Gianluca Ginoble - Il Volo


Gianluca is absolutely the best Baritone and Singer in the World today! Perfect pitch and modulation! He sings with such passion and emotion...straight from his heart! Incredibly versatile, and with such an incredible vocal range...he can sing anything from classics, pop, opera, broadway show tunes, ballads, and beyond! He is sophisticated, articulate, handsome, charming, charismatic, and oh so sexy! His voice is deep, rich, masculine and wrapping oneself in warm, rich, silky smooth chocolate! He is the absolute best of professional entertainers/singers today! Gianluca is so versatile and talented he could do several venues today including Vegas, and sold out shows! His stage presence is incredible...he holds the audience in the palm of his hand! Yes, he is that talented...and at only 18 years old! He has everything needed and be a mega superstar...and I have no doubt that he will be! Did I mention..that us ladies absolutely adore him...I know I do! ...more

Gianluca is the ultimate complete package. He is a warm and sensitive human being. You know this the minute you meet him, and he hugs you at the meet and greets. He is sincere and truly serious about his music and the gift that he was given by GOD. His voice is breath taking. When I hear him sing, everything else around me disappears! He has this affect on women of all ages, young and old. I was able to meet his beautiful mother, and it is apparent where he gets his beautiful looks from, and also from his DAD that taught this young man to be a wonderful human being that cares about people. And of course, his sense of style and overall demeanor needs to be mentioned! His voice and talent is that of perfection. I wish for him only the best in life and all his dreams come true

Gianluca is a sweetheart. One of the most gifted baritones of today. He can sing any song you put in front of him, not only in his native Italian language! But how about French, Spanish! English! Latin! German? He is now studying Greek and Portuguese. Two more languages to sing more beautiful songs. He loves all the old masters, Sinatra, DEan Martin! Andy Williams.

Gianluca is the definition of the word HOT! He is one of the sweetest guys anyone could meet! He has an amazing personality, not to mention his incredible talent and his charming good looks. Whenever he sings it's like you're hearing an angel...SERIOUSLY! Every time I hear him sing, it's as if I fall in love again and again. GIANLUCA you are beautiful!

He is the epitome of hot. He is hot inside and out. He has the dark Italian look: the dark, 50's styled hair, eyes that glitter, and inviting lips. Oh and his abs aren't hard to look at either. But he is also charming and sincere. He is the romantic 18 year old that all of us girls dream of marrying.

This young man is the quintessential professional--polished, serious, articulate.He definitely has the "It" factor, he is serious about his goals and us disarmingly handsome in a European-type of way and at the same time he has this mysterious presence. When being interviewed, he doesn't get vulgar or unload every personal piece of info.--very mature. I think he will make a great actor in the years to come & Hollywood will embrace him because he is kind--he has kind eyes. --wish him only the best.

My opinion of this young baritone is so ample, so passionate, to watch this absolute genius of his abilities. To see him grow in most areas in 4 yrs.. Making the world richer, setting a magnificent example of talent, class, elegance, compliance, team effort.. He is a true gift to the music world, and an immense gift to all who have enjoyed him sing..

Gianluca is simply beautiful, with a great talent, he has a voice to fall in love with a big heart and dedication to his work and especially when he sings it does with the whole soul.

He is so charming and sexy his hazel eyes kill me, he's Italian, his baritone voice is so sexy as well as amazing plus he's only 18! What else could you ask for in a guy? Humble, interesting, passionate!

Gianlucca is a smooth, silky, and sexy baritone with supermodel looks and a wonderful caring personality. Once he stares into your eyes you are lost forever. He makes you think of silk sheets and steamy nights!

Has a lovely baritone voice, is giving and caring to his family and friends, is a charming Italian and the icing on the cake is his sensual good looks. All this in a well dressed 18 year old package!

There is no question that Gianluca is the hottest of any boy band member. He has had the girls swooning all during IL VOLO's current tour. His voice is smooth as silk, he dresses like a million bucks. There is no comparison, he is the best, bar none!

He is extremely charming And good looking. He has the best fashion and that voice him even hotter!

Handsome and an complete singer. His voice is awesome!

He's perfect! So handsome and lovely with his fans (ilvolovers) plus he has an amazing voice and he's italian! What else do you want?

He's sexy, he's charismatic and a fantastic person! He can be beautiful, incredibly hot and very, very sweet. It's a fantastic combo!

He is so cute and a very attractive guy. He is Italian and we had an amazing voice too. He is perfect

Yes he is sexy, charming, and handsome. He is also humble and interesting as a person.

Incredible singer, kind, sensitive, if you don't know about him... Look out up! Amazing!

He is a very talented young man. With a humble personality and a lot of future!

He's loved by 3 generations of adoring fan's who are in love with he's beautiful voice and soul.

He is perfect! What Can I say more?

He is Italian what else do you want he's the best

With only 18 years old, he is beautiful, hot and talented. He is kind and sensitive, but most important, he seduces EVERYONE with his soft movements, his gestures and his surrender to love, passion and music. His face is perfect in every detail, and with very few words, he can make a poem that brings you to his feet! He is amazing

Gianluca Ginoble at just 18 yrs of age, is one, if not the very best of his craft, just listen to him sing with or without accompaniment and you will agree without a doubt that no one can touch him. Not only is he gorgeous, humble and intelligent, he can really SING. Not like some of those other boy bands out there today where their voices are enhanced with all electronic noise to hide the fact that they CAN'T SING A NOTE. I WOULD love to see a SINGING CONTEST between all these boy bands including g IL VOLO, THE BEST OF THE BEST IN THE WHOLE WORLD AT THIS TIME. GIANLUCA GINOBLE OF IL VOLO IS UNPARALLELED AS WELL AS PIERO BARONE AND IGNAZIO BOCHETTO. A SINGING TRIO FROM HEAVEN WITH REAL VOICES THAT MELTS HEART ALL OVER THE GLOBE. GO GIANLUCA IGNOBLE.