku Midoriya Izuku Midoriya

I wish he was real but be honest! YOU wouldn't SAY THIS IS NOT HOT?!

He is everybody's favorite

All you bitches better back off he’s mine

21 Nomu Nomu

Hottie with a body

Nomu's the hottest and you can't deny it. Look at it, it's irresistible.

He hot you know it best boy. I would rate him 11/10 😍 totally would date him.

22 Hanta Sero Hanta Sero

Sexier than Shrek

This entire list is messed up - -w-



23 Slime Monster

I'm concerned on a number of levels... - Kirisunshine

The slime monster is so hot. Every time I watch his scene I image his hot, gooey, slimy hands crawling up inside me.
The slime monsters deep sexy laugh cackles through me and I orgasam.


24 All Might All Might

Mmm, 10/10 would texas smash

Y'all sleeping on the best boy ever. (Depowered form included ypu cowards)

25 Hitoshi Shinsou

Many people say his quirk is fit for a villain, but he is persistent on becoming a hero. This is a big part of what makes him attractive. Against all odds, he persists and tries to prove himself.

He’s pretty attractive - KittyWolf

26 Hizashi Yamada Hizashi Yamada

He has my lucky number. Only reason I voted for him. Oh and I told my friend I would.

Cockatoo man is best boi

27 Nejire Hado Nejire Hado

Joyful enthusiastic

Cute, bubbly, hot


28 Yosetsu Awase Yosetsu Awase
29 Nemuri Kayama Nemuri Kayama

big bobs

Voluptuous Dominatrix, anyone?

30 Hawks

Hawks is so hot and adorable. He is the the definition of millennial humor. He’s even a model along with a pro hero. He is only 22 and he’s the #2 pro hero. He didn’t even go to UA.

31 Minoru Mineta Minoru Mineta

This is not allowed to be on this list. IT is hideous. - Kirisunshine

He's a dumbass - -w-

Mineta is hot. Change my mind.

32 Gigantomachia
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