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101 Abz Love - 5ive
102 Bastiaan Ragas - Caught in the Act
103 Paul Marazzi - A1

Paul Marazzi is a great singer and dancer plus he is funny. He has a unique voice I like listening his song it's so relaxing it makes my worries go away.

104 Mir - MBLAQ

So handsome and quiet funny...

105 Changmin - TVXQ

He' s the hottest guy ever! So handsome, so tall, so good looking, amazing body^^ just perfect and also a real singer, just the best, gotta Love his Voice!

106 Kim Jonghyun - SHINee
107 Iqbaal - Coboy Junior
108 Jason "J" Brown - 5ive

J Brown was the oldest member of the boy band Five.
Perfect blue eyes, chiseled jaw line. The finest piece of eye candy to ever hit the pop scene!

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109 Rangga Moela - SM*SH

Rangga Moela is the best for Rangganizer. He is so funny and hansome... Love you rangga moela

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110 Bradley Simpson - The Vamps

SMILE TO DIE FOR! Cutest lil bear ever! Amazingly talented! Plays loads of instruments and he's such a crowd pleaser in concerts. Always so lovely and sweaty. What more do u want? AND don't GET ME STARTED ON THE HAIR!

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111 Mikey Graham - Boyzone
112 Lee Brennan - 911
113 Yang Yo-seob - Beast

Angelic voice, authentic personality. Funny hard working and incredible. He works really hard to achieve his dreams! There is really so much to talk about him! Please vote for him and check him out on YouTube! He is from a boyband beast which won lots of awards and are really a humble group! They love their fans too!

114 Ilham Fauzi - SM*SH V 7 Comments
115 D.O. - Exo-K

He is handsome and he has the best voice and he is cute too at the same.

116 Son Dong - Woon B2ST
117 Jang Wooyoung - 2PM
118 Reza Anugrah - SM*SH V 2 Comments
119 G Dragon - BigBang
120 U-Know Yunho - TVXQ
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