Mark Feehily - Westlife


Mark will always be that one guy who'll be able to make you smile even in your darkest hours. I've been loving this man for 14 years and I just can't wait to see him shine in his own spotlight. I will forever support him. Mark Feehily is the best! You're beautiful. Always remember that

Love him since I was 10yo, he had a beautiful voice, friendly.
best singer ever i've had known

he teach me everything

His my inspiration n my motivator

I don't what I have to say, just can say I LOVE YOU Marky thanks for the great 14 years.
you will keep be my inspiration..

Mark is not only sexy but cute and he has a big heart... He has a deep and husky voice and he is very soft-spoken.. He's got great style and sings beautifully with all his heart and soul.. Beautiful blue eyes and a wide smile with cute dimples make his face perfect.. I love him a lot no matter what

Mark owns a great voice and he always shows his best on stage. He can write songs and he knows how to do it well. He is so humble and sincere! From his voice, we can know it well that he is not only can do pop, but also Jazz, R&B and even soul music! Mark, you're so great!

Mark is just a smile you can never forget. He's kind, funny, respectful and just an all round cute guy. His voice is out of this world, there literally nothing he can't sing and most of the time he gives me chills in a good way of course

Mark has such an amazing voice, so so talented. Being 31 I've listened to Westlife since the beginning and hearing mark sing has given me strength to get through some very difficult times. He simply deserves to win

Mark is not only handsome he is so talented. When you hear Marks voice it gives you goosebumps he is very passionate about his singing & you can hear that in his voice. Mark can take any song & make it his own he is veery soulfully. Mark is just an amazing guy he has helped a lot of people 2 deal with there sexuality wich I am sure has helped lots of people, he is also helping people to to cope with bullying& also helped a lot of people deal with that. Mark has had to deal with tthese problems himself & look what Mark has done with his life an amazing & out of this worldsinger & now standing up to help other people.
Good luck Mark hope you win this competition. I still always get goosebumps when I hear your voice. Xxx

One and only Mark feehily! He is not just the hottest and cutest boyband member... He has a great talent of both singing and songwriting. And I love his beautiful voice which can help relieve my stress. Why don't you listen to "Beautiful World" now?

If you guys let him go, you'll regret. He's the greatest love of all! He has a gifted voice n angel face laugh out loud when he sings, you're flying without wings and being flown to the moon

.. I love his voice.. He have an amazing voice. I love him especially when he sings flying without wings. He can reach high notes without difficulties. I'm just 15 years old but I love westlife so much. But Mark is my favorite.. LoVE You MARK

Love Mark Feehily deeply and I probably wouldn't love someone else as much as I love Mark, his incredible voice and face are so unforgettable. His high pitch is always so enjoyable and challenging as well! And he is a nice, CUTE quite shy boy too. Couldn't see a reason that sould not love him

I love him a lot I mean I love him like I can't describe it into words. I don't know man, I just love him so much. He has a beautiful voice, He can sing beautifully, the most flawless human being ever

I really love him because he's very handsome & he also has a great & soulful voice that no one can imitate him. For me, He is the best singer in the world --- and I believe many people think the same as me

He is not only hot, sexy, cute and handsome. He is a gentleman and also has a great personality. He has one of the greatest voices in the music industry and hope he wins.

Mark is the hottest member of westlife. His smile is divine and he is so beautiful that anyone can fall in love with him. His voice is so soulful, he's got the best voice in the world.. I love him...

Because he is the best singer and he have a highest voice pitch. And of course I love him very much. So, good luck and GOD bless mark! This is my birthday gift for MARK FEEHILY this coming may 28!

I just a matter that I like him and I know to myself that he is more than a singer, a man for every girls and most of all a gift from GOD which make us to realize that life is to fair with him...

Mark is so cute, so handsome, so talented, and so sweet! I just can't get rid of his voice! So I swear I'll love him and support him forever and ever! Our dearest Marky, please keep singing! Xxx

I love Mark so much he is the best of the best handsome, cute, gentleman, cute weirdness, mad and best Singer and I don't think he need to prove himself here because from what I've said he's a perfect fit here

Mark is the best singer, friendly, handsome, arguably the very same attention and affection of fans... He's got a beautiful voice and sweet, I really like him... Love you mark forever

He is the most gorgeus man according to me. Loved him so much from the first time because he is beautiful also inside, a really special man. I admire him since I was a girl, and I'll do it forever! He has also the most amazing voice I've ever listened for... I LOVE YOU MARK!

Mark Feehily is the best singer who has most sexy voice in the world. He is so lovely and so kind. He make his fans always love him because his talent and warm heart.

Mark is the best singer in Westlife.. He has a very good vocal.. Besides, he is the most cutest member in Westlife.. I really like him.. He is the best among the best..

He's one of the hottest members. You don't need to go to gym to be gorgeous. Hotness is a mixture of beautifulness inside and outside. Mark has everything!

He's very funny and handsome.. He has a very amazing voice.. You can laugh when you hear when he was joking.. When he singing sad song, his voice can touch your heart and can make you cry, too...
"Markus Michael Patrick Feehily" is the best singer forever and ever..