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81 Keith Harkin - Celtic Thunder

the guy is drop dead stud muffin style gorgeous!

82 Simon Webbe - Blue

! My King Bird, Simon Webbe, has finally been added to the Hottest Boy Band Members list! WOW! I'm extremely happy! He's an incredibly talented singer. His overall personality SHINES like a true rock star. Not only he can sing, but, he can make people laugh with his lovable personality. Mr. Webbe is an absolutely gorgeous looking man with a beautiful soul. I admire him for his music and persona. Nevertheless, he treats his fans like a box full of treasure! Love you my KB! Love Raj X

His songs touches my heart. He has a beautiful soul. I love him from the bottom of my heart! Simon, my soul pleads for you! YOU ROCK! One Love!

Simon is ONE gem of a person! He's cute, smart, and kind! Just an extraordinary human being! One Love X

Simon is the one! ;) he's an fantastic talented singer. He looks overall hot;) love ya my SEXiEST MAN iN THE WORLD!

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83 Eunhyuk - Super Junior Eunhyuk - Super Junior Lee Hyuk-jae, better known by his stage name Eunhyuk, is a South Korean singer-songwriter, dancer and actor.

Let's keep vote to Super Junior's members! They leave to far :(

The hottest man ever... Good in dancing, rapping and even have a good sense of humour..
I love you lee hyuk jae...

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84 Luhan - Exo Luhan - Exo

He's cute.. Yet manly in a way..
And his occasional midriff flashes *-*
Definitely sexy aha :DD

He's so handsome, cute and talented

Luhan is very cute and handsome

I love him too. Cute character, stay true to yourself okay! :-D

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85 Ryan Kelly - Celtic Thunder

Smart and good looking. Talented and a gentleman.

86 Jay McGuiness - The Wanted

He is a beautiful person inside and out and is the most genuine boyband member ever! He's got the cutest smile and gives the best hugs

Erm he is the cutest person in the world! He is gorgeous and the fact that he doesn't know it makes him even more gorgeous! I love him so much! And he gives THE BEST hugs and he signed my top which is now hanging in my bedroom on my wall - I love him. He's hot. End of.

He's hilarious, such a nice person, has an amazing voice, and he's gorgeous! :-)

He's got the most gorgeous eyes and a great personality to match! He is the definition of perfect!

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87 Rafael Landry - SM*SH V 2 Comments
88 Antonius Nicky Riyant - XO-IX

He has a amazing voice. He's a member of XO-IX, an Indonesian Boyband

89 Eloy De Jong - Caught In the Act
90 Mark Read - A1

He's smart.
He's charming.
He's hilarious.
He's a great singer.
He's a great musician.

With all the success that he's had over the years, he's one of the few that are still down to earth. Plus, he's such a nerd

Most friendly person on earth! I can never forget him.. I met him and I was really starstrucked! Go Mark!

91 Park Jung Min - SS501 Park Jung Min - SS501 V 1 Comment
92 Lance Bass - 'N Sync

Why is he not in the top ten?! He is a great person is painfully gorgeous! Beautiful eyes, great body, awesome hair, sexy smile, and pretty much perfect all around.

93 Lee Baxter - Caught in the Act
94 Abz Love - 5ive
95 Bastiaan Ragas - Caught in the Act
96 Paul Marazzi - A1

Paul Marazzi is a great singer and dancer plus he is funny. He has a unique voice I like listening his song it's so relaxing it makes my worries go away.

97 Mir - MBLAQ

So handsome and quiet funny...

98 Siva Kaneswaran - The Wanted

Siva! The member of my favorite band is very gorgeous and has the most amazing cheek bones ever. Just saying!

99 Patrick Stump - Fall Out Boy Patrick Stump - Fall Out Boy Patrick Martin Stumph, known professionally as Patrick Vaughn Stump, is an American singer, songwriter, musician, record producer, actor and music critic, best known as the lead vocalist, guitarist, pianist and composer of Fall Out Boy, an American rock band from Wilmette, Illinois. V 1 Comment
100 Mikey Graham - Boyzone
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