Hottest Boy Band Members of All Time

Who are the hottest guys ever to shake their rumps in a boy band?

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1 Shane Filan - Westlife

Shane Filan has 1 million megawatt to make our life be bright. His smile n his voice could make me get much stronger to always keep this life from kind of failures.

He is so beautiful.. He sang soulfully, that every women melt their hearts out! Just look unto those beautiful eyes and you'll lose yourself! The best man for me!

He is so good and I love him since westlife era. He look so cool but friendly and I love his smile. Westlife songs are best to enjoy every time.

Shane has the best voice so sweet and smooth, and he's just so beautiful inside and out, love him

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2 Nick Carter - Backstreet Boys Nick Carter - Backstreet Boys Nickolas Gene "Nick" Carter is an American singer. He is best known as a member of the pop group the Backstreet Boys.

He can sing, he can dance, he is funny, he is cute, he is sexy, he is handsome, He knows how to make the girls scream his name, he always has good contact with his fans both on and off the stage! Can we ask for more? We love you Nick!

the cute, the sexiest and obviously the teen idol

The best looking and the most stunning guy... Simply the idol!

Are you guys blind just look at nick carter he looks like an an
Angel he is so hot and sexy I think he should be number one on this list

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3 Gianluca Ginoble - Il Volo

He's so sexy, charmy, I love him, it's just perfection! And is italian, I don't need to say more..

Talented, talented, talented! A baritone who can sing anything from classics to Sinatra...has been singing professionally with an American record contract for 4 years. Has sung in his native Italy for groups since age 3. A member of the 3 magical voices of IL VOLO. The world of professional music is Gianluca Ginoble's oyster! He is just 18 years old.

He is really cute, lovely and pretty. He is really fashion and he sings with his soul

I love him! Gianluca is the definition of perfection! And he is Italian!

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4 Brian Littrell - Backstreet Boys Brian Littrell - Backstreet Boys

It's simple. He's just the hottest. And has always been! The blue eyes and the sexy jaw line. M m m!

He's so hot! And then so nice with everybody and a good husband and father... The best!

Come on people's Brian is much hotter then all them other guys start voting!

To me Brian should be number one on the list but I realize that not everyone has the same taste as me so I am very proud he's made it to number four. Backstreet Boys are definitely the best boyband of all time.

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5 Mark Feehily - Westlife

Because mark is the cutest and the best singer in the world forever.. He has a special beatiful voice.. I really like him very very much

Mark is the best singer ever. He's always good in every moment. More than words to describe about him

I love him so much, whenever, wherever, whatever. I'll be right here for him

Mark has a intimadating aura,he is dashingly handsome,he also acquire great vocals,

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6 Niall Horan - One Direction Niall Horan - One Direction Niall James Horan is an Irish singer-songwriter and guitarist, known as a member of the boy band One Direction.

Perfect. Great vocalist, sweetest personality & the best set of blue eyes I've ever seen.

I have total respect for the other guys on this list, but really, NIALL HORAN IS JUST so CUTE. He's a great singer, he has such cute features (his eyes are... Wow! ) and HE'S Irish TOO. Vote up, Niall Horan. Love him xx

Very Original voice and is a loved leprachaun. He is a nice and young fella' and will always fit in with One Direction. He has a awesome hairstyle, hair color, and highlights. He doesn't deserve to be hated.


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7 Kian Egan - Westlife

Those eyes and that cheeky grin makes him one of the hottest for sure, not to mention his deep, husky voice when he sings and the rocker than comes out when he's playing the guitar or performing on tour.

He's in the best boyband! He's got a beautiful voice! He is so handsome, Westlife, the best boyband over the world! I love Kian Egan and I love Westlife! I'm a Westlifer (I'm from Spain)

Kian Egan is a member of the best boyband ever. I love his smile and he has an incredible voice. His eyes are amazing, you can't help falling in love with him

Kian kian kian kian kia shold be inthe top 3!

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8 Nicky Byrne - Westlife

Not only good looking but very talented. I love his voice, he is so funny but most of all I love how he stays in touch with his fans, makes them feel so important. He's the greatest!

He's so handsome! He is in the best boyband and he's got an Amazing Voice!

He's so handsome, cute, and have unique voice. Moreover he's so sexy... He's my first love since I have seen him

Nicki amazing

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9 Harry Styles - One Direction Harry Styles - One Direction Harry Edward Styles is an English singer and song writer, known as the least talented member of the boy band One Direction.

I'm a bit old for boy bands (not to mention that I always hated them), but I can appreciate a cute one when I see him. When I read the title, Harry's the first one to pop into my mind.

His hair just make me want to touch it! That's WHAT MAKES HIM BEAUTIFUL!

He has such s husky voice that fits into his sexy personality... Not to mention he has an amazing smile and sexy curly hair

He's the one who popped up in my mind after reading the title!

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10 Zayn Malik - One Direction Zayn Malik - One Direction

Zayn has an amazing personality and has such a big heart. He gets so much hate even though he's donated to charity multiple times and bought his family a new house. When I met him he was the nicest to me out of the whole band. Even though the other members kind of ignored me, Zayn wasn't at all restricted because of my age (13) and he made me feel special and noticed by my favorite band. Thank you Zayn Malik for being such an amazing person.

He is wonderful person. Zayn has perfect body and lovely face, but his hottest thing is his thoughts. My favourite filosoph

Zayn must be one of the most attractive teenage heartthrob around. With the huge fan base of One Direction, Zayn has managed to be recognized as the perfect one, most importantly with his awesome hair. He deserves a better spot in the chart.

I think ZAYN should have been in number 1 because of his personality, his high notes 😍, his hair and his gorgeous face.

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11 A. J. McLean - Backstreet Boys

AJ Has the hottest moves ever. HOT HOT HOT. Love him so much.

He is the best voice of the world, sexy and the special of my life. Spanish fan

He's pure sex on legs! He is HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT HOOT like fire!

Yay go AJ! Backstreet Boys are the best boyband ever. They are so amazing and of course hot. Although he is my 5th favourite member (as he's not exactly my type) there is not a huge space separating them all. I love them all so much!

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12 Louis Tomlinson - One Direction Louis Tomlinson - One Direction

You are the sexiest boy in the world and I love you x

I love louis! I love one direction! They are just so hot, sexy, adorable and just perfect!

If you don't think he has lovely brown toffee hair and a babies face which you literally want to bite, you are mad

Sex on legs.
His eyes are just so pretty, blue and green at the same time. And I love his hair when it's all messy. SO HOT!

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13 Kevin Richardson - Backstreet Boys

Beautiful eyes, amazing eyebrows, perfectly sculpted face, smoothest guy on the planet! He's definitely the sexiest pop star!

The sexiest man alive hands down. He's so underrated.

It's the voice and the eye brows that make him one of the sexiest men alive!

Great hair. Great smile. Great voice. Fantastic chest. Very underrated.

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14 Jordan Knight - New Kids On the Block

He is just HOT! So beautiful - inside and outside. And of the best singer I have ever heard. Talented as hell.

No question. Jordan just isn't the best guy in a Boyband, he is the hottest EVER! Without a doubt. Wonderfully talented, dedicated to his fans, a great sense of presentation, fantastic body, gorgeous face, sweet as all get out.

I've loved him since I was 3 years old and have NEVER been disappointed.

He's 42 but looks 32. He has a body of a Greek God, 6 packs & all. When he dance you just get mesmerize that you forget to breathe. He has those darn cute dimples, an alluring stare & dang boy, have you watched BIBIY? He's a sexy yummy daddy & oh yeah, People Magazine thinks he's beautiful too!

What the hell is he doing at 14?!?! He deserves to be in the top 10 at least! Come on people! Vote for Knighthood!

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15 Piero Barone - Il Volo

Have you seen him shake his hips in concert? This guy has got it all... Talent, the most amazing voice, charisma, looks and he can charm any female from 9 to 90 with just his smile! Enough said... Check him out on You Tube.

He's the most beautiful boy in the world your lips eyes and voice are perfect I'm in love to him!

Although I don't consider Il Volo a "boy band", he is charismatic across the ages - and so far demonstrates the the discipline and support to cultivate his God-given talents for a long and powerful career.

Its simplicity, humility, charisma and stage presence are great virtues... Beyond the greatest gift is your voice.

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16 Joey McIntyre - New Kids on the Block

Joey Joe has had my heart since the 1st time I heard popsicle (1987)! Besides those piercing blue eyes and amazing body lies pure talent! Songwriting, singing, dancing and acting Joe is a true performer! He happens to also be a good hubby and great dad, how can you not love that? The few times I've met him he was funny, sweet (I made a complete fool outta myself and he didn't make me feel stupid for it) and genuine :) Joe McIntyre is the TOTAL package... And HOTTEST boy band member EVER

I've loved him from baby face to peach fuzz to five o'clock shadow. At each stage, he's been dreamy. Most impressively, his voice has matured into such a strong, beautiful instrument that hearing him sing sends shivers up my spine, even today. And he seems to have not only the looks and talent, but a good heart and makes room in his busy life for the causes he cares about. Gorgeous inside and out. I love you Joey.

He is perfect.. The best singer, the best eyes, the best abs, the best voice... He is like wine, better with age

He's absolutely amazing! Beautiful voice, gorgeous body and amazing smile! And how can you forget those eyes! I have loved him for 26 years and still
Watch videos of him
For hours on end!

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17 Donnie Wahlberg - New Kids On the Block

Donnie is the sexiest man alive - in my opinion.. I have loved him for 20 years and I am pretty sure that wont change anytime soon.
I recently met him and I must say, he has the best hugs and the warmest body ever.

I love him! This guy is my first love! He is on my mind, in my dreams, in my life since I was 11! Too gorgeous, hot, sweet, lovely, adorable, just him! The only ONE! The hottest guy, he is still the most handsome guy I've ever seen!

Donnie goes above & beyond for us fans. We have become friends & family. He is humble and gracious & he makes each one of us feel special. I love him so much, and he spreads the love!

This MAN look�'s as good as he did in 1989, when I saa him for the first time. And he is still the most creativ person in NKOTB. He sings, dances, acts, writes music, produces, a great parent and he has the cutest smile. He is a fantastic man. Not to forget, he is also the man, that got NKOTB to come back to us! Love him, Tinna (from Denmark)

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18 Howie Dorough - Backstreet Boys

Howie is handsome, kind and such a smooth dancer. All of Backstreet Boys should be in the top five.

No one else comes close to Howie D. Handsome, humble, he's everything any woman could want in a man. A great dad and husband Howie's got the world by the throat and is going to make it give him what he wants. Howie D. All the way Baby! KTHDPA.

Howie dorough is sexy because he is the Latin Heartthrob of the Boy band Backstreet Boys, being that Howie dorough is half Puerto Rican and half Irish that Alone by itself is hot and sexy he has that nice smile and Latin Hair and great voice, he is the sexiest of the Backstreet Boys I think, he is Puerto Rican I think that is very hot wow.

Howie... We love you, don't worry, we don't forgot you.

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19 George Shelley - Union J

If I'm not wrong because I don't know his names His A Fake copy of Harry Styles. I least I don't remember.

20 Morgan - SM*SH

Cayoo MORGAN SM*SH Always The best!

Keep spirit morgan
I am a morganous
always support you

Ka Morgan! You are the greatest motivation of my life!

Always support kak MORGAN SMASH though she is not in anymore! Pray that kak morgan back again! Affection and love of KAK MORGAN

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